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10 Ways We Drain the Swamp - Donald Trump!

Glenn Canady

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Now that Donald Trump is finally elected, we the people must focus on making sure the Swamp does indeed get drained!  Many of us worked very hard to elect Trump but we are not going to be satisfied if things don't change drastically when he takes office!  We can't let our golden opportunity slip away without making massive changes!  To do my part, I have created my Top 10 Ways We Drain the Swamp.  If you like some of my ideas, I ask you send it viral so Trump sees it!  

But before we get to the ways to drain the swamp, it's time to talk about what happens to Hillary Clinton and all others involved in government corruption.  It's imperative Hillary Clinton and other guilty parties can't be allowed to ride off into the sunset to fight another day.  Forget the fact that Donald promised us the crimes would be punished.  This is not even Donald Trump's call to make because Hillary's crimes have impacted all Americans.  We dodged a real bullet and this was our last chance to get our government back!  We're sick and tired of the guilty being pardoned and allowed to continue with the crimes!  This cannot happen this time!

Hillary and the rest MUST be punished and defanged!

I love Donald Trump and I did everything in my power to get him elected but I didn't like what Donald said on his 60 Minutes interview about the Clintons being "nice people" and that he didn't want to harm them.  Nice people don't lie about everything and take bribes.  Nice people don't let every country in the world read our nation's most secret emails because they setup a server in their bathroom.  Nice people don't run pay for play schemes in their government jobs.  Nice people don't rip off the people of Haiti by taking 95% of all donations to fund their lifestyle.  Nice people don't dream of taking our guns and shutting down alternative media which is the only reason we won!  While the Clintons might be "nice people" in social situations their crimes are legion!  

There must be some type of consequences for illegal, unethical and treasonous actions.  If not, our country is a total joke. At the very least, the crimes of the Clintons must be shown to the public so we can break the brainwashing of the mainstream media who adore and help them.  Most of the mainstream aka "fake news" hid all the crimes of the Clintons.  These crimes must be brought out to further discredit the traitorous fake news and wake up those under their spell.   We hear rumors Obama will pardon Hillary Clinton.   I would not doubt this since if it's evil, Obama will do it!  I'm not so sure it's even legal to pardon somebody not indicted or convicted of a crime.  The Clintons must be investigated and if found guilty all of their crimes must be shown to the American people at the very least.  There is nothing to stop Trump from showing the crimes of the Clintons so the world can see them!  There's nothing to stop Trump from taking a good chunk of their ill gotten gains if there is fraud found in the Clinton Foundation as James Ortel says he found in his interviews.  The Clintons must be defanged by taking their power and money so they cannot destroy our country in the future through Chelsea or funding other traitors to carry on with their globalist plan to destroy our country.

Nobody in the "Never Trump" camp such as Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and all the others who bashed Trump in any way should have any position of power in this government.  Newt Gingrich turned on Trump when things got tough so I'm glad to see he's not being rewarded at this time.  Newt is a smart guy but he's a Bohemian Grover and a Bush crime syndicate stooge.  He can never be trusted. 

The "Never Trumpers" in my opinion are traitors and many are guilty of serious crimes according to sources with US Intelligence.  You don't let traitors even run a lemonade stand!   Stew Webb and others in US Intelligence have stated most of our congress is currently blackmailed though money or sex.  A huge number of them are pedophiles and this must be deeply investigated.  We can discover the traitors quickly with a clean FBI, Justice and NSA.  All those blackmailed must be allowed to announce their retirements or be prosecuted if they were involved in actual crimes.   The ones blackmailing them must be discovered and prosecuted.  All whistleblowers must be allowed to come forward with any evidence on current members of Congress, government employees or judges.

According to Stew Webb, a federal whistleblower with many contacts in the Intel community, Rudy Giuliani, was involved in the 9/11 false flag attack and was aware it was coming!   Stew Webb has been exposing the crimes of the "The Swamp" for over 30 years and has many of their crimes detailed on   Rudy Giuliani is going to have to be investigated along with 9/11.   Stew reports he can absolutely prove Mitt Romney and the Bushes are involved in massive fraud, drug money laundering and in some cases treason.  Stew knows dozens of whistleblowers with key information ready to come forward and testify so the swamp can be drained!   But before this can happen we must clean out the Justice Department and FBI so nobody will keep covering up the crimes.

