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A history lesson for Americans. You're still British.

A history lesson for Americans. You’re still British.

The book The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America was recently posted on Truth News Headlines and the Anonymous Patriots did not want it to go unnoticed because it provides a panoramic view of British-American relations throughout history that is quite instructive if you are studying Serco, Crown Agents, Urenco and other British corporations that own major parts of the U. S. economy.

Without the historical perspective, it is hard to imagine how such a comprehensive overthrow of American wealth has been accomplished.

Judge Dale, author of the book summarized and abbreviated below, has some very strong ideas that we found might be a bit harsh for ears that are only hearing these truths for the first time. We have not changed any of Judge Dale’s ideas in our presentation, but we have been selective in the content. We wanted to say many of the same things as Judge Dale, but thought it appropriate to give him the full credit. We hope that you will enjoy this foundational work as an overview to some facts that are often assumed to be conspiracies but are quite true.

You might also enjoy listening to Betsy and Thomas discuss this topic in their video:

A little history lesson for Americans. You’re still British.


Extracts from: The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America

Political history of government and law by Judge Dale (retired)

The Colonization of America continued to expand while King George grew deeper in debt to the Rothschild Bank. It was Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild), a Jew and the founder of the Rothschild Banking Empire, who suggested to King George that he tax the American colonies and demand his payment in gold. Since he was thoroughly in debt to the Rothschild Bank, King George subsequently decided to tax all commerce entering or exiting the Americas and he demanded his payment in gold. His first tax was on tea.

The colonists did not trade in gold but had developed a system of exchange based upon promissory notes called “Colonial Script,” which is similar to the “Federal Reserve Notes” of today. The difference between Colonial Script and Federal Reserve Notes is: “Consent.” The colonists consented to establish and honor the Colonial Script as a fair medium of exchange and which bore no interest charges; whereas, Federal Reserve Notes were thrust upon Americans without our consent, with interest and the intent of stealing the fruits of American labor, equity and assets.

The King’s demand for gold is what instigated the Boston Tea Party and not the historic claim of ‘Taxation without Representation.’ The Colonists were actually willing to pay King George’s tea tax, providing he would accept his payment in Colonial Script, which he could then trade back to them for tobacco and hemp products, and he refused. In response to the Boston Tea Party, King George sent his military in force to intimidate the colonists. This resulted in an armed confrontation and many skirmishes, which was later billed and classified as the Revolutionary War.

The fifty-one colonists who are counted as being the “Founding Fathers,” prepared and served a declaration upon King George, declaring America’s independence from England under the name of “The United States of America,” which did not set well with the King. In fact, it outraged him. The Colonists learned to fight guerrilla style warfare from fighting with and against the various Indian tribes and subsequently won many of these revolutionary skirmishes but they never had a prayer of winning a war and besides, King George never intended to kill off the colonists because: Who then would pay his tax? All he was attempting to do was regain control over his deposed slaves and any new slaves who had joined forces with the colonists.

Another historic fact that has been concealed from our history is that the first and foremost crop to be grown in America was “hemp” or “marijuana.” Each of the Founding Fathers owned large hemp plantations. The colonists made rope, flags, homespun clothing, sails, writing paper and medicine from the processed hemp and the sterilized seed was used in baking, called sesame seeds. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are actually written on hemp paper.

The introduction of tobacco eventually changed the score because tobacco was so naturally addictive that England couldn’t get enough of it and purchased all the colonists could grow. Tobacco sold for more money than hemp however hemp had more practical uses. Many colonial farmers split their land into two: half hemp and half tobacco, whereas others changed over to all tobacco. All of the colonists grew corn, potatoes, squash, apples, cabbage and raised chickens, beef and dairy cattle, and sheep but that was for their own personal consumption and not for export.

England had just defeated Napoleon and the English soldiers were battle weary. Most of the English soldiers refused to fight the American colonists because so many of the colonists were their relatives. So, Mr. Bauer (Rothschild) traveled to Prussia and engaged the services of unemployed Hessian Mercenaries for the career English officers to command. The Hessian soldiers had just finished fighting the Seven Years War and there was little need or employment for career soldiers. Their contract pay with Bauer was for fifty cents a day and Mr. Bauer billed the King for one dollar a day. Since King George had a revolving charge with the Rothschild Bank, repayment for these soldiers would eventually be required of him in gold.

