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Can any one person prove that God is real and exists?  I did.  Thinking about evolution, did man or woman just happen on earth?  If so, how many eons did that gender wait till the opposite sex came along?  In the meantime how did this person eat?  Fruits and vegies are pollinated by bees leaving the question which came first?  What about all the different meats and fish?   Looking at the human person as a whole and thinking about how a human functions is a God thing.  Thinking about the male and female?  It was never Adam and Steve since they can't make babies.   God DOES exist.

That really isn't a proof.  It's a logical reason for the existence of God, and a good one, I might add.  There are plenty of good reasons for God's existence.  However when it comes to proof, there are none.  The reason there are none is that we are dealing with a transcendent God, then even His existence is called into question for the salient reason that, by definition; anything transcendent is beyond the world we can know or understand, and existence is part of the world we know and experience.  Therefore a transcendent God cannot exist.  A transcendent God is not falsifiable.

From this perspective, atheists do make a logical  argument in pointing out that "believers" are simply believing in a created god.   Obviously believers don't believe in a created god, but the fact remains that a transcendent God is beyond anyone's understanding so whatever your understanding of God may be, it is effectively an idol; e.g. "our thoughts are not God's thought etc."

This isn't really all that different than Jesus telling people that he came to "reveal the Father".  To an orthodox Jew, this wouldn't make any sense because they would claim that they knew the father through a pillar of smoke during the day, a pillar of fire during the night; Moses knew the Father through a burning bush etc.  The problem with those interpretations is that All things are created "through" the Word which shouldn't be confused with the Father, nor should the Father be confused with pillars of smoke, and fire.  These things are all created, even if they are spiritual manifestations of God.  

Jesus even points out that when you have seen the Son, you have seen the Father, but this isn't to say that the Son is the Father, but simply the image of the Father.  Anyone who has looked in the mirror should know  that the image that is looking back at them isn't them, but simply an image of them; big difference.  So what am I saying?  I'm pointing out a simple principle i.e. a transcendent God cannot exist except through the immanence of Christ, and that transcendence should not be conflated with immanence; they are two completely different things.

The problem with Evolution is that it forces us to think in terms that make no logical sense.  Your post spotlights this fact.  We look at the world around us and see whole systems of life, which intuitively tell us that we can't have one without the other.  We can't have men without women, yet somehow we're supposed to believe that some form of life evolved an entire system of life; that form can only be eternal.  The questions that are routinely asked and ignored by science is which came first blood or the circulating system that pumps It; the digestive system or the food that is digested, the air we breath or the lungs that breath it, etc.?  These questions could go on indefinitely.  Yet, we need look no further than the book of Genesis to see that men and women were created simultaneously.  The other main problem with the theory of evolution is that it is becoming a religion that allows no dissenting opinions.

In the Hebrew, the word we recognize as "rib" is more accurately translated as "side".  It is a common characteristic of biblical writings to use vague terminology.  This is a way for scripture to censor itself, e.g. "Adam knew his wife"; "my finger is fatter than my father's thigh" etc.  

We need look no further than our own reflection in a mirror to confirm this process to see that the left side is a mirror image of the right side; stand with your back to your wife and you'll probably get a good idea of what Adam looked like before he was aware of, or "knew" Eve. 

It is also no coincidence that Jeremiah was a contemporary of Plato, and it is thought that Plato received his understanding of the origin of humanity from Jeremiah.  If this is the case this goes a long way in explaining Plato's writings.

Hi Glenn,
Any update on the free Solar Energy Pgm yet, I. Anxious to help a church /food shelf
Thanks brother.

I often wonder if being created in God's image refers to the human family. As a whole, the family. Mother, Father, Daughter and Son. Not the individual as a Bi Pedal.

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah – Genesis 19 & - though this TO DATE’S humanity & previously before > deeming their just gonna bring it back anewed & (+) else, like that of a NON-changed, worse thereof yet to come disobedient child, Black Hole in Space turning in on (itself), never enough truly representing HIM whom eternally & timelessly OWNS THAT temporary human NON-self owned breath / air coming out of your mouth & that of NON-self owned eternal breath mist energy / soul / spirit within (=) humanity is flawed & failed IDEA, sick-poisoned & contaminated, by it’s own (-)nucleus run rampant (oh though the eternal, Holy, judicial CURE is coming): human incomprehensible, Holy, Reckoning, Judicial, Retributory / Retributionary, Scene of ALL Scene’s, 1st of 2, Day of Judgment & NONE of us human’s will NEVER see/hear it coming! No one loves YOU more than Jesus! Google me: jeffreydavidmorris,

While not Adam and Eve, this is some food for thought on creation:


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