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Bible Verses
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I am Fawkes all Is well. I Am out m out of the shadows.

Time stamped proof.

My interview

More proof.

If I need to validate myself more I am going to need some cooperation with Glenn, I have given him tons of info over the months and left it to him to keep it he can release what he wishes of what I have spoken about in privacy. I was safe after being whisked during the interview, it was an emergency basis, the battles won and what has stopped us from having our country is in its death rattles as we speak. Any questions feel free to email I will spread what I know on a 1 on 1 basis if I have too.

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I want to do another interview with you, didn't know what happened to you, haven't heard from you in a while now.  You have my email    Haven't heard anything to my Signal account either


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