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9/11 Military Tribunals Confirm Treason! Swamp Indictments Unsealed!

9/11 Truth Seattle TV - Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

9/11 Exposed - Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (9-11-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

See why everybody needs  APeX - Anti Pathogen Extreme, Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial and our Bioavailable Copper at   Please SHARE so we can help more people!  Email me at  Tom Heneghan was sent the following links to what appear to be indictments of Kevin Spacey and George Herbert Walker Bush (Nazi Scherff).  Are they real?  I'm no expert and try my best at bringing out the best information possible.  If they are not real, somebody went to a lot of effort!  It seems something is going on to me!  Tom has been told by his US and French Intelligence sources people are going to jail.  Let's all keep praying for justice!  I'm hoping big bombshells drop before the midterms to help RED wave!   Keep destroying the lies of the fake news to your friends and family.  Jeff Sessions is going to be fired within 60 days I believe.  Once the garbage is taken out of the top positions, the FBI and DOJ will have a nice swamp purge and hopefully nobody will follow the Q psyop anymore.  Sessions is already fingered as being involved with spy Stefan Halper and setting up Trump in the Russian Collusion hoax.  He needs to go to GTMO for his treason and lies!  Only fools, "Trust SES Sessions"!  Sessions was part of the Russian collusion trap!   This is now all coming out!  Trump knows Sessions is pure evil now and he's knows he was duped.

Link to Kevin Spacey Indictment Document

Link to H.W. Bush (Scherff) Indictment Document

In the first show, Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb put out the truth about 9/11 and more on a Seattle TV station last night!  The second video is the show from this morning.  Here's just some of the highlights

9/11 was practiced a year before in Saudi Arabia and was used to get us into an all out Middle East war.

Radar was scrambled on 9/11 by British SERCO!

Bob Woodword is Naval Intelligence and is from a  Yale secret society.  He has been rolled out of his dark pit to take down Trump!  God will not allow this to happen!   Ken Starr is also making the rounds with Tucker Carlson.  Ken Starr is a sweeper and a cleaner for the Bushes and Clintons just like Robert Mueller!  Tucker Carlson has been linked to Ken Starr and was aware of the death threat to Al Gore's daughter but has kept this secret!  Tucker has wanted to tell the truth about Lee Wanta but Fox News has prohibited it!  Fox News is fake news too, but Trump apparently hasn't gotten the memo on that yet!

Steve Bannon was on Laura Ingraham's show and began laying the blame on the Bushes but Laura quickly cut him off to go to break!  Ingraham and others are NEVER allowed to go against their master - George H. W. Bush!  Fox is 100% fake news.  They just tell a little more truth than the others.  Never forget that.  If you like getting 5% of the truth then watch Fox News but know that's all you're getting!  I can't stand watching any TV news anymore.  I keep it off unless there is a breaking event.

George W. Bush (Nazi Scherff) was used as the puppet that had to be in place for them to pull off 9/11!   You can see exactly when they stole the election in the video below.    GW Bush (Scherff) says his "Brody Technology" failed so they went back to the Governor's mansion and used British Galileo satellites to steal it!  H.W. Bush was also heard saying, "This is going to cost me a fortune!"

George W. Bush Election Theft from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Hillary was using this same technology to hack the 2016 election and in this clip she thought she had stolen it and began celebrating early and getting drunk!  Fortunately patriotic US forces stepped in and stopped the hack!  CIA headquarters was overflown by F-16 fighters and they were told if they didn't break their connections to the election computers, on the next pass bombs would be dropped!  This was the story told by insiders to Tom Heneghan.  Here's that story.

Hillary Celebrates Election Steal Early! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Mueller has privately told close friends he knew the Russian collusion was a nothing burger as soon as he was given the case!  He has flipped on Rosenstein according to Heneghan's sources.  

Trump has been furious in the White House after hearing all the crimes of Brett Kavanaugh who was involved in covering up the murder of Vince Foster and the year 2000 election theft!  He was forced to pick Kavanaugh by RINO Republicans including deep state traitor Mitch McConnell.   The deep state HAD to have Kavanaugh in there to coverup 9/11 crimes and the election steal!  Trump needs to get rid of the psycho John Bolton and anybody else that worked for a Bush and a Clinton!  He made the mess and needs to clean it up.

Much more covered!

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