Upon defeating the French, a second suggestion was presented to King George by Mr. Bauer, which was for the King to arrange through his newly appointed Civilian Administrator of France, to offer the Continental Congress a loan and appropriations to supply and finance the Revolutionary War. George’s plan and logic was simple: ‘To bring America to its knees in debt and then foreclose on it.’ Unfortunately, colonial America didn’t have a prayer of winning and most of the money and appropriations loaned or sold to them went into the pockets of the members of the Founding Fathers.

King George now controlled England, Ireland and France and ruled over roughly 60 million subjects. He also possessed the largest and most efficient military force known at that time, which was the combined army and navy of France and England. The American colony known as “The Virginia Colony,” was populated by three million men, women and children in total and most of the men were farmers and tradesmen or bond slaves, armed only with knives and flintlock muskets. So, it is beyond imagination that anyone could possibly believe that the American colonists ever won or possessed a chance of winning the Revolutionary War or the War of 1812. But then: ‘If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will begin to believe you.’

Nobody won the Revolutionary War, but since the English military was first to stop fighting, the Continental Congress declared that America won the war, based upon an old maxim of law, which reads: “He who leaves the field of battle first …. loses.” Twenty members of the Continental Congress were formerly Founding Fathers and were once English lawyers and aristocrats who had received considerable training in the art of English Law. This situation however posed a new problem for the Continental Congress to resolve, which was ‘How to place their debt to France on the backs of the American colonists?’

They decided to tax all alcoholic beverages, which was the impetus that started the American moonshine business and rum smuggling trade. One of the largest rum smugglers in America was Founding Father, John Hancock. Mr. Bauer also had an ulterior motive apart from collecting the Kings debt to his bank in gold. Bauer viewed the American colonies as an untapped resource and a prime location to establish another branch of his Rothschild Bank.

His plan was simple: ‘To establish a branch of his banking empire in the colonies, replace the colonial script with his corporate bank script, and then extend unlimited credit to the colonists with a repayment in gold.’ It worked on King George so why shouldn’t it work in the American Colonies?

Bauer also changed his last name to Rothschild around this timeframe. Rothschild, however, was unsuccessful in accomplishing his plan for the American colony because the Continental Congress rejected his proposal based in part on a business plan they were drafting or modifying that was designed to insure and protect their individual interests titled: “The Constitution of the United States of America,” which was a modified version of the Iroquois Federation Government Constitution.

The Articles of Confederation was the outline for the Constitution and it spelled out their business plan to control America.

The colonists were never asked if they wanted a Constitution nor were they asked to vote on this document because the Continental Congress had always intended to steal North America for their own personal posterity. The safeguards found in the Constitution were not for our protection but were actually intended to prevent any one or group of Founding Fathers from cutting the others out. While Mr. Rothschild openly condemned the use of “colonial script” as money by calling it worthless, his agents and employees who had secretly infiltrated the American colonies were instructed to buy up or trade for all available “script” that they could lay their hands on.

While this was going on, Rothschild sent his top banking agent in Europe to further infiltrate the new American government, a man by the name of Alexander Levine. Once in America, Mr. Levine changed his last name to Hamilton, to obscure his Jewish ancestry and conceal any connection as the CFO of the Rothschild Banking Empire.

Alexander Hamilton secured employment as the personal secretary to General George Washington and after Washington’s election to the office of president, Alexander Hamilton was appointed by President Washington as the first United States Secretary of the Treasury. Alexander Hamilton, however, always remained loyal to the Rothschild family and the Rothschild Bank and as the first United States Secretary of the Treasury, he manipulated the value of the colonial script that the Rothschild agents had accumulated and drafted and proposed a charter for the first United States Central Bank with a twenty-year contract.

President George Washington signed the Central Bank Charter into law and therein successfully entered the Rothschild banking empire into American commerce, by the stroke of a pen.

Our public education in American history taught us to laud Alexander Hamilton as a great American hero and patriot, when all along he was just another one of the many traitors to America who helped to undermine the Republic and the new American government. When the Founding Fathers rejected the Rothschild’s request for another twenty-year charter (in a fit of rage and with King Georges help), Nathan Rothschild, who was in charge of the London Branch, provoked and personally financed the entire cost of The War of 1812.

During the War of 1812, King George deduced that if he destroyed the American symbol of government and eliminated specific signers of the Declaration of Independence, whom he deemed to be the trouble makers (called patriots and loyalists) and burned the actual “Declaration of Independence”; that those acts of force and violence should take the fight out of the American colonists and they would succumb to he and Nathan Rothschild’s plans. Thirty of the fifty-one signers of the Declaration of Independence were loyal Americans and the other twenty-one were traitors and were secretly loyal to King George.

