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Stew Webb reports woman inside InfoWars caused the divorce

Stew Webb of VeteransTruthNetwork reports an affair with a woman who works on the InfoWars team is the result of this divorce.  I will not name this woman out of respect for her privacy.  Everybody on the Infowars team knew about the affair.  I was also told by another InfoWars insider that Anthony Gucciardi could basically do anything he wanted because he had Alex Jones in a box regarding this divorce.  

Infowars star reporter spills beans on Alex Jones!

Anthony Gucciardi admits in this recording he was brought in to shore up Alex Jones' crumbling reputation.  Anthony Gucciardi said Alex only cares about his fame and power.  This recording confirms what I was told by another insider who told me Anthony Gucciardi has Alex Jones over the barrel right now over this divorce!  Alex is now being fully discredited as being a Zionist shill, lying and covering up the hardcore truth and whistleblowers! Everybody is figuring it out now and spreading the information!  You can lie to people, censor key information and shill for people only so long until it catches up to you.  All fakes must be exposed to take the battle against the new world order to the next level.  We can't have "controlled opposition" as leaders who will not organize signatures for recalls on all the gun grabbers and expect to slow down the NWO!

Anthony Gucciardi Admits Alex Jones says InfoWars is Discredited and Crumbling!  

I really don't care about Alex Jones' divorce or his affairs.  God forgives all sins but first you must admit publicly your sins to your audience since you are a public figure.  You can't just keep pretending you have a wife at home when you don't because you think it might mean a loss of revenue or fans.  How much of Alex Jones' money that came from his fans will now go to his wife who is an Israeli citizen?  How much of his empire will she take since he built most of it while married to her?

My main problem with Alex Jones has nothing to do with this divorce.  I don't care about it but I do care that he's being a traitor by censoring a lot of truth I'll prove in this article.  I do care that he's helping his Zionist masters push gun control by continuing to lie and say the Virginia Reporter shooting is real when the video  below shows it's a HOAX!  I do care and can prove 100% He's also lying and hiding a lot of information such as cancer cures as you will find out in the videos below.  I do care he's been caught red handed shilling for the Zionists who built the FEMA camps on this interview with David Duke.  I do care that Alex Jones continues to lie about Stew Webb, Colonel Gene Tatum and others at VeteransTruthNetwork!  I do care that Alex Jones is censoring the truth Scott Bennett brought out about who has been caught funding ISIS that I've talked about in my other articles!  Only an agent of evil would censor an Army officer with the proof on who runs ISIS!

I think Alex needs to go retire and give his chair one of his other good reporters who might actually want to WIN this fight instead of just making money on it and acting as the NWO gatekeeper!  But he won't do that because he's paid to control everything just like he did in the Austin Gun Rally video below!  

Stew Webb reports woman inside InfoWars caused the divorce

Stew has a source deep inside the Alex Jones organization that keeps him informed.  Stew knew about this divorce 6 months ago in fact.  One thing I can report is this divorce has nothing to do with the David Duke interview as Jim Stone suggested in his most recent post on Alex Jones!  I respect Jim Stone and he's right about many things.  I personally think he's right about his wife being a honeypot / handler for Jones during all these years.  But this divorce has been a long time coming and had nothing to do with the David Duke interview.  It had to do with Alex Jones getting caught having an affair with a woman at InfoWars.  Of course when the entire crew knew about the affair it wasn't going to stay a secret forever.

This divorce is only a story because Alex Jones is still hiding it from his fans.  Hopefully he will come clean this week and admit this divorce and ask God for forgiveness.  If it was in fact due to infidelity as Stew Webb reports then I pray Alex Jones learns from this and disobeys his Zionist masters and actually begins doing the things needed to win battles against the NWO.  I really don't think this will happen though because I think Alex Jones is on somebody's payroll and he won't give up that paycheck.  He pushes Drudge after all and Colonel Gene Tatum knows Drudge is a Mossad asset!

Here are things Alex must do now if he doesn't want to go down in history as a traitor!

Here are some things Alex Must Do Now to avoid going down in history as a traitor to the resistance!  If he doesn't then you'll know he's getting paid to be a Zionist agent and was not just honey potted as Jim Stone suggests in his latest article on Alex Jones here.

1) Organize Truth Warriors in every state to collect signatures and recall all the NWO pigs wanting our guns!

 He should have been doing this 15 years ago!  We can recall anybody in Congress in most states now.  Stew Webb interviewed the plumbers who recalled the gun grabbers in Colorado and they were begging for others to organize nationwide recalls but Alex Jones wasn't interested! Why bullhorn Bilderberger but not organize recalls when this will completely put the NWO into panic mode as it did in Colorado!  Call into the Alex Jones Show and ask him why he won't organize the recalls since he is the only one that has the money and reach.  Watch him tap dance!  Only an agent of evil wouldn't organize recall petitions in every state with the millions of truth warriors he reaches.

2) Do what they did in the Revolution and go house to house with volunteers with flyers.  

