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David Blaine and Criss Angel Using Demons For Magic!

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There is no such thing as good or white magic, it all comes from satan.  God's word warns us against all sorcery, psychics, and all things of the occult.  Most people think it's just harmless.  I used to think the same way, I thought it was just sleight of hand fun.  But think about it, have you ever seen somebody doing magic for Jesus or spreading God's word with it?  I found two very good videos that I believe prove that some of the biggest names in magic right now are actually harnessing demonic forces to do their magic.  Roger Morneau who almost went down the dark side of working with demons has given testimony  the he witnessed the rich and powerful making deals with these demons for riches, power and certain skills.  He was told by the satanic hight priest of a secret society that the main priority was to convince the world that fallen angels don't exist which is why all the "magicians" never admit to anything, they all say, "it's a secret."  Many Rock Stars are on the record as admitting they got their fortune and fame by making a deal with the devil.  

Manly P. Hall notes that the that the theory of ceremonial magic is that, "it is possible to make contacts with spirits whereby the magician becomes for a stipulated time the master of an elemental being."  Sadly, those who practice this actually believe that they make a contract for a specified amount of time and then the elemental / demon says,  "Nice working with you, so long."  Manly P. Hall goes on to say, "after death the magician shall become the servant of his own demon.  For this reason a black magician will go to inconceivable ends to prolong his physical life, since there is nothing for him beyond the grave."

Today's top magicians such as David Blaine and Criss Angel have tapped into demonic spirits and fallen angels to perform their magic.  The evidence is now overwhelming and you'll see some of the best examples of this in the following two videos.  These aren't sleight of hand or stage tricks that can be done with mirrors and hidden compartment.  These are things being done out in public where there is no way to use a stage or computer generated graphics to fake things.  This is putting solid objects through solid objects as if these men had the ability to control matter.  In the first video, you'll even see a man named Mirin Dajo (picture above) who came public after World War II and let people put a sword through his body right through his heart and no blood came out!  The demons tricked Mirin into thinking God helped him and that he was invincible.   After the fallen angels were done with him, they told him to eat a steel needle and without their protection, he died from this act 10 days later!

We should all pray that these magicians come to Christ before it's too late.  Those of you who doubt there are demonic powers that can do this type of "magic" have been fooled by satan.  I hope you wake up!  Somebody that does a deal with satan can do many things but they can't heal people and they can't raise people from the dead.  Only the power of God can heal and raise the dead.  No amount of fame or money is worth an eternity separated from God.  Anybody will be saved if they call upon the Lord!

Demon Magicians - Chris Angel and David Blaine Harness Fallen Angels to Do Their Magic

Is David Blaine Using Demons?  Yes!


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