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Beginning with the production of US currency in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s; a record of the destruction of many structures within the United States, has been printed on US currency. The destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah building, Pentagon and the Twin Towers in NYC, have all been printed on US currency in advance of the events actually taking place. Future events that will soon take place are also printed on US currency. These upcoming events are the destruction of the Hoover Dam by a missile and a tsunami that will see NYC hit with massive destruction from a nuclear weapon detonating in the water off the coast of NYC.

It is the US Treasury that has the responsibility for the production of US currency. Since various denominations of US currency reveals these tragic events that take many lives, it is obvious that there are traitors within the US Treasury that are working hand in hand with what we have come to know of as the “New World Order”. Since there is proof of these structures having been destroyed, or about to be destroyed; it is important we take a look at the currency, and hopefully put a stop to the soon coming destructions, or at least see if we can prepare ourselves to not be destroyed along with the structures.

I shall link to three videos that shed light onto this dark cabal of evil that use US currency to brag about their intentions. Since there have already been events that have come to pass, it seems very likely that the future events shall also come to pass. Here are those video links: $10 bill prophecy New $100 dollar bill decrypted What are the odds?

There are about to be trials/tribunals (with convictions) of very high level people within the USA (and abroad). Those individuals are involved in treason against the People of the US and lesser offenses. Among those indicted are elected politicians actively working today, and some who have retired from public service, some are government employees at the highest of positions, some are at the highest levels in the business world, some are currently active or have retired from military service, and so on. The NWO is getting very nervous and very angry. They could, at any time, put into motion the events that will flood NYC and take out the Hoover Dam. Things are about to come apart, in my opinion. Desperate people who are without a Godly soul, will do the unimaginable to keep what they have acquired over the years/decades/centuries.

I pass this information along to you for your consideration. Many people surrounding the current events of the day seem to be becoming deceased. It appears that those who are unwilling to release their grasp of control upon us, will do anything to retain their power over others. These same desperate people do not want to part with their money god. I would not be surprised to see attempts upon the life of our duly elected President, a potentially successful attack upon the monetary system of the US to bring the country to it’s financial knees, US military strife/rebellion, politicians openly belligerent and treasonous, the release of gangs like MS13, ISIS and others upon the inhabitants of large cities and so much more. The enemy that has had it’s grip upon the throats of We The People are now desperate and will do anything imaginable or unimaginable to stay in power. After viewing these videos, what do you think about the matter?

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