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Bush Clinton Stole $27 Trillion! Leo Wanta's Proof!

Tom Heneghan just put out shocking information in his intel update.  Leo Wanta and his team used PROMIS type software to track who stole the $27 Trillion Wanta Funds in 1989.  He knows who stole the money and where it went!  That's why they tried to kill Wanta and put him in a dungeon!

This $27 Trillion was  tracked to the Bank of England and the following individuals and entities.

Former US President George H. W. Bush Sr

Former President George W. Bush Jr.

Former President William Jefferson Clinton

Former Senator Hillary Clinton

Donald Rumsfield

Richard Cheney

Special Accounts for the US Republican Party

Special Accounts for the US Democratic Party

You can read more about this on Page 21 of this document (PDF) provided to me by Tom Heneghan.  Here's a picture of this page.

Alex Jones has now been caught RED HANDED as working for the same Illuminati SCUM who put Leo Wanta in prison and stole OUR money!   Here's the clip where Alex Jones lies for his Zionist masters and says Leo Wanta is as real as the Easter Bunny!  Nobody but a traitor who wants to keep America enslaved for the Bushes would tell such a lie about Leo Wanta!

Here's more documentation from Leo Wanta proving he's REAL and not the "Easter Bunny" as Alex Jones said for his masters who stole our money!

This huge lie about Leo Wanta proves Alex Jones is controlled opposition who works for the evil ones who tried to kill Leo Wanta, put him in a dungeon and stole all OUR money!  It's why Alex Jones is listed as "Agent In Place" on the Illuminati Card Deck!  They always have to tell you the truth!  Why do you think Alex pushes in the closet Mossad agent Matt Drudge who hides Chemtrails, the Federal Reserve and the deadly Vaccines from the world!  If you think Drudge or anybody who censors or lies about anything is on YOUR TEAM, then you're an idiot!  The Drudge Report could wake up the world about everything in a week!  But he won't because he's a Mossad run illuminati  scumbag who wants you to keep getting destroyed by the Federal Reserve and killed from the vaccines and the chemtrails!  Wake Up!

Here's when Leo Wanta came on the broadcast to talk about the TRUTH Alex Jones hides from you!

So President H.W. Bush stole $27 Trillion and then moved this money to the Bank of England!  He then used this money as his personal piggy bank to buy banks, start wars and pay off Democrats and Republicans to cover up the crime!  Wanta's people tracked the money to payoff accounts for the US Republican Party and US Democratic Party!  Now it all makes sense and why it's been a Bush - Clinton (or Obama puppet) government for over 30 years!   This is beyond TREASON! 

Tom also reports France is now in a state of war against Britain because of their involvement in this theft of US and French money!   It's also why the US is no longer getting along with the British government!  Trump is being made aware of all the hostile actions by the British government against us!

Jeff Sessions was been made aware of this crime a long time ago with the proof of tracking the money from Leo Wanta's team but has done NOTHING to those involved!   He's a big FAKE!   Tweet this article to Donald Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump and share everywhere!   Only when you make your voice heard and stop letting Alex Jones get away with lying will things change!   We must DEMAND the Wanta funds are now released into the US Treasury!   Leo Wanta is ready to pay over $37 Trillion in US Taxes and will build a high speed train system around the country! 

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