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Doctors needlessly prescribe one million antibiotics a year to children with asthma

Doctors needlessly prescribe one million antibiotics a year to chil...

Standard protocol for many conventional doctors seems to be something along the
lines of, when in doubt, just prescribe an antibiotic. A new study published in
the journal Pediatrics has found that US doctors are literally handing
out antibiotics like candy by needlessly prescribing about one million
antibiotics a year to children with asthma, even though their conditions may not
have anything to do with a bacterial infection.

Dr. Kris De Boeck from
the University Hospital of Leuven and her colleagues discovered that doctors both in the US and
abroad have a tendency to over-prescribe antibiotics to children
with asthma, which is
contributing to the spread of deadly antibiotic-resistant "superbugs." Children who
are already being prescribed asthma drugs are twice as likely as other children to also be
prescribed antibiotics, the team found.

"You must have a good reason to
prescribe both an asthma drug and an antibiotic," said Dr. De
Boeck to Reuters Health. Carelessly doling out antibiotics when they are not
needed "put[s] pressure on bacteria and drive[s] them
to develop survival strategies," meaning they will mutate into superbugs, she

The problem lies mainly in doctors' incorrect observations of
wheezing and other respiratory conditions in young children. Rather than try to
pinpoint the precise cause of these and other breathing problems, many doctors
simply default to prescribing antibiotics as part of a trial-and-error approach.
The end result is not only an increase in superbugs, but also the destruction of
children's immune systems, which makes them more prone to disease, and potentially even
worse asthma symptoms.

In 2004, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger,
interviewed Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, who says that asthma is an
improperly-understood disease that is actually caused by dehydration. To read a
short transcript of that interview, visit:

Learn more:

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