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Ancient Alaska Pyramid Can Power All of Canada!

Linda Moulton Howe has been following an incredible story about a buried dark pyramid in Alaska.  The top of the pyramid is about 150 feet underground but they've been researching this structure it seems for many years as you'll hear about in her latest youtube video posted recently.  You'll find some very interesting information in her video.  Here's some of the most interesting highlights.

Back in 2012, Linda received an email from one of her whistleblowers who was a retired US Army counterintelligence Warrant Officer Officer named Douglass Mutschler.  Mutschler had heard about this buried Alaska pyramid in 1992 while stationed in Anchorage   He was told  it was discovered in 1992 while US scientists had setup listening equipment in Alaska to study the vibrations from a Chinese nuclear test on May 22nd 1992.  Analyzing the data they got while studying the signals from the nuclear test uncovered a buried pyramid in Alaska.  

Mutschler knew there was a no fly zone 60 miles west of Mt Denali so he thought it might be located in this area.   A short time later while on a mission to Fort Meade in Maryland he began to dig a little into the matter after he had finished with his current project.  He asked the librarian if she had any files on underground archeology sites in Alaska.  She showed him to a couple of combination safes with files on Alaska.  He sat down and began to read but within a very short period of time he felt he was being watched.  He turned around and two goons were right behind him looking at him and said "You Don't Have the Need to Know that information".  He replied he was just looking for something and they said, "We know what you're looking for and you're going to have to leave now.  They don't want us messing with them up there."

You can hear the entire interesting exchange at about the 10 minute mark in the video.

Linda got more information for another whistleblower.   This information shows this pyramid was known about far before 1992!  She got information from a man who said his father worked at the Western Electric Company from 1959 to 1961.   One of his assignments was to travel by bus to a site in Alaska via a bus with blacked out windows.  He then went down an elevator shaft 700 feet to the corner of a 550 foot high dark black pyramid.  His father told him the US government was trying to get energy to go through the corners of the pyramid and up the middle out the top!   Apparently the shape of this pyramid is very special and even when models are made at those exact angles they create power!  The electrical engineer made models and when he got the exact angles correct he was able to make power!   So this pyramid was probably already being studied in the 1950s or earlier.

Another whistleblower reported to Linda some additional information.  This man was a retired pilot who was taken up to the site by another pilot.  The pilot told him this buried pyramid was as super secret as the Manhattan project!   Nobody is supposed to know the place exists.  The pilot said it's some kind of a power generator that is thousands of years old.   They don't where it came from or who made it.  It produces enough energy to power all of Alaska and the entire country of Canada also!  

Clearly we're all being kept as free range slaves without access to this free energy technology.  None of us should be paying for electricity!    Tweet this article to Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump and tell him when is he going to make Make America Great Again with Free Energy like they've discovered in Alaska!   Or did he get blackmailed to keep us slaves?   I'm very disappointed in President Trump regarding not one word about free energy.  Free energy destroys the deep state's slavery system.  Now that the Mueller hoax is over, it's time to get busy putting out the truth Mr. President!  


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Comment by Red on March 23, 2019 at 7:06pm

It's the real thing. "The Aryan Elders told my father this story when he was very young, about the Aryan's former home in the North Pole.

The most disgusting and inexcusable World War II Yalta system masked all of their crimes.

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