After the White House in Philadelphia was burned and specific American Loyalists, their entire families and relatives were murdered and burned in their homes, the fighting stopped. The colonists returned to their trades and the English military took up quarters in New Amsterdam (now New York) for the next eight years before returning to England and the Continental Congress once again declared America the victors. In the Treaty of Paris was the concession that King George’s son, Prince William, is the Sovereign Ruler of America.

George Washington, the first American President and the epitomized ‘Father of this Country’ had his own plan in mind: to be anointed, “King of America.” After his election, George overthrew the original Constitution for the United States of America under the Articles of Confederation and reinstated The Virginia Colony Corporation and thereafter eliminated the first Constitutional civilian government on April 30, 1789. George had a law background and relied upon the Articles of Confederation to perform his plot and then he immediately took office one year before the original Constitution would have lawfully permitted him to do so.

Few American’s understand the kind of man George Washington really was. George is a hero in the eyes of the corporate State and Federal Government politicians but he was actually an opportunist and a traitor to America. George’s first official presidential act was to install a corporate military government to replace the expected constitutional civilian government, which just happens to be the same one that exists to date.

President Washington’s military government is intentionally hidden in plain sight, which is evidenced by the military terms utilized to describe those designated offices, [e.g.] Commander in Chief, Attorney General, Auditor General, Secretary General, Postmaster General, Surgeon General, etc. Every federal agency is supervised by a military general who reports to the Commander and Chief.

We Americans have been indoctrinated through expert programming, conditioning, prejudice and patriotism, to treat information like this as being ridiculous, absurd and untrue. Our government has eliminated the family farms and local stores; placed us into cities; gave our industry away; issued valueless currency and stole our gold and silver; raised taxes and stole their paper currency back; involved us in staged wars; began a mass foreclosure of American homes and poisoned our air and public water.

George Washington and the Continental Congress all feared that their treasonous conduct would become public knowledge and their reprisal swift and certain, so they concealed these facts by hiring authors to write and publish a different account of historical facts.

Civil War

Abraham Lincoln being the absolute liberal that he was attempted to do everything within his power to avoid a Civil War. The published version of American history doesn’t reflect the fact that Lincoln had offered to compromise his stand on slavery. His proposal was that: “One seventh of the slave population would be freed each year during the following seven years.”

There were forces unknown to him who were instigating a Civil War and who were ready to blame Lincoln and the slave question. These forces also convinced the southern States to succeed from the Union, which was certain to destroy the foundation of the American government and so a Civil War was imminent. The succession of the southern States from the Union technically destroyed the United States Congress because a quorum could never be convened, so all Acts by the Congress during the Civil War were never lawful. Lincoln attempted to cure this problem of the absence of a quorum by declaring that: “America was at war.” He supported his actions based upon the War Powers Clause found within the unenforceable, original Constitution of the United States of America.

To his credit, Lincoln was the first president who intended to sever the European royal and Rothschild factions control over the United States, which like President John Kennedy, resulted in both of their deaths. The High Contracting Powers (European Royals and Elite) preferred a war to a peace because war stimulated commerce and they all stood in a position to profit from every service generated by and within commerce, especially during a war. While the war carried on, it would act as a diversion to their subterfuge.

At the start of the Civil War, Lincoln attempted to secure financing for the North from the Central Bank of America, named the United States Bank (which belonged to the Rothschild Banking Empire). The Central Bank demanded a high interest, a lien on the government treasury, and repayment of the loan in gold. Lincoln was so outraged by these terms and the lack of sentiment and patriotism that he promised when the war was over, his first act will be to: “Drive the Central Bank out of America,” and the verbiage used in Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” would redefine his desire and intent to break the corrupt ties of the European Royals and Elite that controlled and bound America. It was his stated threat about the Central Bank and his Gettysburg Address that caused Lincoln’s assassination and not his stand on slavery.

Threats leveled against America’s banks will continue to be the impetus for many future murders. During the American Civil War, the Confiscation Act of 1861 was adopted. This was an Act between the military governments representing the North and the South and was defined by those governmental bodies to be the ‘Rules of engagement and military protocol,’ concerning how those governments and their military will deal with American citizens during time of war. The words “time of war” will become a key in years to come with the passage of the Lieber Code and the Trading with the Enemy Act.

