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CNN Insider Exposes CNN as Totally Fake! Staff Admits It's a Joke!


CNN Staffer admits racial bias by Fake News CNN!  Part 1 and 2

Cary Poarch just torpedoed fake news CNN with a full salvo of truth torpedos!   He saw CNN's anti Trump crusade was not about ratings but in taking sides and getting Trump impeached!   Cary secretly recorded his colleagues for months with a hidden camera!  This is great stuff!  There was actually sobbing in CNN headquarters on election night when God's anointed Donald Trump won!   Isn't that rich!  Sobbing by these monsters who all support the democrats killing of God's babies with abortions!  They don't cry for those babies when they vote in communist baby killers!   You can't love God and vote Democrat because Democrats kill babies!  End of Story!


CNN Staff admitting their news is totally biased joke fueled by leftist scumbag Jeff Zucker!   They admit they throw nothing but softballs at the democrats and only give republicans the hard questions!  Of course everybody knew this already!     Jeff Zucker tells his staff to always remember that ALL stories "lead to impeachment".  

Jeff Zucker's and his wife also have a big Jefferey Epstein NXIVVM sex cult problem!   Here's the fourth photo of the CNN boss' wife with Ghislaine Maxwell, the handler for child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.  I have to link to the photo on a twitter feed because the image is Getty image filth and they'll sue anybody who posts their images.

See fourth photo tying Jeff Zucker's wife to the handler of child r...


CNN whistleblower, Cary Poarch will go down in history as a great patriot who bravely exposed that CNN is nothing but a hoax.  It's not a news station, it's an arm of the communist democratic party who want our guns and want to destroy the country with open borders!   CNN staff admits they are completely biased and they ignore the good things Trump has done and only focus on impeaching him!  


Pray harder for President Trump who has every evil creature on the planet against him because he's the first President in history to expose all our news as FAKE!   And yes Fox News is fake too!   You're a fool if you watch a minute of any of it!   You're paying to be lied to and have the important stuff like Chemtrails, weather manipulation, GMO position and so much more censored from you by the Big Pharma pimps also known as the Fake News!


Get this everywhere patriots and tell everybody you know to stop watching ALL the liars on TV news who hide the truth on the government plot that killed JFK, free energy, vaccines causing autism and the criminal federal reserve slavery system to name just a few!   Share stories at posted by patriots worldwide with no censorship or shadow banning!   All patriots who buy anything at can now request 100 business cards in the comments of your order to begin spreading truth everywhere you drop them!   You can buy the $4.95 sample pack of Curcumin if funds are tight!   

Operation Paul Revere II Begins!  1 Billion Truth Cards put out by patriots before the 2020 Election!   

Operation Paul Revere II has just started!   We're going old school like they did in 1776 where they spread truth by pamphlets.   Be a part of history and get your free Beforeitsnews business cards with any order at when you put "Send me 100 BeforeitsNews Cards!" in the comments of your order!  You can also call in your order at 888-809-8385 and our staff will make sure they put the 100 cards in with your order.     Let's go patriots!  It's time to spread truth by hand like they did in 1776!   Leave these cards everywhere you go, restaurants, public bathrooms, bus stops, airports, gas stations, movie theaters, truck stops, retail stores!  The list is endless on where you can drop these to wake up the people!   A good way to break the ice is to say something like.  "Hey how it's going?   You know the news on TV is fake right?   I find most people will agree with this!   Then say - "Hey check out this site, it's totally uncensored and they put up all the things they won't talk about on the fake news!    Tell your friends too! Spread those seeds!

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