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Be sure to Experience God's Open Door!  These anointed readings give Healing, Forgiveness, Salvation, Miracles, Signs and Wonders and individual gifting through the work of the Holy Spirit!

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God's Message for Everybody!


I want everybody to know God is absolutely real and he talks to all of us all the time!   God told me to pray more and read the Bible daily so I can hear him. I know he guides me all the time!

God's Message

God told me Donald Trump is the only man who can clean up the corruption in Washington.  This is why the evil ones are so mad right now at Trump!  God told me many things about Trump which I put into this video and article.  

God Says Donald Trump is America's Last Hope!

God said the evil ones are trying to steal the election and have already done much in this regard.  God says only Prayers from his people will allow Donald Trump to be President!   I urge all of you to set a reminder in your phones to pray for Donald Trump at least once per day!  Pray for Donald Trump overtime you hear his name!

Pray for Donald Trump to be President

Pray for God to send Angels to bind up the principalities, the powers, the wicked men, the wicked spirits and all spirits of darkness going against Donald Trump so their evil plans do not work and Donald Trump becomes President.  God told me he put Donald Trump into this position for THIS time!   He is the only one that can clean up the corruption and why the evil ones are in panic mode!  God told me Donald is America's Last Hope!  Without Donald Trump, America will never be able to recover because the evil will still control everything. 

How God Says You Can Be Protected For What Is Coming!

I was also given permission to share with you (3) things God said to invest in if you have the ability to do so at this time.  This will help you and your family survive what is to come.  This will come much faster if Donald Trump is not elected.  You need to be prepared now though regardless of what happens in the election.  We know how the Bible ends!  Bad times are going to come, it's just a matter of WHEN!

Here's what God Says to Invest In Now!

1) Silver

2) Gold

3) Land that can be farmed.

God told me one of the most important things to buy was land.  You want to accumulate some land you could farm and even potentially subdivide and put houses on it so you could rent them the future for income.   He said to only get land where it was zoned for farming and agricultural use so it would be possible to grow food for yourself and others.  God said having this type of land would be the best investment you could make and would allow people to survive during the bad times to come.  He said these times would come sooner than most people realize.  

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Thank you & may God's greatest mindset be within us all & eternal vigilance be our greatest desire.


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Donate to our ministry one time or monthly in the amount you choose!  Thank you for your support!

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