The Confiscation Act specified that anyone who fought against the government of the North would automatically lose his property but non-combatants who had suffered such property loss or confiscation would subsequently be entitled to lawful compensation.

In 1863, The Lieber Code was adopted as well as General Order No.100, signed by President Abraham Lincoln. This Code is similar in nature to The Confiscation Act and The Geneva Convention and better defined how Union soldiers shall conduct themselves in time of war and specified that any military officer, who violated this Code, shall be treated as a belligerent. This became another key word then and in the future because a “belligerent” shall come to be treated as a combatant and as such, subject to the Confiscation Act and the loss of his liberty and all he owns. This is exactly what happens to defendants in America’s Courts of Justice or rather America’s Military Courts.

In 1864, The Virginia Colony, (America’s corporate military government) under the guise of The United States of America, entered into an International Treaty titled The Geneva Convention. International Treaties are recognized by all of the World’s governments and therefore carry more force and affect in law than any constitution or individual contracts called statutes. The crux of this particular International Treaty specifically prohibited any and all military intervention and or the operation of any Military Courts of Justice over the civilian population of any conquered nation.

By entering into this Treaty as The United States of America, the Treaty became null and void due to fraud because America was actually operating under the corporation titled The Virginia Colony. Factually, Americans are a conquered people; conquered by the European Royals and Elite and by their own federal and state governments, with the stroke of a pen and the expert use of legalese, deception, patriotism, propaganda, fear, and intimidation.

Lincoln’s Declaration of War under the War Powers Clause of Article 1, Clause 8 of the Constitution has yearly and secretly been renewed by Congress and all past presidents but for a different reason. Their renewed Declaration of War specifies that the private corporate US Government is at War with America and its people and defines the American public as, “the enemy of the state.”

The congress, judges and Bar lawyers laugh at Americans who claim protections under the Constitution and they label them ‘Constitutionalists.’

On December 6, 1865, The Congress of The Virginia Colony (America’s corporate military government) secretly rewrote the original Constitution of the United States of America which disposed of the original 13th amendment and then replaced it with the 14th. The original 13th amendment prohibited lawyers from ever holding a seat in government.

The 14th amendment followed on the heels of the Emancipation Proclamation, which was supposed to free the slaves and define all of our individual rights, which turned out to be another canard. The 14th amendment did just the opposite. In the next rewrite of the Constitution, the 15th, 16th and 17th amendments were added without a Constitutional Convention or public vote and were actually rejected by every State Government of the Republic; however, the Secretary of the Congress ignored the rejection letters and reported to Congress and the media that these amendments had been ratified by a sufficient number of States.

These amendments were intended to give the Federal Government the authority to tax us. Future arguments before the Supreme Court resulted in the high court declaring that the legality of these amendments was a political issue and not a judicial one and they subsequently refused to rule on them.

Despite the fact that these secret rewrites were contrary to any public vote or law, Congress finally adopted the rewritten Constitution in Washington D.C., which became the ‘proprietary law’ for the District of Columbia. Proprietary law carries with it the same force and affect as a City Ordinance and since the District of Columbia is not a recognized State, this Ordinance was only enforceable against the residents of Washington, D.C., also known as: ‘federal foreign citizens; United States citizens’ and ‘14th amendment citizens.’ These ‘words of art’ were created by the 14th amendment with the future intent to entrap us all.

The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were amendments to the Reconstruction Act and with the passage of the Reconstruction Act, these words of art forced all state governments and state officials into the District of Columbia as extensions of the corporate federal government. This underlying deception created another set of duplicitous governments, which pose as state governments, which are actually federal, with state officials that are actually federal officials.

The residents of Washington, D.C. are actually ‘federal foreign citizens’ because Washington, D.C. is not a state and therefore is alien to the American Republic. Prior to this time, American’s residing within the states were referred to as “Sovereign citizens of the Republic.” The power of the word sovereign comes from the “Declaration of Independence and God.” The corporate government fears the sovereign citizen because corporations and politicians have no power over the source of law and sovereigns are the source of all man-made laws, despite the fact that we are never provided with the opportunity to vote on the passage of any of the governments planned statutes, which were designed to control us. Statutes are written and passed by the congress as though they were a King and Kingdom of America.