The coverups have been going on now for over 30 years!  All those loyal to the Bush Clinton crime syndicate must be rooted out now.   Once the corrupt judges all over America who were appointed by the Bushes, Bill Clinton and Obama are flushed down the toilet then the swamp can be drained through the legal system.  These crooked judges have taken bribes and covered up the crimes of the Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate running America every since they killed JFK.  Every time Stew Webb has tried to go to court to expose these criminals they tried to assassinate him through staged car crashes, anthrax and more!

If Hillary would have won there would have massive consequences for our nation!  She would have taken our guns, shut down all  alternative media and most likely gotten us into World War III with Russia and blown up the planet!  We really received a true miracle from God when Trump was elected!  All the guilty must be punished.  You don't let a snake who killed one of your sheep slip back into their hole!  You cut it's head off so it can't keep killing your flock in the future!  But maybe Mr. Trump is playing a game here and just being nice until he takes office so I'm not going to go crazy just yet about what he said regarding the Clintons.  I'm going to give Donald Trump a free pass on everything until he has the reigns of power and I hear from his own mouth the Clintons are going to be allowed to get away with everything without consequence.  I urge everybody else to do the same!  There is a lot of strategy going on right now so we can't jump to conclusions too early.  I wanted to get all the stuff about Hillary Clinton and the "Never Trumpers" off my chest and out of the way first.  Now it's on to solutions and 10 Ways We Drain the Swamp!  Share this article and video if you like them!

We Love You Donald!  Now Let's Drain the Swamp!

The Top 10 Ways We Drain the Swamp!

1)  Stop All Voter Fraud in Year One!

If we don't stop all the voter fraud, our country will never be free again since we'll never get another legitimate election!  Nothing is more important than stopping all forms of election and voter fraud.  All fraud must be stopped by Congressional or executive orders if necessary in year one of the Trump Presidency!  Our founding fathers only wanted citizens to vote!  It's not voter suppression to make sure the person is a legal citizen and the only way to do this is with verified IDs that require citizenship!  

All avenues of fraud currently ongoing must be identified and eliminated legally with the brightest minds working the problem.   All states must be forced to verify citizenship when ID cards are issued and no state can be allowed to let anybody vote unless citizenship is proven!  Hillary won most of the states that do not require IDs!  Give free state Voter ID cards through the DMVs for those who don't have drivers licenses but make it mandatory citizenship is proven!  Hold state officials personally responsible if this isn't done.  Start lawsuits against people going against the wishes of our founding fathers that only citizens can vote!  Cut off all federal funding to states who are allowing this illegal voting to take place.  Mandatory jail terms of 2 years minimum and heavy fines for anybody involved in any type of voter fraud should be instituted.  Bev Harris who put out the excellent video, "Fraction Magic" proved vote hacking is now taking place!  She caught them running out of the building with computers used to rig elections!  Bev Harris and a team of experts should be brought together to create the very best system to eliminate all types of voter and election fraud including hacking.  No state can be allowed to withhold data that can be used to audit the vote.  I recommend getting rid of all electronic touch screen voting machines as they were shown to vote Hillary when people chose Trump repeatedly!  I also recommend only using machines that can be manually audited with a paper trail kept for 5 years.  There should be 24 hour video monitoring on all polling and election centers housing election computers with access by all parties to the footage.  All citizens must be given a printed receipt showing their vote so they know it was counted properly!  They should also be given the ability to check on their absentee ballots and verify their vote online.

2)  Encourage Whistleblowers to Testify and Drain the Swamp!

Allow all whistleblowers to come forward and expose the crimes so the swamp can be promptly drained!  Edward Snowden should be pardoned and welcomed home as a hero since he exposed real crimes of our own government.  Whistleblowers should never be punished for leaking things showing illegal activity!  

Wikileaks helped Donald Trump win by exposing illegal and unethical activity by the Democrats and Hillary Clinton!  Thank God for Wikileaks and the whistleblowers!   Obama, the Bushes and Bill  Clinton always have prosecuted whistleblowers to protect their crime syndicate!  Again, Stew Webb at has been a whistleblower against the crime syndicate aka "the swamp" for over 30 years and has collected massive evidence of these crimes!  Stew Webb now stands ready to provide evidence with his friends in US Intelligence so they can drain the swamp!  

