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For most of My life I have sought solutions to the problems on this planet.  I have studied, not the "economics" They teach in school (though, having worked 14 years in banking, I grasp all that quite well), which begins with the assumption that money is a necessary tool, but the foundational reason of why We Humans exchange to survive.

What I have discovered is that all money, at its roots, is accounting for Human energy added.  In all its forms, trade, barter, work exchange, shells, beads, sticks notched and split, coins (metals), bills, and electronic bits, We are placing value on, and accounting for the Human energy added into this world of Ours.

Another aspect of money, especially the less "tangible" forms - shells, beads, sticks notched and split, coins (metals), bills, and electronic bits - is that it promotes psychopaths to the top.  The power over Others that money offers draws Them, and They will do LITERALLY anything to get and keep that power over Others, while the non-psychopaths (94% of Us) will stop short of unEthical means to obtain money, except in desperation.

Accounting for Human energy made sense back when such directed, meaningful energy was scarce.  Somehow Humans had to be motivated to do the necessary (and sometimes UNnecessary) things that keep Human society going, but that there were not enough People (or no One) who WANTED to do the work.  Slavery came about to accomplish these things, and then wage slavery.  Humanity has never had complete freedom on Our planet (stolen from Us by the psychopaths in control through "trusts" and deceit).

Today, We have game-changing technologies - and if We play Our cards right, We can co-create a vastly better way of operating Our society.  A way that promotes the caring Ones to take care of things, and not the psychopaths.  The three key elements are:  free energy, the interweb, and robots.

I invite the reader to My forum (a free forum, all ad revenue goes to ProBoards, the host) to investigate what I suggest We choose to create:

As long as We retain the twin towers to psychopaths in power (accounting for Human energy and top-down "government" systems) and the loathsome vine that supports the towers (the legal system, which thwarts Ethics FAR more than serves them), We WILL see poverty on a rich and abundant planet, oppression of Humans, wage/debt slavery, intrusion, and profiteering (including but surely not limited to war profiteering).

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Hello dear I understand what you are saying but Dont be easily deceived by false imdocrinstion taught to our kids from a young age in schools and on TVs In genesis it mentions God created the firmament which seperated the waters above from the waters below. The firmament is where the sun moon and stars were created not millions of km or miles away that they have taught us. Go research flat earth all the space videos are all fake we cannot get past the firmament. Global warming is made by them also google haarp they are controlling the weather. They own the big corporations/ main stream media. Food oil. CERN is also one of there psychopathic organisations as well as UN and NATO all linked to the IMF world bank. And guess who owns those.


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