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this is what happened when syria was attacked. ... also please look up the greater israel project.... rothschild owns 80% of the land in israel bought in 1917.... when a politician goes to israel before an election of any type here,, gets their approval,, that is backing the rothschilds not the people........................... . we are ISIS,, trained,, funded , and armed by the united states in JORDAN..... all leaders are related,,, even hillary and trump,, also involved in the same religious areas,,, satanism and lucifarianism..... we all know hillary is, yall didn't hear anything about trump being knighted???? knights of RED DRAGON round table,, red dragon is what our HOLY BIBLE says is one of satans names!!!!!!! oh yes its true,, and that means he's got to be loyal to two entities to get that honor,, SATAN, and the queen of england ,, >>>> >>>>> DONALD TRUMP - KNIGHTHOOD AT CAMELOT CASTLE - ENGLAND whos g daddy bought the united states in 1871 haven't heard about that one either>>>>> ?? ACT of 1871


there was no good choice ,, they were BOTH PICKED and BACKED by the same bankers we go to war for.. rothschilds,, rockefellers.. etc family of 13,,,,,, committee of 300 etc........... this is a nasty land grab by the zionists/ fake jews,,,,,,,, and synagogue of satan,, AGAIN mentioned in the HOLY BIBLE.......

there is only one savior and that the LORD JESUS CHRIST

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