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Welcome Aboard Project Nsearch!

Learn How You Can Get a Free Solar Home System And Make $500 to $3000 giving them away!

I'm very excited about this great opportunity that will soon be announced to all members of Project Nsearch.  A new solar company that is very well financed has come out with a GREAT idea!  They are giving people free solar energy systems if they simply own their home and do not rent it.  This company then sells some of the excess power to the power company to help pay for the system.  In 20 years, the system is owned by the homeowner!   Until then, the homeowner pays no maintenance on the system and enjoys about a 30% discount on their power bill!   

When the company launches they will even have a special promotion going in 4 states where they will give away one year of free power to everybody that signs up!  When the company launches they will be operating in 11 states to begin with.  Even if your home isn't in the first 11 states, you can still make money with this company by simply referring others to get a free solar energy system for their home.  They will be paying between $500 to $3000 on each customer you refer!  Who doesn't want a free solar energy system?  

I will also be personally helping anybody on Project Nsearch that wants to earn money giving away the systems or has any  questions too.  I will make the announcement as soon as the company is ready to launch which should be by the end of October (maybe sooner!) so make sure you have Joined Project Nsearch so you'll be first on the list and will get my emails!  Looking forward to working with all of you on this!  


Engineer Converts Corvette to run on safely stored hydrogen he makes for free with solar Energy!

Join Project Nsearch and learn how an engineer has converted his Corvette to run on hydrogen he makes from solar energy for free! It's an amazing story we want you to share with the world!  You'll also find how a man runs his home completely on hydrogen and solar energy and you'll get free ebooks on Free Energy and Natural Cures!  A new device just came to our attention that has been tested at over 1,000 times over unity by a 3rd party!  We're really excited about this one and you'll get all the information on it when you join.

New Technology Lets Anybody Cure Diseases With a Small Device Like Dr. McCoy Used in Star Trek!

Star Trek Medical Device

A new company in Russia is releasing a new medical device about the size of a cell phone that they claim can cure thousands of medical conditions using frequency similar to the technology that Royal Rife used to cure thousands of cases of cancer
and other diseases.  They even have posted their clinical results.  This technology is very exciting.  You'll learn all about this device when you Join Project Nsearch too!  Our members will be emailed as soon as this technology is available later this year.

Secrets of Free Energy


UPDATE: 3-18-14

All members of Project Nsearch can now download all of the Keshe Foundation material recently released which covers their discoveries about free energy, material science, medical technologies, food productions and much more.  You will be given our download link as well as other mirror sites to download all of this material.  You will find all of this by clicking on the "Ebooks" menu option when you are logged into Project Nsearch.


Keshe Foundation Promo Video



UPDATE: 2-13-14

Get "Secrets of Free Energy & "Suppressed Health Secrets FREE when you join Project Nsearch.


To help spread the truth that has been suppressed about free energy and natural cures, "Project Nsearch" is now giving away a free ebook on Free Energy and one on natural cures called "Suppressed Health Secrets" to every single person that Joins Projects Nsearch. 


If you want to be the first to learn about new "open source" free energy devices being released in 2014, please

JOIN the site also so we can reach you about them also. It's the ONLY way we can ever reach you with censorship increasing all the time. 











GET FREE ebook on Free Energy!:
We just located the most comprehensive ebook on legitimate Free Energy devices. This ebook details every free energy device known at the present time and has over 2,200 pages full of engineering drawings and circuit schematics of devices that have been duplicated. To get your free copy of the ebook just Join our site, Login and then click the Ebooks 
menu option on the main menu at the top of the page. The Ebooks button will not appear unless you are logged into the site. We also have posted an interview with the author of this book where he tells the stories of these free energy devices and even tells you the ones that

he knows have been duplicated by people he names! You'll hear this interview on the same page where you will download the ebook - the Ebooks button that you'll see when you login to the site.


NEW Bonus eBook for all members.


Free eBook called "Suppressed Health Secrets" is given free to all people that join Project Nsearch.  To get the ebook, just login to the website and click the "Ebook" menu option.  