If Stew Webb and others are allowed to work directly with a new and clean Justice Department great things will happen!   Stew estimates he can help recover up to $100 Trillion in assets stolen from the American people and US Treasury!  These assets are in real estate, HUD frauds, Mortgage frauds, businesses financed with narcotics and much more!  These illegal assets can be clawed back into the US Treasury!  Our country could easily pay off the national debt, fix our infrastructure and suspend all personal income taxes for 5 years if the swamp was fully drained and illlegal assets clawed back!  Most of the crimes of the Bush Clinton crime syndicate have no statute of limitations since they involved narcotics trafficking and treason! 

3)  End the Fed and create a new US Treasury bank

America was always greatest when our money supply wasn't controlled by bankers!  In fact America had far more gold during these times than any other country!  The federal reserve established in 1913 is an illegal ponzi scheme run by "The Swamp".  The men who run the Fed are the same ones who now own over 95% of the US economy acquired through fraud, narcotics and treason.  Our founding fathers told us to never let bankers control our money but this is exactly what Woodrow Wilson did in 1913.  

It's not enough to just audit the Federal Reserve, it must be ended forever for America to be free and rich again.  All those who run the Federal Reserve must be identified and investigated for massive fraud and corruption.  All crimes of the Federal Reserve must be investigated and prosecuted.  Their printing presses should be nationalized.  Assets must be clawed back and the US government must issue our own money backed by some tangible asset such as precious metals.  This is what our founders wanted and what John F. Kennedy was doing when he was assassinated.  Congress must pass a law making it illegal and treasonous to allow bankers to control our money again!  Anybody who even proposes it in the future should be slapped with treason charges!  The Federal Reserve debt slavery system must be abolished to Make America Great Again!  

4) Mandatory MRI Lie Detection Tests for all government personnel

There is a new type of lie detector that has been proven far superior to the old polygraph tests.  These new lie detectors use an MRI machine and special software to determine when a lie is told by how the brain reacts.  The accuracy on these new MRI based lie detectors is well over 90% (I've heard it is actually 99.99% in some cases) and it's basically impossible to fool them.  You can't fool an MRI based lie detection test because you can't control how your brain reacts when you lie!  It knows you're lying before your lips move in fact!  The government should get at least 100 of these machines immediately and do massive lie detection tests of all essential personnel to drain the swamp!  Eventually all government employees can be tested but start with the most critical ones.  

FBI and CIA personnel are already subject to periodic lie detection tests depending on their jobs.  To truly drain the swamp it's really simple.  Simply announce every government employee will be given these tests every few years to uncover corruption and spying.  Do it by executive order if you must but get it done!   I promise in less than 4 years most of the guilty will be discovered or quit!  A positive from the machines will result in much more investigation into the person.  People will be asked questions such as these.  Have you ever taken a bribe?  Have you covered up any Crimes?  Have you taken classified information home or given away or sold secrets?  Do you support the US Constitution and swear to uphold all of it? 

I predict the dirty government employees working for the crime syndicate aka "The Swamp" will resign in record numbers when they are told they will be taking this new lie detection test nobody will fool!  The ones who quit can be further investigated for financial frauds and any illegal gains clawed back to the treasury.  A survey of government employees revealed 27% might quit if Donald ....  I suspect these 27% are gold club members of "The Swamp"!   Immediate and mandatory use of periodic MRI based lie detection will hasten the departure of the Swamp and root out evil faster than any other method!  The companies who make these machines claim over 90% accuracy but I've read about results where it was only wrong one time out of over 10,000 times!  From what I've seen, nothing currently is more accurate than this MRI lie detection test except God himself!  The corrupt government employees who quit and the money recovered will pay for the machines 100,000 times over!

NBC news on No Lie MRI - Lie Detection Technology!

5) Release Free Energy Technology - Gut or reform the DOE!

The Department of Energy (DOE) was created in 1977 to get America off foreign oil.  They have been a dismal failure and done nothing except suppress free or low cost energy solutions so our rigged economy can be controlled by the people who run big oil and nuclear power plants!

After spending billions, the DOE shut down their fusion reactor after it broke a record and actually worked and produced 50 times more energy than it consumed!  Cold fusion also has been proven to work but DOE made sure this technology was suppressed too!

Here are two proven solutions suppressed by the DOE!  In the first one, Stanley Meyer reported he was working with the government!  Stan was poisoned in a restaurant and of course his technology was never heard from again!  It's obvious the DOE knew all about Stanley Meyer's technology since he had many patents to run engines on hydrogen he created from water using a new technology!  I know bribes and corruption run deep at the DOE!  

Stan Meyer's Water Powered Car!

