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Are you like me and trying to decide if you are drawing the land in the sand regarding Obama's failed socialism health plan called ObamaCare?  


The more I think about it, the angrier I get that my "government" has now paid off enough people to actually say it's okay for government to force me to pay for garbage medical care that I don't believe in anyway.  They threaten to put you in jail if you don't comply with this ObamaCare fraud that is more expensive and worse care than my previous plan to boot!  I was VERY happy with my current medical plan but of course Obama lied again and I can't keep it!  


For many many reasons, I've decided that I won't be complying with this demonic takeover of our health care system.  I'll be standing up to the Borg collective and resisting this insanity and they can put me in jail if they don't like it!  When my current plan expires I'll either go without for awhile or I'll join one of the Christian alternative that I just found out about in the last week that are exempt from ObamaCare.  As of right now, with all the crimes Obama is guilty of: Benghazi, IRS-gate, NSA-gate, fraudulent birth certificate, illegal executive orders to shut down coal etc, I've decided that I'm not going to do ObamaCare.  I'm just saying NO!   It's the straw that broke the camel's back for me and I'm DONE with it!  ObamaCare is totally unconstitutional also no matter how many Supreme Court justices got paid off to lie.


Why should I pay hundreds of dollars per month to a system that I don't even trust.  Flu shots are a total scam that don't prevent the flu and damage your body but yet the fraudulent M.D. system continues to push them to fill the coffers of the Rockefellers who fund the medical schools and own all the poison Big Pharma products they push like crack dealers.  


Why should I support a system that says you can't cure cancer naturally but happily tells you that you must take the Chemo that killed my father within just a few years!   I now know that Dr. Coldwell cures over 93% of all those with cancer and doesn't charge a penny for it!  Did you know that the average cure rate for chemo is only about 2-3%?    If you do nothing, on average you don't die from the cancer 27% of the time so doing nothing is about 10 times better on average than chemo on average!  Of course every case is different and everybody must make their own decisions but I'm talking average here!  Will an ObamaCare doctor tell you there are natural ways to cure cancer?  NO!   Will an ObamaCare doctor tell you that Chemo only permanently cures cancer less than 3% of the time?  NO!  They'll tell you that THEY are an expert because of the degree on the wall now shut up and take your chemo!  They have to pay for that Lexus in the parking lot and the kids going to the Ivy League schools after all!   Chemo pays really well too!  The medical system charged almost a million dollars to my Dad's insurance company to kill him with it!
Here's Dr. Coldwell blasting the lies of our Rockefeller fraud medical system that says there are natural cures for cancer!


So why should I pay good money to a system run by liars?  Instead I would rather save my money and buy better food, a health club membership or something that might actually help me stay healthy!   


So I won't be complying, I'll be either going without any insurance or I will be going with one of the following Christian based plans.  These aren't really health care plans but instead rely on people helping others pay their bills.  They get around having to have ObamCare according to their websites.  Basically,  it seems to be mainly being Christians helping Christians.  I trust this kind of a system far more than a criminal government and medical system that doesn't tell me about proven natural cancer cures! 


Friend me on Facebook and let me know the prices they are trying to gouge you for with ObamaCare and what you are going to do.  Everybody has to make their own decisions.  I've decided that ObamaCare is my line in the sand!  I'm going to trust in the Lord to take care of my health and do what I can to exercise and give my body the nutrition it needs.  I'll go with a Christian type plan at the worst case - anything to not let Obama destroy the system with my consent!   Good luck out there and keep spreading the truth!


Here are two Christian alternatives I have found so far to the demonic ObamaCare fraud system if you are interested in looking into them.  Good luck no matter what you decide to do!


Samaritan Ministries


Here's a brief summary but go to the website for latest details!  This is not a health care plan and is not insurance, it's Christians bonding together to help each other in need basically.  I would rather pay $165 into something like this than hundreds per month down the ObamaCare toilet to fund abortions etc.


Members of the basic ministry agree to share expenses incurred for medical treatments specified in the Membership Guidelines. The amount of the monthly share is based on household size (see chart below), regardless of your medical history, age, or other factor.


Membership Type Monthly Share
Singles $165
Couples $315
Single-Parent Family $230
Two-Parent Family



Any proposed increase in these amounts is presented to the members for a vote.

Young Adult Share

The monthly share is reduced when one or both of the heads of household are age 25 or younger.


Membership Type Discount Monthly Share
Singles $40 $125
Couples $80 $235
Single-Parent Family $50 $180
Two-Parent Family $50 $320




Christian Care Ministry


The Medi-Share share amounts are based on the number of people who will be participating--either one, two, or a family of three or more. The share amounts also vary depending on the age of the oldest applicant.

Once you provide this information, you will be redirected to a page that will give you the monthly share amount for each Annual Household Portion. You choose the Annual Household Portion that provides the best fit for your family and your budget.


This plan has a calculator that will give you a quote based on how many people are being covered, age and deductible desired.

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