Suppressed Health Secrets

You'll learn about some very effective and inexpensive health products that have been kept secret by modern medicine but are curing people all over the world of various ailments This book is not meant as medical advice but as a research tool for you to study further. As always consult a doctor and do your own research before you undertake any medical treatment. All members of Project Nsearch are free to contact the ebook author, Glenn Canady through Project Nsearch for any question they have. While Glenn can't give medical advice he can point you in the direction for more information and tell you where to find these products. You can also reach Glenn Canady on Facebook here.

New Ebook, "How To Spread More Truth" free to all members.

When you Join Project Nsearch you'll also get my new ebook, "How To Spread More Truth" that will give you simple strategies to reach millions with the truth about everything!  Use it to spread the word of God, the truth about who is controlling the world, free energy, natural cures or even to help get more business if you're an entrepreneur!  I guarantee that if you will employ these easy to use strategies you'll spread 1,000 times more truth than you are now!




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All our members get the complete ebook on Free Energy and also some great ebooks about Natural Cures to Cancer and so much more just by signing in to our site and clicking the Ebooks link in our main menu.



Project Nsearch's main goal is to create a worldwide ministry.  We also want to help others by sharing information on free energy, natural cures and other things that can help them.  



NOTE: Due to frequent attacks on the website, each member must be approved manually to keep out those that want to stop the information on free energy. You will be approved usually within a few hours. If you join after 11pm EST then it might take until about 9:00 am EST the next day before you are approved. Please fill out the membership questions and we'll approve you as soon as possible!  Thank you!




Help us start a chain reaction of Hope TODAY!

If you support spreading the truth about free energy , natural cures for cancer and God, then we need your help!  There are many things you can do today in just a few minutes of your time. Please read the following list and do anything you can! 


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If you have money and want to help us spread the truth then God bless you! Just use the Donate button in the right margin. You will be helping a lot even with a $3 a month donation or a one time donation of whatever you can do!  It costs money to run our website each month and our radio show - "Nsearch Radio" that you see at the top right of every page. You can also get all our Podcasts through Itunes by
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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this page and we look forward to bringing you a lot of great information that will help you and your family in the future!


Glenn Canady

PS - If you would like to help, please contact me through this website or on Facebook.




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Comment by Subliminal Writer on December 18, 2011 at 1:07am

Im buying if anyone wants to build one of these generators for me. HAS ANYONE BUILT ONE YET? 

Comment by karthikeyan on December 11, 2011 at 2:10am

did any one built the free energy generater of their own?????

Comment by alice brenner on November 30, 2011 at 4:21pm

Sooo, anybody built one of these free enrgy gizmos yet???

Comment by Michael David Evans on November 27, 2011 at 3:28am

Great work but what happened to the Hoagland piece claiming he was hiding photos

Comment by Maggie Richardson on November 13, 2011 at 4:41pm

Why are we paying so much for energy when it is FREE in our environment?  Certainly something to think about.

Comment by mel ronpaul2012 mason on November 11, 2011 at 9:34pm

where exactly is it? you have links to your own pictures..


Comment by Jack Woodford on November 11, 2011 at 4:15am

Being an invalid pensioner, what meagre funds I do have are absolutely limited.

But I will endeavour  to find a way to send a donation in the nearest possible future

as possible.   Jack

Comment by kerri Frisk on November 4, 2011 at 11:24pm
They're pitting us all against each other -- now seems that they're seeding the beginnings of a class 'war'.. hope the ppl don't fall for it! It's the bansksters and people who rip off the middle class and point their fingers at the lower classes -- and the middle class is all confused about who to be mad at -- all are even pitted against each other... it's sad - bcz we all are on the same side, if we just think about it... our roots - where we come from, we're all together as people who are interdependent always
Comment by Nicholas Lefevre on November 1, 2011 at 3:49pm
Sorry but i think language is very powerful, it is actually the OLD WORLD ORDER, cause its not theirs anymore right folks?
Comment by ION APOSTOL on October 29, 2011 at 2:38pm

Hi to everyone!

Do you think that the governement people will act with gloves with us when the "hard times" will come?...I think we must be more active to combat what they(new world worder) want to do with our future.

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