Bob Lazar has a Corvette running on Hydrogen he makes free from solar energy!  The hydrogen is stored completely safely with a material called Hydride.  The government made laws so Hydride was illegal illegal to sell or buy!  It's not dangerous at all!  Trump could make Hydride legal and America could power all it's Navy ships with hydrogen we make free through solar energy!  You could safely power homes and businesses with this technology!  We could all drive for free and the US could be leaders in this technology.  Thousands of new companies would thrive with this technology alone!  Consumers would have extra money in their pockets to spend on other things besides fuel for their cars!

DOE made this material illegal so nobody can run their car safely on hydrogen!

6) Medical Freedom - Natural Cures Promoted - No Tyranny

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must be completely gutted and reformed.  The FDA is now simply a way to force John D. Rockefeller created allopathic medicine on the masses for profits by those running "The Swamp".  John D. Rockefeller created the allopathic and pharmaceutical industry to make more money using his petroleum empire.  He knew it didn't work as well as natural cures and that's why he never took his own pharmaceuticals.  Rockefeller had his own naturopathic doctor using natural cures until the day he died!

The people must get to choose between natural cures and conventional allopathic medicine with their health plans.  Give people full control  over the type of health care they will use.  Make it a crime for the FDA or any government agency to go after any natural cure for a disease.  Make it illegal for people within the FDA to have any ties to allopathic medicine or the pharmaceutical industry.  Get all new FDA personnel who are trained in the scientific method but not in conventional pharmaceutical medicine to test both natural cures and pharmaceutical (man made) cures objectively and at no cost.

The FDA must publicly release their findings on all natural treatments and pharmaceutical so people can see which cures work better!  If hemp oil really cures over 85% of all cancers as Dr. Coldwell reports with his own results then this will be proven and reported by the FDA and millions of lives and billions of dollars will be saved!

Dr Coldwell is willing to give the US government $1 million if he fails to cure 90% of their cancer cases at the Veterans Administration (VA)!  Of course the government won't let him cure the cancers since they are shills for the Pharmaceutical industry making the chemotherapy garbage which cures less than 2% of all people!  Less than 2% of those treated with chemotherapy live longer than 5 years according to Dr. Coldwell!  Make it illegal for anybody to work at FDA who has worked for a pharmaceutical company or has been trained only in Rockefeller Allopathic medicine.  They must be either neutral or aware of both natural and pharmaceutical treatments to work there.

Investigate the dead holistic doctors!

Over 50 holistic doctors suddenly died once they discovered the pharmaceutical companies were lacing vaccines with deadly Nagalase which causes cancer and austim!  These doctors even figured out how to reverse cancer and autism with a substance called GcMAF and had already cured people of both!  The FDA raided them and then they all began to die!  This information is covered in these videos.  This is a huge story and a major part of the Swamp!


Over 50 Holistic Doctors Dead!  Discovered how to cure cancer and autism!

The Real Reasons Holistic Doctors Were Killed - GcMAF cured cancer and autism!

7) Cut All federal agencies and regulations

Make every government agency justify it's existence and how it serves the American people.  Start with a 20% reduction in staff for any agency not directly making America great again!  Since education is going back to the states, the Department of Education can go down to about 50 people!  Their job would be to simply report on which State's educational programs were being the most successful!

Making cuts to all agencies can be accomplished by not replacing retiring personnel to some extent but real cuts are going to need to be made also.  Currently it's been said almost 1/3 of the population works for some form of government!  This is not sustainable.  We must get back to around 5% of the population working for City, State and Federal Governments.  Open up a whistleblower website so former and current employees can report on any type of fraud.  Give out nice rewards for any information leading to significant cost savings or conviction for criminal activities!

Teams must begin poring over all federal agencies and regulations to identify those not serving our country and creating more bureaucracy.  No new regulations must be passed unless at least two others are first eliminated.  

All agencies must be examined for fraud and going against our Constitution.  For example, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has stolen the land of our ranchers and killed wild horses for no reason! Could the "reason" be so people like Harry Reid could make more money by being involved with companies getting this land?  All this must be fully investigated once we have control of the Justice department!  Those screaming the loudest against Trump in Congress are scared their con is almost up!

