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You Promised To Lock Her Up! Heneghan

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Intel Briefing - Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (7-8-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


Tom Heneghan gives an update and a warning to Trump in this broadcast.  Tom believes Rudy Giuliani is trying to blackmail Mueller with the truth about Mueller's coverup of 9/11 and Uranium One.  Tom says Trump cannot listen to Giuliani telling him he can blackmail Mueller over his crimes!  You can't make a deal with the devil!  Giuliani only cares about himself.  


The question we all have now is why isn't President Trump forcing Rosenstein to turn over the documents requesting by Jim Jordan and others?  Tom believes Jim Jordan's nephew could very well have been been murdered to back him off Rosenstein by either forcing his nephew off the road or taking control of the truck's computer and flooring the accelerator.  The deep state uses both methods all the time to kill people.


Sean Hannity is whispering in Trump's ear every night to not prosecute the Bushes or it will ruin the Republican party.  We didn't vote for Trump because he was a "Republican".  The party must be taken over from within by patriots in the Trump mold or it can burn to the ground for all we care.  We will NEVER elect another Bush, Romney or neocon war mongering stooge again!  Of course the elites don't care they will just run their stooges on both sides once Trump is out.  Our only hope is for a takeover of the Republican party and to stop ALL election fraud.  

Frustrations mount in this broadcast because Hillary seems to be running for President again!

Mueller is hiring more investigators and Trump is NOT locking anybody up!   He hasn't forced the release of the documents relating to 9/11 probably on the advice of the criminal Giuliani who knew about the false flag 9/11 attack you can be 100% sure!   

Oh and isn't this cute!  Bill Clinton and H.W. Bush Scherff got together and Bush was wearing his favorite Bill Clinton socks!  Awww, that's just so precious!   The Bushes voted for Hillary!   Daddy Bush was involved in the assassination of JFK and wants to kill Trump because he ruined their fake President rotation!   Now they're just throwing it in your face!  We're the Bush Clinton crime syndicate and Trump's DOJ is doing NOTHING to us!

Mainly patriots are all concerned for the following reasons

1) Trump has seemingly done nothing to combat election fraud.  Why hasn't he issued executive orders mandating paper ballots and valid IDs?    Not one thing has been done it seems!  This should have been worked on the second Trump got elected.  Something must be done right NOW before the midterms.  


2) Why hasn't Trump demanded the documents all be released from the DOJ as requested by Jim Jordan?  Jim Jordan and others have literally begged him to order it on TV night after night!   It makes no sense!  


3)  Why hasn't Trump set all Senior Executive Services (SES) employees salaries to $1 per year yet?  This could be done right now but is not being done!  Why?


4) Why isn't Sessions being fired for letting Awan off the hook as well as all the other games this SES traitor is doing?   We don't believe in the Q fairy tale of "Trust Sessions".  That's a sick joke!   It's obvious Trump realizes now he got conned by picking deep state mole Jeff Sessions!  You can tell he knows Sessions is deep state scum now.    But yet Mueller is allowed to ramp up his illegal investigations and nothing ever happens to Sessions and Rosenstein and they continually thumb their nose at requests for documents for over a year now!


Rudy Giuliani is spending all his time in Israel right now and is most likely angling to protect Israel from being exposed as part of the 9/11 operation.  Tom says if Rudy can make money and benefit himself he would turn on Trump in a New York second!  He is not be trusted as he is one of the 9/11 co-conspirators!  


Tom says unless Trump demands the DOJ documents from Rosenscum, releases the 9/11 information and everything else that shows Robert Mueller is a total criminal we have big problems.  If Trump blocks the release of the 9/11 information then it will come out from others in the military who have it.  You can't stop the truth and why would you want to?  If Trump keeps hiding information he has on 9/11 then is he really any better than the ones who did it?  They want to kill Trump anyway so why not letting ALL the secrets out and take them all down and go down in history as the best President of all time.  


