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I, living in north Central Texas am concerned about two things.  One, the New Madrid Fault which is about to separate the continent into two sections, and the other is the major tsunami expected when PlanetX/Nibiru aproaches this summer and autumn in its closest approach in 3600 years.  I am not talking about a 4 meter tsunami, but a 150 meter tsunami which will reach hundreds of miles inland and in some countries totally inundated the entire nation.  I am prepared to head for much higher ground in any case.  If anybody is interested in appoximate dates and positions of PX, I will give some dates and I think I have the link to the excellent video examining the passage of the body through the solar system and its VERY close approach to the earth this fall.

I titled this Natural and Manmade becuause, the New Madrid Fault mega quake may be triggered by HAARP.  FEMA and HSA are already preparing for a natural disaster in the US targeted on NMF.

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Please give us the dates of when this could possibly occur?

If I am not wrong in the way I posted this, it should be a video which give specific dates of important/vital dates during the Planet X pass by.

Yes, that is the video, and it is on my personal Youtube channel..


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