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Whooping Cough Outbreak at California School Among Vaccinated Shows Vaccine Failure

April 1, 2015


Video image from

Health Impact News Editor Comments

KSBW in Salinas California is reporting this…


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Videos for Five Vaccine Culture War Myths Available Now for Sharing


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How Vaccine Adjuvants Affect Your Brain


March 29, 2015

Story at-a-glance

  • FDA documentation from 2002 admit that routine toxicity studies in animals with vaccine ingredients such as aluminum adjuvants were never conducted because it was assumed that these ingredients are safe…

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Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Microvascular Damage

March 27, 2015


Image from YouTube Video.

by John P. Thomas

Health Impact News

Dr. Andrew Moulden recognized that every dose of vaccine given to a person produced microvascular damage whether or not the person was aware of the damage or had debilitating symptoms at the time the vaccines were given. He…


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Vaccination registration system will destroy medical freedom, mirroring gun registration and demise of gun rights


Thursday, March 19, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes

Learn more:

(NaturalNews) In the wake of the mass murder of six-year-olds at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the usual anti-gun…


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Two Merck Whistleblowers Expose Vaccine Clinical Trials Completely Fabricated

Merck could now be liable for potentially billions of dollars in damages.  If found guilty of this crime against humanity, lifetime imprisonment or a public beheading of the CEO of Merck, and all others involved in the fraud is advised.


In the midst of a complete media blackout on reasons to be skeptical of vaccines, two whistleblower Scientists working for Merck filed a 2010 lawsuit that has expanded in 2015 to a federal…


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Top 5 lies still being regurgitated by vaccine fanatics to push toxic immunizations


Saturday, March 14, 2015 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

Learn more:

(NaturalNews) All throughout the media, vaccines are being thrust to the forefront as the only safe and…


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Study: Vaccinated Children Have 2 to 5 Times More Diseases Than Non-Vaccinated Children

A study by German homeopathic practitioner Andreas Bachmair compared the health of over 8000 vaccine-free children to those vaccinated, and concluded that vaccinated children had 2 to 5 times more diseases and conditions than those who were vaccine-free.  

Andreas Bachmair is a classical homeopathic practitioner from Germany who performed a comparative analysis of health among a large number of children both vaccinated and unvaccinated.  His …


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CDC blatantly lied about vaccine safety in congressional hearings


Friday, March 13, 2015 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

Learn more:

(NaturalNews) It is hardly a secret that deception is the lifeblood that runs D.C. But the massive onslaught of pro-vaccine propaganda coming from our…


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Two bills limiting vaccine rights go down in flames

Oregon and Washington State bills defeated

     More great news. Yesterday evening it was confirmed that House Bill HB 2009, a Washington State bill that would eliminate exemptions from vaccine mandates for secular reasons, was dead for the remainder of the…


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Senator drops Oregon vaccine mandate bill

Saerom Yoo, Statesman Journal 11:50 a.m. PDT March 11, 2015


(Photo: ANNA REED / Statesman Journal)

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, a family physician who led the charge for strengthening Oregon's school immunization law, will no…


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The Vaccine Culture War in America: Are You Ready?




Posted: 3/8/2015 2:54:58 PM | with…

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The VACCINE WORLD SUMMIT features 5 of the most intelligent doctors on the face of the Earth talking about health and public safety - like you've never heard before.  Truly extraordinary information!
To hear this event for FREE - simply click the link below:…

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Merck's mumps vaccine clinical tests were totally fabricated, say scientists


(NaturalNews) The mainstream media have been tireless in their recent efforts to discredit and demonize those who dare question the safety or efficacy of vaccines, and particularly those who choose not to have their children vaccinated.

What seems obvious now is that an honest dialogue on the subject seems nearly impossible in a climate of…


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Why vaccine exemptions are necessary for a free society



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The CDC's Role in Undoing Vaccine Exemptions: the NACCHO Front Group


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Could Proposed Mandatory Vaccine Laws Survive Legal Challenges?

March 6, 2015

Witness swearing on the bible telling the truth

Health Impact News Editor Comments

As Health Impact News has recently reported, there is a national push to remove vaccine exemptions for school-aged children, and new laws and regulations are being proposed all across…


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March 2015 Settlements in Vaccine Court: 117 Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

March 6, 2015


Title added, since no title was on the original report cover.

by Brian Shilhavy

Health Impact News Editor

The Depart of Justice issues a report on vaccine injuries and deaths every quarter to the …


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Mortality Rate 50% Higher with More Vaccine Doses

Conventional Medicine


The deaths of children from multiple vaccine doses can only be called carnage. This study demonstrates that giving 5-8 doses instead of 1-4 doses at a time has resulted in an extra 51,750 to 103,500 child deaths in the last 20 years.

by Heidi Stevenson

A new study using data from the US government’s…


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Vaccine Mechanism of Harm Exposed in Gardasil Vaccine

March 5, 2015


Vaccine mechanism of harm exposed

By Cynthia A. Janak

Health Impact News

L-Histidine + Injection = Histamine Release + Excess Histamine Excess Inflammation = Histamine Intolerance?

There are times in our lives when it seems like we come full circle in our findings. This is one of those times for me. Early on in my research into the HPV vaccines I knew that the…


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