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Please SHARE these books all over facebook, myspace, twitter and every place you know of!  We can literally change the planet with your help!  You can download my book, "Suppressed Health Secrets" and my new booklet "Project Wake Up the Planet in 2010" through the attachments below.  Both are in PDF format so they can be easily read and printed out. "Project Wake Up the Planet in 2010" details the best way you can be part of the new truth revolution and be a part of history in 2010 - the year we change everything!

Just look down the page just a little bit past this paragraph and you will see some file attachments that are PDFs.  They are in BLUE and underlined!  One of them is the health secrets book and the other is the book on how to get more friends on facebook.  If you have any trouble, please ask somebody you know that knows computers and they will be able to help you.  If you still have trouble, then try to email Pamela Suggs on the site as she can usually get back to you faster than I can.  Please share this book and website with EVERYBODY you know so we can cure more people.  I also posted the short video I made about the book below also.

Most computers have been set up to already be able to view PDF documents but if yours has not, then you can download the free PDF reader from Adobe here:

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Thank you so much for tweeting the book Velma. I truly believe we can get lots of people with these products. Keep spreading truth!
Thank you very much for this free download. I will let you know how I get on and also let others know about it when I have tested some of the cures
Billy Plant
Thanks Velma. I've come across other sources [e.g., Dr. Rima] but they usually suggest that they may be
the only source [and that they may be forced to go out of business] -makes me wonder about their prices.
Bob H.

Velma Sampson said:
Got a request to share what I'd said about my use and making of colloidal silver. Well, I came across it almost 10 years ago (yikes) and when I ordered the "tools" and booklet I think I paid $25 US....Anyway, really, it uses a piece of silver wire (they send it) and you plug it into a phone jack outlet for the power. There is a guide that comes with the booklet to give you the various strenghts according to the colour chart. The booklet is quite informative and traces this type of healing possibly back to the Egyptians, and definitely to the Emperor Aurelius.

Glenn - You mentioned Rife in your book In the Epilogue of the booklet, speaking on Cancer, Rife is mentioned as follows:

1928- May 6: SanDiego Evening Tribune described what Rifes' "Frequency Instrument" did: "...something similar to the phenomenon occurring when the musical tuning fork is set in vibration by the sound waves emanating from another fork struck nearby...the lethal frequencies existing inthe organisms themselves...the Rife Ray probably causes the disease organisms to disintegrate or partially disintegrate just as the vase and the glass."

Again, as I said in my earlier post, it really is all about healing energy - and we are energy always moving, but at slow vibrations and that's why we see "things"; increase the frequency and you wouldn't see the things. That's why I believe and studied for my Reiki Masters and am currently supplementing that with studies for certification as a Healing Touch Therapist.

Having said all that - I think, given Yahshua did it by a simple touch (don't believe he went to Reiki school), he's telling us we can do that - so why not give it a shot; nothing to lose and everything to gain.

On this business of cancer, I've often felt (having lost my mother to cancer and other relatives) that it is a symptom of something "eating away" at our insides; an anger that can eat away at you and destroy you. I am not saying and in no way am I minimizing the devastation of cancer - BUT, why is it so prevalent now, in these latter generations? Did cancer exist 2000 years ago, and if not, what's brought it on now.

Okay - enough.

My contact with and getting my colloidal silver was via either and/or I have a phone number of 1-888-215-3732 and the other is Johnny Silverseed!

Cheers and here's to good - no - PERFECT - health to each and every one of you!
Hi Glenn,

Thanks Much for this vital information. Have you read the One-Minute Cure? I market it on my website and found out about the benefits of oxygenating the body so that it heals itself. If you have a moment, you are welcome to visit:

Thanks Again,
I see on Jim`s site that someone has the oil for sale;$2,000.
That`s allot of money to loose.How does one know they`ll get the oil?
Jerry Alexander

My PDF file has a o bar at the top. One section give a percentage. If you look at the drop down box from the arrow right next to the % box, you can choose a higher % and have bigger text, or lower % for smaller print if you like.


Pam Suggs said:

I got it, can anyone make the words bigger?
Sorry, a "tool" bar, not "o" bar. What happened to those letters I don't know!!
Glenn thanks to your ebook one of my friends has a copy of it I gave to her and she calls it the Bible she can't put it down also the more I researched what you wrote the more I am convinced especially Royal Rife and Jim Humble so thanks again.

Another wonderful supplement you might want to add to your list Glen is home made liposomal vitamin C here is

the link. I have made this product and find it is helping with

my energy. 

Hi glen, I just signed up to your website after seeing your video on you tube. What can I say your book is amazing and so knowledgable! I have to admire you as you ate most definitely taking a risk giving away this information especially once the pharma companies catch on. I do have on on question I would like to purchase the molecula silver and mmr I have clicked the link and on both occasions there is no link to purchase or norntion of the products in question! Please tell me if I am doing something wrong and please direct me on how I can purchase the two products today! I admire you for the work you do and you aim to heal the world, god bless you. I will share your knowledge website and videos to as many people I can.

Hi I am a member, and I downloaded the books! I woke up about three years ago, but I knew that the media was full of BS before that, and as you I started watching Alex Jones and got the real news. I stopped drinking a little over 5 yrs ago and that is when I really woke up. I found a world that I did not recognized because of my drunken state and I remembered 911 and I knew that we were going to war before it even started. War is money! I knew that a while back to. I'm kinda like Forest Gump, "I know what love is" I love this country too! I have been trying to spread the word! even to my own mother, which is under their spell and don't believe a word I say! My younger brother doesn't think he will ever see war, all he see is what is on the fake news channels just like my mother! All these smart TV's and appliances, Amazon "Alexa"  which he has, He doesn't know that it is another way to spy on him and everything he says in his own house, I feel for him, that he has a high IQ, but dumb as a rock when it comes to common sense. I have a older brother and sister to, but I don't know where their at with this! I have my own YouTube channel on things that I have built in the last maybe 4 yrs or going on it! The matrix, I took the pill that opened my eye! I'm doing things that I have never thought I would do while I was drunk! I'm a carpenter/plumber/HVAC tech/welder/and what ever I want to be! My mind, if that's how you spell it. Has grown so fast that it gives me headaches. I watch not just Alex Jones but Lisa Haven, BP Earthwatch, Gerald Morin and so on, just go to my channel and see for your self! Man I wished that I could get through to my mother and brother. My mother is at the age that she doesn't care, but she doesn't think she'll ever see war here in this country before she die's, It's coming and the civil war has already started! I ex-military myself! I just thought I get this off my chest, and another thing Thanks for the books, I will read and spread them around because I know a bunch of people that has cancer! I knew there was a cure for it, but didn't know where they hide it!

I put one video on here to show you, some stuff I learned, I just don't know how to get around the engine's computer and for that, it goes to show that I'm not that smart.


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