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Aaron Russo and his one time friend Nick Rockefeller

Aaron Russo died a great American hero.  He didn't become a hero for sports or reading a teleprompter on the television news.   He died telling the truth and wiping away the brainwashing propagated by the fake news and our own government!  At the time he came out with his material, the truth movement was much smaller than it is now.  Nobody ever heard of the term "fake news" back when Aaron was putting out his truth in films and television shows.  I believe the evil ones running the show probably gave Aaron cancer once his truth began to go viral.  Giving people weaponized cancer is one of their favorite ways to kill people.  

This is my favorite Aaron Russo interview.

Aaron Russo Died So You Might Learn The Truth! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

This 13 minutes will teach you the evil plans of those who run things behind the scenes.  This information came from Nick Rockefeller who befriended Aaron when he became fairly successful.   Rockefeller confided him many things he probably regretted later!   He told him the would eventually get everybody chipped and if they didn't like you they would simply turn off your chip and you wouldn't be able to buy or sell anymore!  The chip system Rockefeller describes is EXACTLY the Mark of the Beast as God told us in the Bible.

Rockefeller told Aaron that people like him would have a card with a "KMA" code on it which stood for "Kiss my *ss".  This card would allow the "elites" to get out of traffic tickets, escape arrest etc while the lowly people like me and you would be taken to jail!  This system is in place more than you realize already!  It's why Hillary Clinton escaped justice for all these decades.   It seems the Clintons, Obamas and Bushes already have their KMA card right now!  They stuffed the crooked FBI and Dept of Justice full of their cronies so they literally got away with murder!  Hopefully Donald Trump will eventually make the Clintons, Barack Obama and the Bushes pay for their crimes!

Aaron was told the only reason they gave women equal rights was so they could put them to work and collect double the taxes and bust up families!   He was also told that 9/11 would be done by the "elites" and they would blame it on a bunch of guys in caves.  Rockefeller laughed about it all.  He thought it was really funny how stupid we were to believe men in caves brought down the twin towers.  He said they would use terrorism to keep taking away freedoms because it would never end!

Here's a great film, Aaron Russo did called "Freedom to Fascism" that shows just how much freedom we've already lost in America.  This is all by design.

Please share the information to your friends who still haven't woken up yet.  That first interview is powerful and will wake up many who still might believe the fake news!

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