Contrary to popular opinion, the 14th amendment did not free anyone but rather enslaved everyone, except for a list of 300 influential families who were granted immunity from the 14th amendment and can be found in the Congressional Record of 1865, which gave them diplomatic immunity. The 14th amendment did not initially make everyone a 14th amendment citizen nor grant any special rights or freedoms. (e.g. ‘The Bill of Rights’) What it succeeded in doing was to make all public officers and people in residence within the District of Columbia, a 14th amendment citizen, aka United States Citizen and Federal Foreign Citizen, and provided for a bounty, enforceable against them for the non-payment of the public debt, which was later coined by Congress as the “national debt.”

The public debt, or national debt, belongs to a private corporation named: the U. S. Federal Reserve. A corporation is a dead-legal fiction. Corporations cannot walk, talk or make decisions. They are defined by a piece of paper in a safe somewhere in Holland called a charter. They have “no soul to save or body to incarcerate.” This bounty could not lawfully be enforced against anyone else because everyone residing within the states was still a “sovereign American citizen of the Republic.” The word sovereign is derived from the Law of Kings; meaning that ‘The source of law is derived from the king and therefore the force of law can never be enforced against its source.’

As sovereign citizens of the Republic, we are the king and source of law and therefore the force of law cannot be enforced against us, except by us and not by any government. This also explains why every law is civil, even the ones defined as criminal are actually civil. Contracts can be enforced against everyone including the king. By the third constitutional rewrite, we all unknowingly became a 14th amendment citizen by our consent and became the collateral property of the Corporate United States Government, which is principally controlled by the Crown of England, the Vatican and the Rothschild banking factions.

Every time you complete a government form or tax return, you are asked to check a box indicating that you are a United States Citizen, meaning a 14th amendment citizen, under penalty of perjury. You should be checking the box that reads: “Alien of the United States” instead because we are not residents of Washington, D.C. or the Territory of Puerto Rico, Guam or Samoa. Unless employed by the government, we all are alien to the federal government and not their corporate property.


The Reconstruction Act of 1868 establishes the power and authority of the military to supersede all power or authority of all state, county, and city governments, which are now a part of the federal government and all law enforcement personnel is subordinate to the president and the generals in charge of the federal government and therefore the power and authority of the federal government becomes an absolute by this Act.

All this means is that the government now has the right to tell you how to live your life whereas, before this Act, “We the People” controlled the government. This explains how an FBI agent can take an investigation away from a local police department. All states and state officials are sub-federal and are subordinate to the federal government when we at one time use to control the state and federal government as a Republic. Any and all who refuse, will be treated as belligerents and subject to the Confiscation Act. Most people who have a local, county or state job do not realize that they are all federal employees pursuant to the Reconstruction Act and the 13th, 14th, and 15thamendments.

The bankruptcy of America and the introduction of a new legal system on March 9, 1933 (House Joint Resolution No. 192-10 by the 73rd Congress) was voted into law, which is the Emergency Banking Act. This Act declared the Treasury of the United States ‘Bankrupt’, which is an impossible feat since the U. S. Treasury was secretly closed by the Congress twelve years earlier in 1921. The Emergency Banking Act succeeded in abrogating America’s gold standard and hypothecated all property found within the United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, THE VIRGINIA COLONY CORPORATION and opened a new Government Corporation called THE UNITED STATES, INC.

Federal Reserve Act

“The Federal Reserve Act” was designed and written by a German National who was repatriated into the United States in 1903 through Ellis Island of New York. His name was Paul Warburg, and was a carbon copy of Alexander (Levine) Hamilton. Mr. Warburg was a German Jewish banker and CFO of a Rothschild Bank. Mr. Warburg’s assignment was to craft a piece of legislation designed to control the finances of the United States Corporation from Europe. The Federal Reserve Act is approximately 1500 pages and places the currency and finance for the United States Corporation under a private corporation called, “The U. S. Federal Reserve.” The Federal Reserve is owned by the Rothschild Banking Empire (and their friends) and not by the American people or the corporate government of the United States.

The Great Depression of 1929, like so many other catastrophes before and after this date was actually a staged event, concocted by the Rothschild and Rockefeller banking empires, the British Crown and Parliament, the US President and Congress, the Vatican and numerous elite families to steal America’s gold and silver reserves and replace it with, “Negotiable Debt Instruments” or script money. Their theft was ingenious and by allowing the public to fall on hard times, the public soon began to demand that the government fix the problem by any means necessary. While everyone struggled in America to survive, President Roosevelt and the Congress were making interest bearing loans to foreign governments, using the very money they publicly swore did not exist. Germany used that money to enlarge their war chest.

