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They say:

That we live on a spinning oblate spheroid, which spins at the equator at about 1,037 mph (1,670 km/h). Source

which orbits around our local star,

Our orbital speed around the sun is about 67,000 mph (107,000 km/h). Source

Our local star orbits around the center of gravity of the local spiral arm of the galaxy;

Apologies. I could not find the source where I remember reading this.

While orbiting around the center of the galaxy.

The sun and the solar system appear to be moving at an average speed of 515,000 mph (828,000 km/h). Source

Said galaxy is moving through universe.

The Milky Way, too, moves in space relative to other galaxies.

We are headed towards the Andromeda Galaxy at about 70 miles per second (112 km per second). Source

So if the above is true.

Then we would have to be moving into new points in the "space-time" continuum.

Each moment of everyday.

So how can we have annual meteor showers?

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Yes we are moving relative to other galaxies but the annual meteor showers are caused by debris we move through on a regular basis.  Please don't tell me you're a flat earther.   

I lean more towards the "Electric Universe",

but don't belong to any group.

I was just asking a question.

God showed me once, whilst in His presence what gravitational effect really is and how the celestial bodies dance ... and what principles tie all these things together down to the sub-microscopic unseen particles ... and you simply wouldn't believe how simple it is.

In a word ... expansion.

If that resonates, ask Him ... 

I can help, but you are better off hearing it from Him. 

We, I mean, the Earth, does not rotate, or, make a circuit round the Sun, as the Moon orbit's the Earth. To do that, the Earth would have to speed up, and then, slow down, and speed up again. The Earth, as all the planets are dragged behind the Sun, at it's prospective distance, in a helical 'orbit'.
I thank God am not a flat earther, but very interested in your research.
Just trying to get this out: atoms are galaxies- we are all hosting a multitude of Life and Intelligence, most of whom are far more advanced than us, and who have a vested interest in protecting us which becomes more acute the more they agree with our Path and Energy- to the point of bringing a mountain.

But it is interesting that whether enormous / galactic scale or microscopic scale the behavior of plasma physics remains constant across all scales down to the size of atoms and even smaller.  One might consider the easily available information of "Primer Fields" to gather state of the art ramifications of lab discoveries bound to re-write the doomed particle physics cosmology and particle-physics atomic structure that has been clung to for nearly a century.   I'm not on board with everything in the "Primer Fields" videos, but it's rather clear that the future of understanding will develop from the lab models and discussions in the videos ... if God's judgement tarries...

How does this relate? Galactic arms like the one our Sun is in are equivalent to electrons- discrete entities that persist. All parts move in synch, contributing to an only recently-discovered helical magnetic field.


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