Alex Jones has been bringing on Steve Pieczenik on  who has been incredibly telling Trump NOT to release the documents on 9/11!  You can see this blatant treason at 3:00 minute mark where he says Trump "doesn't have to release it", "nor would I want him to!"   Great idea Steve!  Keep covering up 9/11 truth just like we did with the JFK assassination since 1963!   We've done so well with this strategy of coverup and it's why our country has gone to hell but Steve wants more of the coverup treason it seems!  I don't trust anybody telling Trump to keep hiding 9/11 information!   Of course Alex Jones is still covering up Senior Executive Services (SES) and running from all patriots who email him about this treason at  Alex has proven he's not here to win anything except a bigger bank account by his censorship of everything exposing SES!   Incedibly he's still doing it even after being emailed by thousands of patriots!  He doesn't care I guess at being exposed.  Somebody must be paying him big to cover up SES after American Intelligence Medis exposed it so brilliantly!  You find out who controls someobdy by who they won't talk about!

I'm pretty angry about some things right now frankly and I think patriots need to get more vocal with President Trump.  I see nothing good happening right now and people like Pieczenik telling Trump to break the law and keep hiding 9/11 crimes so the fake news muppets like Sean Hannity can keep telling us the 9/11 fairy tale when we know the Bushes and their deep state did it!   If Trump does cover up 9/11 and never brings out the truth then he's sunk to the level of the deep state!  Knowing about a crime and covering it up is a crime also.  Why would Trump want to act like a swamp creature?  I hope Pieczenik doesn't get his wish of Trump covering up 9/11 crimes!  I hope Trump is better than this!  Tell Trump to bring out all the documents and to keep his promise to lock her up!   He promised us on TV - we all saw it!  It was at that special moment in the debate with Hildabeast when he told her, "Because you'd be in jail!" that I jumped out of my chair and screamed "Yeah baby, YEAH!  It's Over, He Just Won!"   I guess my Mom thought I'd lost my mind because I was going nuts!  It was at that magical moment - the greatest moment in Presidential debate history that I knew Donald Trump had just won the Presidency!


But if Hillary doesn't ever get punished or at least put into court with all her crimes so she can be judged fairly then I say open up all the jails and let everybody out because laws in America mean absolutely nothing.  Nobody should be in jail if nothing happens to Hillary after all the truth Trump told about her crimes during the campaign!   You're in charge now President Trump and we don't care if you have fire to fire SES scum Jeff Sessions and everybody else in the DOJ and FBI who isn't doing their job!   Gut everything if you have to or give MRI lie detectors to weed out the traitors who will all quit rather than be discovered!  The buck now stops with you Mr. President!  You promised us she'd be in jail!   You have to deliver the goods!  So far you've done great at everything but prosecuting anybody in the deep state.  If you don't do it nobody after you ever will and America will never be redeemed from deep state filth.


So far we've gotten nothing in regards to prosecutions of the deep state and now you won't even demand the DOJ documents be released?  What is going on?   Tweet Trump this video at the end of the if you agree with it!   Tweet Trump @potus anytime you see nothing happening or Trump does something you don't like!  Trump isn't perfect and sometimes he has made mistakes but I'm not giving up on him at all.  He learns from his mistakes and isn't afraid to change course which I like about him.  But I'm sure going to sound off when I don't see any progress in almost two years and I see no logical reason Trump isn't demanding his criminal DOJ and FBI turn over all the documents requested within 24 hours or he's sending in the Marines to get them!  You have reason to clean house now.  You know the head of the FBI and DOJ are criminals who are covering up everything they can.  Release everything no matter Sean Hannity tells you!  It's your only hope at saving America!  As you once said, Mr. President, "What Have You Got To Lose?"   They want you dead already!


Spread this article and short video below everywhere!   It's one of my favorites and sums up exactly how I feel right now!  Tweet it to Trump @potus @realdonaldtrump!  If thousands of you do it, he will see it for sure and know exactly how we all feel.  When we said "Lock Her Up", we weren't asking!   Thank you patriots!   Keep up the great work you are all doing at waking up the planet!  Never give up and never give up hope.  Don't let anything make you depressed.  I'm a little angry right now but I won't let satan depress me.  Maybe we all just need to sound off to Trump so things change!  Remember, God is always in control!  Nothing really matters on this planet but how many souls you can bring to Christ!   Email me at anytime and for things you can do to become even closer to God!  

When We Said Lock Her UP! We Weren't Asking! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


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