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Can Anybody Help This Woman? Medical Malpractice!

Note from Glenn - This letter comes from one of our readers.  I'm putting it out there for you prayers and to see if anybody can help her.  The medical system in our country is so corrupt!

Dear Glenn - January 28, 2017 Please do not think I have for 1 minute forgotten you.Too many things have transpired to go into detail.All I can say till I can find legal advice, etc.I am very upset (still) & do not know where to turn.I went to a noted University hospital in my city for general follow-thru.I was followed thru first by a woman Physician who suddenly dropped out & overtaken by two other physicians at UCSF..I found out later she had left the hospital then made connect with Marin General hospital & went to work there.She never even said goodbye. In the meantime,I continued going to these dr's, I was left with. The previous Dr had placed me in the questionable medicine of taking a prescription.

One week,in 2000 I suddenly became very ill, burning from head to toe.Other than knee issues,sciatica, back issues,arthritis,my health was Excellent!.[The meds given to me I was told by these university physicians,already 'were expired meds".i did not take any other meds.Why they did not tell me before hand is still a mystery to me why they were expired meds!]I was so ill the previous evening I phoned my dr's office.A nurse responded.i told her I was very ill, I needed to come in.She told me'take two aspirin go to bed in the morning it would all be gone I would be better.'I did not take her advice but next morning went to the hopital to find help.A Nurse/dr saw me p,took my vitals,etc.told me I looked deathly. She told me she would call a dr & make an appointment for me.I don't think I made that appointment I thought I was going to die.Finally,the nurse dr told my husband & daughter to take me to the emergency room immediately.

We went pell-'ell to the emergency room.I think we met a physician at the door.I responded to a few questions,then I blacked morning I woke up in a room all white,I mean everything white.My heart was, hooked up to a dialysis machine.I was never so frightened so much in my entire head was whirling.I don't know if it was there in that hospital or some weeks later,my husband, daughter,I were told, by these UCSF Physicians,the pills that they gave me were expired.they told me most infaticly i was not able to sue the physicians,UCSF,Or the hospital.We were both beyond shocked.From 2000 till now I have been a dialysis patient,I have changed both hospitals,& changed 2 physicians.Before I had the ER experience,I had gone to UC hospital to the medical records department to get all my medical records.The woman in charge, was a new Medical Records Head but told me not to worry.She would hunt down all my records & not to worry.I thanked her.When all was ready she called me back.At last I had ALL 7 folders.

You see at least 2 times,I had tried to get my records & denied.i was so very thankful.This time I took all my folders to the new endrochronologist I had signed up who was also my new General Physician.He was a bit quirky.In a few weeks or couple of months I thought I would trust him.i took my personal medical records to his office & left them with a note on his nurse secretaries desk,stating they were for him to see.I left them at his office for over 6 months.Not hearing from him I phoned & told this doctor directly I had left my medical records,all 7 folders on his desk.Unbelievably he went on to play a game with me.Finally I phoned him & told him I wanted an appointment to see him & wanted my personal medical files back.He told me come in.I went in & talked to him,my husband accompanied me.I told him I wanted my files back.He told me to go to his secretary librarian who handled the file room.It was in the same complex & he invited us in.I told him I wanted to see my files.He told me to wait.He went off & returned telling me to come back.Now,that's the same thing my general practitioner had told me.I was beyond very frustrated.I came back & told him I wanted all my files.i asked, have you looked everywhere.He said,well there is another room to look at across the Bay.I said,wonderful, I will go see myself.He said, oh no you can't go!I am the only one who can go & see your files.I said but my dr just told me I had all the rights to go see my files.Somehow I was not getting thru to this man.I left his office & told my doctor,i do t know what games are being played but I want my personal files!My Doctor tried to placate me.He tried to soothe my nerves.He said I will look all through my office in fact all these floors Just calm down & don't worry.

I went home for the next 3 months or so but still no phone call.I decidedly called my GP & asked for an appointment.I went to the appointment with my husband.I had a very sore throat.My GP finally came in.We talked about my cold.I then changed the subject & told him I wanted ALL my Medical Files.He must have looked at me for the longest time & then said, 'oh, your files, there were there one minute & then they flew out the window'.My husband & I were shocked.I said, 'I beg your pardon?'He said 'they flew out my window'!I asked,will you Please assist me in recouping all my files?My GP said NO! He then got up & left the room. From that day till today Doctor Clinton Young has never got back to me,not assisted me in any way or helped me in telling what has happened with all my 7 fat individual medical folders.For all I know my files could be in some horrid persons possessions.i don't believe at any time he reported my files missing.I went to the Administration department of the California Presbyterian Hospital, they never got back to me about my issues! I fret then & many times over from UCSF to the California Presbyterian Medical Hospital to be totally abandoned & harmed in every way! I have yet to find a kidney donor O Donor for myself since year 2000.i have gone to many attorneys in San Francisco, none will take my case. I don't know where to turn or who to help me.

Please do you know who will or can help me in any way? I am beside myself. What do peoples as myself as I do?

Most Respectfully,

Tatiana A. Kostanian

P. O. Box 22162

San Francisco, Ca. 94122.3218

Tel. 415.665.1178

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