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Reports are coming in from the west of Ireland on the recent visit of one calling himself "Kristos". The visit  has now apparently ended without further trouble. This may be due  to the 17,400 army personnel drafted in from the Curragh army Camp or the large posting of police. All reinforcements were needed as emotions were running high at the end of the week: A woman in her sixties In Belmullet said this "Kristy" character as she called him) should be lynched and one elderly farmer in Aghamore, in the east of the county, mentioned stringing him up from the nearest tree.
The week had started with a high level of excitement and expectation and it seemed all was running to script when large numbers of patients at Castlebar General Hospital were instantly healed and walked out of emergency and operating Theatres  totally whole. . Admittedly there were some rumblings of discontent later as over 50 consultants and 152 doctors were put on notice of dismissal.  MCC announced the planned sale of 87 Trollies used for overflow situations but Local Pharmacies called for a stay on this  saying the move was knee jerk and  premature.  A&E section in Castlebar, when contacted,  said it was too early to say if the sale would go ahead at a later date.
The visit to Knock Marian Shrine proved a turning point however. Seems as Kristos  approached the Shrine massive meltdown of paintings, one worth over a million Euro, occurred. Resulting damage to roof and ceiling from intense heat was estimated at 250,000 euro. A local said he saw statues actually disintegrating before his eyes and the historical apparition gable suffered huge structural damage. The choir were singing that beautiful song about Mary being "Queen of Ireland" and they were all struck dumb and some had mental breakdown as he spoke. Kristos spoke very little but His words  were full of authority as he said:--"Come out of her my people ...Flee from this pagan worship of the dead" . Nobody I spoke to had any idea what he was referring to but one teacher said he thought they were from the bible.! Since that two stall holders who sold religious parapaharnelia at the shrine packed up actually emigrated to Japan.
Later a large crowd of unruly and very disturbed church goers assembled in the nearby car park. Many wondered why the army had not been called in to protect this Holy Place: An eerie silence and unusual dread hung over the place. However nobody was quite sure who to lay the blame on but all were agreed some heads should roll!
Later that evening there were reports of  a small earthquake like eruption in the Achill Island area. A large building (Often referred to as the Prayer House) was totally demolished and fragments of stone littered the island. Christine Gallagher was not there at the time but when contacted in one  her houses abroad she said our Lady had spoken to her privately about it and said it was an omen of an imminent Russian and Chinese invasion of Ireland. The Irish army is on full alert!
Order of Malta have announced that any climbing of Croagh Patrick is out of the question at the moment due to the huge landslides in the area overnight. Mayo Co Council later indicated that it could be 10 to 14 years before the pilgrimage could resume. A local T.D said in an interview with local radio that this Kristos imposter was obviously a fraud and had done irreparable damage to the tourism industry in mayo and to the whole economy of the west. He urged Government and religious authorities to get together and prevent any re-occurrence,.
Bishop O Lunasa, auxiliary bishop of Lahardane and Nehin dioceses , called into question any religious or spiritual significance to these events.. "Anyone who attacks established places of worship or indeed causes  damage to  places associated with the mother of God will have God himself to answer to and no doubt about that" the bishop said. Then he continued: "No God will have his mother demeaned like that" The Bishop was upset and visibly shaken.
On the Wednesday morning a very sad event occurred in the town of Ballinrobe:  Kristos was in the area but could hardly be blamed for what happened. It seems two young and very well liked locals were being married at a ceremony in the town. Local fire officer explained  that during the service the room began gradually to fill with a thick dark smoke. The overpowering pungent smell of sulphur forced the abandonment of the marriage and both men involved, bride (!) and groom, were utterly devastated. Later the groom said "Our whole wedding day was ruined: But our love will never die ..."
"We have enough to contend with this week" the fire officer stated "without tastless pranks like this"  Police are investigating the cause of the smoke and are looking for all help from the public.
Most mainstream churches and places of worship stood aloof from this cultish visitor. A pastor  said they did not like to speak uncharitably  of anyone.  Kristos on the other hand  showed no such reluctance, and when asked about these establishments simply said: "Let the dead bury their dead" Not a very loving or Godly attitude many thought.
An inter denomination group sought to draw Christians closer by all this Kristos excitement. They organised a meeting outside Pontoon in a field and over 120,000 turned up. I spoke to some who attended and they said it was so powerful and so anointed. "The singing and music would melt the coldest heart" one woman told me:
 It went on for over two hours and many were visibly touched and some wept. Towards the end of the meeting a few verses of scripture, carefully chosen so as not to offend any of the different groups present, were actually recited by a girl from the local drama group. Even though Kristos failed to turn up (delayed talking to some turf cutters and fisher men in the Belderrig) the evening was deemed a glorious success. One of the organisers told me "Lives are being changed here: All everybody wants and prays for now is peace and to get back to what it was like before all this nonsense began"
Pope Francis, who is due to visit Ireland himself in the fall,  has called for calm and forgiveness. The Holy Father  said the real Jesus would never speak so radically or cause such hurt and confusion. . He further indicated that being the year of Mercy there is hope for all -- even this Kristos impersonator , if he says the apostles creed and comes kneeling thro' any of the 33 doors of mercy in Ireland". Many others however were not so willing to forgive:
{This is Sean Mac An Eaglais reporting from a troubled, angry  and very confused west of Ireland}

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