This bypasses the fake news and all censorship of the internet.  But not just with the website on those flyers but also with the website, Dr. Coldwell's website and at least 7 more top websites in alternative media not connected to Alex Jones!  That way Alex doesn't hog all the attention as he likes to do!  This can be promoted on ALL alternative media and volunteers can come from everybody.  People can mark off their streets in GREEN via an online MAP so the world could cheer as the planet is covered with truth!  I even found a company that has software that can easily do this street level mapping right now.  Call in to Alex and ask him to do it and watch him tap dance!  Only an agent of evil would not want to organize house to house flyer distribution to bypass the fake news and wake up the planet!

3) Quit lying about Stew Webb, Chip Tatum and the patriots at VeteransTruthNetwork.  

I have an example of the disgusting lies Alex Jones is telling about Stew Webb and Gene Tatum!  This is all rehash from FBI troll sites!   God knows all about your lies Alex!  You will be held accountable for the damage you have done to patriots such as Stew Webb and Gene Tatum so I hope you admit your lies and make up for it soon!  Only an agent of evil would lie about Stew Webb and Colonel Gene Tatum (went to jail for refusing to neutralize Ross Perot!) who have both done prison time for the truth and given up their entire lives for it!  How Dare you lie about these patriots Alex Jones!  Here's the disgusting lies Alex Jones will be held to account for before God almighty!

The David Duke Interview that exposed Alex Jones as a Zionist Shill!  Alex Jones took this interview off Youtube as the comments were 98% against Alex!  Alex brought a knife to a gun fight!


David Duke Exposes Alex Jones as a Zionist Shill!

Learn about the Zionist mafia that Alex Jones is protecting!  He won't mention the names that have destroyed the United States and the world who you'll learn about in this VeteransTruthNetwork interview!  In fact, Alex Jones lies about Stew Webb who exposed this mafia and names them!  This is treason to the movement.  Learn the things Alex Jones is hiding from you and hold his feet to the fire over it.  These are the people who built the FEMA camps and Jones is protecting them and not telling you their names!  

The names in the Zionist Mafia Alex Jones is protecting in this program!  These are the ones that built the FEMA camps and want to kill you but Alex Jones pretends they don't exist!

Alex Jones Covering Up Virginia Reporter Shooting HOAX for Zionists!

Alex Jones is still lying to his fans and saying the Virginia Reporting shooting is REAL when this article proved they are 100% FAKE!   The video below gives 100% PROOF the shooting is fake!   Alex knows about this evidence but is making sure to hide it so his Zionist masters can push their gun control.  If you remember, Alex Jones also said Sandy Hoax was real for a long time!  It was not until VeteransTruthNetwork's senior editor Jim Fetzer brought out Wolfgang Halbig to the world and the truth went viral that Alex was grabbed by the throat and brought kicking and screaming into the hoax camp.  He had no choice!  It was either flip flop or lose his audience!  Alex must be forced to bring out the truth on this Virginia Reporter shooting hoax!  This video proves it was two takes and therefore it was FAKE FAKE FAKE!   Why is Alex Jones covering up this evidence when his millions of fans could finally destroy the fake news forever with this evidence!  We literally have the smoking gun here!   If any patriot was in his chair they would be telling the millions of and of the show to begin carpet running all social networks and telling everybody to spread the word, "The News is Fake!  We have the PROOF!"   But Alex Jones is helping them push gun control by staying silent!  You're a fool if you support anybody that is saying this shooting is real once you see this video!

Proof Virginia Reporter was a HOAX!  Alex Jones still saying it's REAL!  Why is Alex helping the Zionist push gun control and not exposing this as a hoax which would drive a wooden stake into the fake news?

The Austin Gun Rally where Alex showed he was Controlled Opposition to anybody with a brain!   Alex lied on his program and said these people were "operatives"!   Total lies!  He turned on fellow patriots who thought he was real and invited him to event!  Once I saw this video, I knew there was something very wrong with Alex Jones because no patriot would act like this.  Only an agent of evil would do this!

Alex Jones shows his "Controlled Opposition" self then lies and calls his supporters "operatives"

Alex Jones censors Dr. Coldwell thus keeping millions of his fans from learning about Cancer cures!  Why does Alex Jones want to kill people with Cancer?  Listen to Dr. Coldwell!  Alex Jones always censors the cancer cures just like his Zionist masters!  Only an agent would censor Dr. Coldwell after being told by Mike Adams and multiple doctors that Dr. Coldwell has the best cancer cure rate on the planet!  He bet the US government $1 million he could cure over 90% of their cancer patients!   Paul Joseph Watson went demonic and contacted me over this video and said he was GLAD Alex was censoring Dr. Coldwell because he was a Quack!  So Paul Joseph Watson apparently likes to kill people with cancer by censoring information and then lie about a doctor that has cured hundreds of thousands of their cancer!   You're a fool if you support anybody that censors cancer cures!  That's an agent of evil!

Proof Alex Jones Censors Cancer Cures!


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