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According to the Wikipedia entry, it was the Tohoku earthquake that caused the creation of the tsunami, which then wreaked havoc on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant:

Source: 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

Moment Magnitude Scale

Japan Fukushima Earthquake Tsunami Hoax

According to intrepid reporter, Jim Stone, his 48 page detailed report on Fukushima, is the best report ever written regarding the Fukushima disaster. Please see pages 8 through 16 in regarding the lack of structural damage in Fukushima due to the supposed 9.0 earthquake. Please click here to download his full report: 

Jim Stone's Fukushima Report

Why was there no structural damage to buildings in Fukushima and elsewhere closer to the epicenter resulting from a 9.0 supposed earthquake before the tsunami hit?

2011 Japan Tsunami Caught on CCTV cameras

Fukushima tsunami 11/3/11 (recently uploaded footage)

Case Analysis

Case # 1: The Earthquake of 1995 that hit Kobe, Japan

A comparison between the alleged 9.0 earthquake that struck Fukushima in 2011 vs the 6.9 Kobe earthquake in 1995

Magnitude difference 2.1


A magnitude 9 earthquake is 125.892 times bigger than a magnitude 6.9 earthquake on a seismogram, but is 1,412.537 times stronger (energy release).



The earthquake that hit Kobe, Japan in 1995 measured a 6.9 and suffered far more extensive damage versus no structural damage resulting from the earthquake in Fukushima which was claimed to be a 9.0.

Case Study #2


According to the entry made on Wikipedia, it states that the 2015 Illapel earthquake occurred 29 miles offshore (46 km) from Illapel, Chile on September 16 at 19:54:33 Chile Standard Time (22:54:33 UTC), with a moment magnitude of 8.3, whereas the initial quake lasted approximately three minutes long, followed by several aftershocks greater than magnitude six.


A comparison between the alleged 9.0 earthquake that struck Fukushima in 2011 vs the 8.3 Illapel earthquake that hit Chile in 2015


A magnitude 9 earthquake is 5.011 times bigger than a magnitude 8.3 earthquake on a seismogram, but is 11.220 times stronger (energy release) such as the Illapel earthquake.


The damage and range of the Illapel earthquake, according to Wikipedia, was felt as far as São Paulo, more than 1,600 miles (2,600 km) away. Tall buildings swayed and car alarms were set off in Buenos Aires, 690 miles (1,110 km) away.


The alleged 9.0 earthquake that hit Fukushima  should have been felt easily in Seoul or Busan.  It would of caused buildings to sway at least in Busan, which is 765 miles away and most likely in Seoul, 840 miles away from the epicenter of the alleged Fukushima earthquake. The 8.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Chile had tall buildings sway 690 miles away, a difference of 150 miles, but yet 11.220 less powerful as the one that hit Fukushima.


There were no reports of any earthquake being felt in any parts of South Korea on that day that the alleged Fukushima earthquake hit.

Case Study # 3:




A magnitude 9 earthquake is 1,584.893 times bigger than a magnitude 5.8 earthquake on a seismogram, but is 63,095.734 times stronger (energy release).


According to CNN, “People as far away as Atlanta -- about 530 miles from the quake's center -- called into local television stations to report feeling tremors at 10:56 a.m. ET.”


“The most distant reports came from Rosman, North Carolina, and Pickens, South Carolina, both about 600 miles from the quake's center.”


The alleged 9.0 earthquake that hit Fukushima had no reports what so ever mentioned in the South Korea news where Seoul is 840 miles and Busan 765 miles away from the epicenter. Yet the 5.8 earthquake that hit the Gulf of Mexico in 2006 could be felt 600 miles away. It makes no sense and that’s because there was no 9.0 earthquake!

What could have caused the Tsunami that hit Fukushima?

Project Seal:


Project Seal was a top-secret project during WW II to develop a technonic weapon in order to create a tsunami.


According to the Huffington Post, According to the Telegraph, 3,700 bombs were detonated during testing that took place between 1944 and 1945 off the coast of New Caledonia and Auckland. The results showed that such a weapon, deployed in the form of a series of 10 large underwater blasts, could have created a 33-foot tsunami.”


The company that ran security for the Fukushima reactor’s returned home a week before the event. They also installed camera’s that looked very similar to nuclear gun type nuclear bombs. If you want to know the name of the company that ran security, please download Jim Stone’s report on Fukushima:

Download here:

“For those of you who are awake regarding the truth of 9/11, Fukushima’s reactor 4 is Japan’s building 7. Reactor 4 is Building 7, demolished by explosives. The biggest smoking gun proving the Fukushima disaster was in fact an act of war is the near mythically impossible destruction of Reactor 4, which exploded despite not having a core, as mysteriously as building 7 fell on 9/11 despite never being hit by a plane.” – Jim Stone

The following excerpts were taken from Jim Stone’s Report on Fukushima:


Jim Stone’s comments are in italics writers comments are in bold

Initial quake was reported as a 7.2, epicenter in/near Tohoku -- this is what Japanese on the street were reading on their cell phones just after the event, this was Richter. Within 24 hours the magnitude was increased to 8.8, 8.9, 9.0....and, it seemed the epicenter was under debate.

My comment:

The first magnitude and epicenter are calculated by computer. These are in fact always correct, unless there is a political need to move the "epicenter" and increase the magnitude, in this case by about 100X and 85 miles. Furthermore, the people in Japan are telling me directly it was a richter measurement, NOT SHINDO.

March 9th, early afternoon, I was in a doctor's office with my dad who was in a wheelchair. I was standing then I felt dizziness. I looked up the ceiling and found things were swaying. Nobody said it was a quake. I would explain it as standing on a big wobbling top, it was slow and not vertical nor horizontal. It was M 7.4.

My comment:

If no one said it was a quake, and the Japanese are familiar with quakes, what was this motion then which caused a seismic reading of 7.4? I believe now that the earthquake machine places stress on a region with a circular pull, thus creating the spinning top feeling, to pull all potential weak spots in all directions, with the hope of triggering something big.

This mail came in later from the same woman:

HI James. Did you get 2 mails yesterday? This morning we got M 6.7 quakes. Again, it was weird motion.

My comment:


This came in from someone else, who has lived in Japan for 17 years. This is about the same event.

One thing, I remember the first 'bump' on the 9th. I was sitting in an office full of Japanese. I said 'jishin'(earthquake)...they said 'no, it isn't'....but it was...just a kind of rolling motion.

My comment:

The Japanese know what a normal quake is, and specifically said it was NOT a quake after feeling it? This measured a 7.4 Richter. So what moved the ground so much it measured a 7.4, and the Japanese did not call it a quake?

Yes, gooey is a good description. I have lived here for 17 years and felt every sort of quake, but never gooey, liquid quakes. Many people suffered nausea and symptoms of vertigo...dis- orientation for many weeks. I noted that when I took a bath, and I was afraid to do even this, the water was vibrating in the tub...constant vibration. I could see this in my fish tanks, too. Thank you for collating all of this

My comment:

Constant vibration? Earthquakes start and finish. What is this "constant vibration" going on in Japan now? Unverified rumor has it that Japan was threatened in 2009 to disband it's Government bank, and let foreigners take over their finances or America would use it's "earthquake machine" to punish them. "constant vibration?" You bet. An electronic circuit can just be left ON. 

Gary L. Yantis

Gary L. Yantis is a (kind of) semi-retired businessman and electronics engineer of 44 years.


Jim Stone and Gary Yantis are pretty much on the same page as to who was behind Fukushima.

@8:30 mark

Fukushima - The Real Story




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