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Alex Jones Smashes Hillary Clinton Over Child Rape of Cathy Obrien!

I want to personally thank all BeforeItsnews readers as well as my own Project Nsearch, Youtube and Facebook friends!  Thanks to everybody contacting Alex Jones he got our message and is taking off the gloves!  He even mentioned all the people contacting him in the clip!  He featured a segment on the Hillary Clinton rape of Cathy Obrien on the Sunday show listed above!  He also promised to have a new interview with her this week which would result in an article and a chance for Drudge to pick up the story!  

We're not done yet though!  I'm still giving two free gifts to anybody who shares this article, video or meme to 20 or more people.  Email me at when you reach 20 people and you get 2 prizes!  Let's pray this new interview happens and Drudge picks up the story but this will help a LOT!  Thank you everybody for spreading this story and making this happen!  Keep pushing this story to everybody possible from now until the election!  We must stop Hildabeast!  Pray daily for Donald Trump to change the minds of the people with his speeches and for the election fraud to be discovered and stopped!  

Drudge tweet over the weekend!


Drudge just dropped a bomb in a tweet over the weekend.  He hinted at a big Hillary sex story he's going to break very soon when he tweeted, "Oh on the sex stuff.  Hillary is about to get hers..." with a picture of known lesbian in the close Hillary Clinton with open lesbian Ellen Degeneres.   Is Drudge going to respond to the thousands of people contacting him and Alex Jones concerning the biggest story of all - Hillary Clinton raping Cathy Obrien as a child?   I don't know but I'm hoping Drudge and Alex Jones will break this story this week before the debate!

I'm giving two prizes to anybody who shares this article, video or meme concerning Hillary raping Cathy Obrien with 20 people or more.  Simply email me at if you reach 20 people or more for two very cool prizes.  One is a cool 3D image that will blow your mind and the other is how you can literally save a fortune with batteries.  Email me and you get the two prizes just for doing your part in bringing down the new world order pig Hillary Clinton aka Hildabeast!


The people are fighting back over the censorship of the Hillary Clinton Child Rape of Cathy Obrien!  We have the sworn testimony of Cathy Obrien and her CIA husband Mark Phillips.  This is the nuclear truth bomb guaranteed to beat back the Hildabeast!  To help spread the word and break the back of the fake news presstitutes, I'm paying $500 to anybody who gets Alex Jones to put out this crucial Cathy Obrien story before the election and $1,000 if Drudge picks it up too!  Details below my video after the brief statement by Cathy.

Participate in spreading the word about Cathy Obrien's rape by Hillary Clinton and everybody gets a prize!

Want to get a prize simply for sharing the true story of Hillary Clinton raping Cathy Obrien?  I'm paying $500 to anybody who calls in to the Alex Jones show and gets him to put out the story of Hillary Clinton raping Cathy Obrien.  You'll get another $500 or $1,000 total if the story gets picked up by Drudge!  The stories must appear BEFORE the election to get the prize.  If nobody gets on the air then the first person to email Alex's staff at and provide me confirmation of your email gets the prize if Alex puts out the story before the election.  Everybody who reaches at least 50 people with this story either by email or Facebook posting on your friends walls will get two prizes too.  Email me at when you reach at least 20 people with this story and you will get a mind blowing 3D image I created almost 20 years ago and information on how to save a fortune on batteries!  

Share this article or Facebook Meme!  Here's the Cathy Obrien Facebook meme.  Memes actually reach the most people since Facebook hasn't figured out a way to censor them yet.  Just save the image below to your computer and then post it to your Facebook wall and tell your friends to share it to their wall too!  Post it to at least 50 walls or groups on Facebook and you get a prize!  Remember anybody who reaches at least 50 people with this Meme or the article or video will get a prize!

Excerpt from Cathy Obrien's book, "Trance Formaion of America" detailing her rape by Hillary as a Child!  Warning - very disturbing information!

Cathy Obrien was raped as a child by Hillary Clinton!  Get this story out everywhere!  It ends her!

Hillary's in the closet homosexuality is extremely dangerous since she will be blackmailed with it.  She has never publicly admitted her homosexual lifestyle even though it's probably the worst kept secret in politics.  The only people who don't know about Hillary's homosexual lifestyle are those still watching the fake news. 

Stew Webb, a federal whistleblower, has stated the Hillary Clinton rape of Cathy Obrien is one of the keys to sinking her chances at becoming the next new world order pig President.   Nobody will vote Pedophile for President!  Even the most ardent Democrat will never vote for a Pedophile so it's up to patriots worldwide to send this story on all social networks and email lists!  The Fake News will never do it because they serve satan so you must do their job!  Tell everybody you know Hillary Clinton is a pedophile and Cathy Obrien video testimony and her books prove it!  This is the it, the last chance to get somebody elected not part of the disgusting new world order!   Pull out ALL the stops and hold nothing back!  If Hillary gets in she's going to take our guns and tax us all into oblivion!  That's why I am giving prizes to everybody who helps out out the truth!  We're all dead by Hillary starting WWIII with the Russians so go crazy out there! Reach thousands with the truth and you'll know you did your best to defeat the Hildabeast!

Cathy Obrien - The Most Dangerous Game - WARNING this is very graphic, do not watch the medical exam if you do not want to see Cathy's genital carving.  This medical exam backs up everything Cathy said in her book!  YES, everything Cathy Obrien talks about is REAL!  She has a photographic memory!

Cathy Obrien: Ex Illuminati Mind Control Victim!  Cathy was raped by Hillary Clinton as Child!

Hillary Clinton's Sex Scandals and Government Coverups!

MK Ultra Exposed by Victim Cathy Obrien - Part 1

MK Ultra Exposed by Victim Cathy Obrien - Part 2

Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell Says 12 year old Rape Victim

Details on Hillary Clinton Rape of a child PLUS Mind Blowing List of New World Order members by Cathy Obrien!

Cathy Obrien describes her sexual assault perpetrated in her book, "Trance Formation of America" at Siss Villa - Lampe Missouri, 1983

“Hillary Clinton is the only female to become sexually aroused at the sight of my mutilated ..."

US Intelligence Told Stew, This Story Is Causing Chaos Now!  Help It Go Viral!

Note: Do not go to the source  video or linked article if you are easily offended as it is very graphic!  But since Hillary Clinton wants to take our guns, put us all in FEMA camps and destroy what's left of our country, the story must go viral now!!!  Stew Webb is asking all patriots to link and SHARE this story!  Read Cathy's book and send the information to Donald Trump so he can talk to Cathy!  Send also to Roger Stone and all other legitimate alternative media outlets who won't censor the story destined to bring down Hillary and the new world order in Washington!  Stew says he has already heard from US and French Intelligence sources that this story is causing absolute chaos to the new world order!   Hillary has already tried to kill Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan over their stories on her criminal activities and he has her email proving it!  She's so angry, she's screaming at her poor dog reports moles within the Clinton camp!

Stew has pulled out of Cathy's book all the new world order pigs she names!  The list alone will blow your mind!  This is HUGE!  All the people named by Cathy Obrien who are still alive are part of the "Never Trump" movement!   Now we know WHY!!   Get the story out to all social media!  It's up to you!  If everybody shares this story, Hillary and the new world order are completely exposed!  


Details on Hillary Clinton Rape of a child PLUS Mind Blowing List of New World Order members by Cathy Obrien!

Glenn Canady (Friend me!) 

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