Prior to 1933, we all were proud and peaceful sovereign inhabitants of America. The Trading with the Enemy Act, the Confiscation Act and the Lieber Code obligated the military government to, ‘peacefully interact with American citizens’ and prohibited them from ‘provoking us or to act belligerently toward us’ or they forfeit their ability to profit and loot or to securitize our property, equity, and credit being held in a public trust.

Under Regulation 840-10 of the Military Code and sections of the Administrative Procedures Act and the presence of that Military (gold fringed) Flag on display in the courtroom, instantly creates a state of emergency; meaning that, the moment a police officer stopped you in the exercise of your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the police officer became a belligerent. He is armed and you’re not! He displays a military rank and you’re a civilian and he has now delivered you into a Military Court of justice with the intent to ‘pillage and plunder’ within the Admiralty jurisdiction of that Military Court, which is also known as ‘The Law of Prize and Captured Property,’ as defined under Title 10, sections 7651 to 7681 of the Code of Military Justice, March 25, 1862.

Public Trusts are not a new concept, it was copied from the ancient Roman Empire and their use of Roman Trusts. The ancient Roman Trusts declared that everyone had died after Rome was burned (which was a staged event) and until those Roman Citizens served notice upon the Roman Senate that they were in fact alive and capable of managing their own estates, all were presumed dead and the Roman Senate became the trustee over every estate and used them as they deemed appropriate.

In 1933, the corporate government enticed Americans to voluntarily register for birth certificates, social security, driver’s licenses, voter registration, etc. and enticed us with government benefits to do so. Years later, they obligated American’s to register for all of these documents except for voter registration. These so-called government benefits were no bargain because they belonged to all of us to begin with and over time the largest benefits have been watered down. What most Americans don’t realize is that: No corporation can operate or fund itself. Corporations require human beings; their credit and sweat equity to finance and operate them. Therefore, everything that the government claims to own, actually belongs to “We the Public” and not them.

Monetizing the Public Trust Accounts

As previously mentioned, these registration programs were instituted so that the Federal Reserve Banks and the corporate military “Courts of Justice” could securitize and monetize the public trust accounts. Each birth certificate and Social Security card was eventually converted into a trust account and became a government security and is marketed as a mutual fund via debt notes. If you own a piece of a mutual fund investment, you are actually hedging your money against human collateral and work credit.

Every bond or international security is assigned a “CUSIP” number and if you know how to use their formula or have a close friend who is a stock broker, you or he can convert the numbers and letters found on your Social Security Card into its CUSIP number. Armed with those CUSIP numbers, anyone can look up the mutual funds that your life is being collectively marketed under.

Your birth certificate number is handled the same way. Our forced registration of birth actually made us the personal property of the state. Each of us unknowingly gave our children away to the government of the state where they were born when we registered them for a government issued birth certificate, which is how the state government controls child custody. Our children are now the state’s collective property and we are permitted to keep and raise them, providing that we behave ourselves and comply with their corporate laws and regulations. The state obligates us to pay for our children in any way they see fit. It is also the birth certificate that provides the police with the authority to break and enter any house under suspicion of abuse and now the U. S. Patriot Act covers all other situations.

The Fee Simple Deed gave the state your home and the right to tax you into poverty as a tenant and the U. S. Patriot Act eliminated the need for search warrants. You are no longer the king of your castle, which was guaranteed by the Allodial Deed, because you no longer own a castle. Your personal lawyer set that one up too and received a large, one-time secret kickback, from the state government on your first tax bill in addition to the fees you paid to him to represent your best interests. When our deeds were Allodial, no one could trespass on our property, not even the government. No one could tax your property and no bank could foreclose on your property but there again, no bank would ever loan you money against your property either. We were the kings and sovereign rulers of our land and homes, but you now see how the government has been chipping away at your basic rights and freedoms since the American Revolution was fought and not won.

You can buy your freedom for a price of $600,000 dollars through the Department of State, which is the cost of procuring American diplomatic immunity pursuant to International Law. In all other countries this same immunity can be purchased for $95,000.00, which is honored in 90 of the 267 world countries with the exception of: The United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Everything is a game and for enough money, anyone can play and secure their freedom from criminal law, civil lawsuits, taxes and passports because everything in this world is about commerce.

It is through these machinations that Americans are still ruled by the British Crown and its agents to this very day.

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