All agencies must be completely investigated for fraud, inefficiency and irrelevance.  Any land seized illegally by the BLM or other agencies must be returned.  Why does the US government own nearly half the land in eleven Western states and 60% of the land in Alaska but only 4 percent in the rest of the country?  Was this so people running "The Swamp" such as the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other bankers could build their private fortresses in the middle of federal land and live like modern day kings?   Federal land must be opened up to the middle class and prevented from being accumulated by only the rich and large shell companies owned by "The Swamp".  There should be limits and penalties on corporations and individuals obtaining too much of this federal land.  Land and farm ownership by ordinary Americans makes America great again and should be encouraged.

8) Expose and Starve the Fake News!  Stop Government Lies!

Trump must expose the provable lies the fake mainstream media has told.  Obama changed laws so it was legal for the US government to lie to it's own people through propaganda!  This must be reversed.  The truth about Sandy Hook, 9/11, Fukushima and much more should come out now.  Trump must give 50% of the slots in the press room to citizen or alternative media outlets such as InfoWars, Breitbart, WeAreChange and others.  Trump should give half the interviews to these same outlets so people can start getting their news from alternative sources!   All federal funding to media outlets such as NPR must stop immediately.  The fake mainstream media actually got bailout money to lie to us!

One of the very first things Trump must do is stop the government lies with the employment and inflation numbers!  Our government is lying about so many things but we can start there first.  Everybody who wants a job must now be counted in unemployment numbers.  Inflation numbers can't be based on the rigged price of a Happy meal!   Doing this right away will be expose the government fraud for decades and be appreciated by the American people!  It will also provide a true baseline by which the economy can be measured.  Government agencies can't be allowed to put out bogus and rigged statistics anymore. 

9) Ban All Gun Free Zones and Sanctuary Cities in America.  

We know traitors have been plotting to take our guns in America for a long time so it's time to strike back and do what our founding fathers wanted.  It's time for all gun free zones to be banned!   This is directly against the Constitution!  Anybody who wants a gun should be allowed to have one for their protection.  It's a God given right!  You have the right to own guns to protect your family when the criminals have guns!  Banning all gun free zones will keep our country much safer and make an invasion by a foreign power impossible since everybody will be armed!

Trump should also give every person the ability to conceal carry a firearm if they have not been convicted of a violent felony.  No license should be required.  Any state not complying will have all federal funding cut off.  All state regulations restricting magazine capacity or type of gun allowed must be declared void.  In fact, I believe fully automatic weapons should be allowed to be owned since our founders intended our citizens to act as a militia if the need arose.  Citizens were allowed to carry the same weapons the military possessed when we were founded so why should this be different today?  Anybody not convicted of a violent felony should be allowed to purchase any type of military rifle or pistol including fully automatic weapons.  Currently only the criminals and our government has fully automatic weapons.  You could then drastically scale back the ATF which will save a lot of money going forward.

And of course the traitors in America have created sanctuary cities to attract the illegals they brainwash to vote Democrat.   Democrats have used these sanctuary cities and states to create an army to destroy the country.  Hillary won the vote in all these sanctuary cities of course and it's reported over 3 million illegals voted for Hillary!  This must be stopped immediately.  Only legal immigration can be allowed to exist in America.  We can't have a great country until our borders are secured and the illegals who want to actually contribute are brought out of the shadows.  I think illegals who have not committed crimes and have established themselves in jobs can be made legal fairly quickly.  But the criminals and those who only came here for free stuff and have no interest in getting jobs or paying into the system must be sent back.  Illegals should never be given any government assistance until they are made legal of course.

10) Examine every executive orders ever issued! 

Every executive order ever issued in the history of the United States should be examined in the first 180 days of a Trump administration to identify all not making America great again and all against the Constitution!  It's not just Obama who did evil with executive orders.  The Bushes, Clinton and many others have done a lot of really dirty deeds with them.  Now it's time to overturn all executive orders against the Constitution or not making America great again!   This can easily be done in the first 6 months to deal a death blow to the globalist traitors.  If an executive order isn't serving this people and going against globalism, it needs to go bye bye with the stroke of a pen!  It will be fun too!   Trump can announce the evil executive orders done by all the past administrations and cancelled by him each week! Americans will be shocked when these executive orders are revealed and who they benefited!

What you can do to help Drain the Swamp!

Donald Trump Created a Website for Our Ideas on How To Make America Great Again!

I'm inviting all patriots to give Donald Trump your ideas for making America great again through his website setup for this purpose.  If you like some of the ideas here, put links to this article through the website or copy and paste some of them so we get attention to these issues.  I'm very excited they are taking our ideas.  It gives me hope and shows Donald Trump really does care!   Make your voice heard and let's make America Great Again!

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