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Huma Videos Proving Hillary Treason Leaking Sunday?

If this story turns out to be true, it will be the end of Hillary Clinton.  The wicked witch will be dead for sure!  We can only hope at this point this story turns out to be true!  The Internet is swirling with rumors of a big Intel release Sunday of videos hacked from Huma Abedin, the rumored lover of Hillary Clinton and spy for Saudi Arabia! 

Here's the basics of what is swirling on the Internet.  I also included the graphic from a twitter feed where much of this information is being discussed.

Huma Abedin, who has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic organizations has been Hillary's assistant for several years has actually been a spy for Saudi Arabia.

Human conspired with the Saudis to secretly film private meetings with Hillary.  These meetings prove Hillary was conspiring with other people and involved with treason to the United States!

As Huma was electronically transferring those files to the Saudis by file sharing service they were intercepted by someone, and now are in the possession of Anonymous.

These secret Hillary Clinton videos are expected to be released tomorrow on Sunday August 7th!

Here's what Breitbart has written about Huma Abedin.  Many people know she's a spy already!

Those good Americans will find out that both Huma and Hillary have a lot of explaining to do about Saudi Arabia, the big money that the Kingdom has given to the Clintons, and why Hillary knew the Saudis were funding terrorism and didn’t do anything about it. The public will have questions about Saudi Arabian-raised Huma Abedin, a woman who I’ve already said I believe is a Saudi plant.


Source of this post on Twitter

Get this story out and we will see on Sunday or maybe sooner!  In the meantime, here's the information that can never be denied.  Hillary Clinton raped Cathy Obrien as a child!  

Cathy Obrien was raped as a child by Hillary Clinton!  Get this story out everywhere tonight during her speech at the DNC!  Take over Twitter, Facebook and send to everybody you know!  You do this, we win!

Stew Webb of has organized a worldwide takeover of Twitter and Facebook during the Presidential election season to bring out the very biggest story!  The rape of Cathy Obrien by Hillary Clinton!  

Hillary sent assassination teams to kill Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan.  Because Tom has exposed FBI Director, James Comey as covering up everything and being on the board for the HSBC Bank, (Illuminati Bank tied to the Clintons) the FBI sent a helicopter over Tom's house yesterday as a warning!  This is VERY important!  If we stop Hillary, the prosecutions can begin for Hillary, Bill, the Bushes and all those who covered for them when Trump takes office!  We can get our country back from the Clinton Bush Crime Syndicate but YOU must take action now!  I can do it all and Stew can't do it all but thousands of us WILL do it tonight!

This Cathy Obrien rape by Hillary is the biggest story out there and THEY are freaking out about it!  All the fakes in alternative media are of course covering it up too and not even mentioning it!  The fakes are paid to act as limited hangouts but never throw the knock out punch!  We have the knockout punch here!  We have the Proof - in video testimony and book form!  This is the silver bullet that can put down Hildabeast!  Use it and fire everything!  

Facebook and Twitter Meme to SHARE!  This will END her when it goes viral!  Save this to your computer.  You can also get this meme here.

Hillary Clinton put Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan on a kill list when she was Secretary of State and this is proven by an email US and French Intelligence has in their possession.   The evil ones have tried to murder him many times with car accidents and even anthrax when he was put into jail illegally.  Stew knows Cathy Obrien and her husband Mark Phillips personally and spoke at many of the same conferences.  Stew reports Cathy Obrien told him she was very young the first time she was raped by Hillary Clinton - only about 7 years old!   Stew knows Cathy Obrien is 100% accurate in her information and this has been confirmed by his sources within US Intelligence!  Stew had one source tell him that if Cathy Obrien's information ever goes viral, it's over for the new world order!  It would bring them all down!   I'm asking for your help in doing this now!  This is more important than anything else right now because it shows Hillary Clinton has raped a child and is an in the closet homosexual prone to blackmail!  This all must come out now!  We can't let another President get in that is a homosexual in the closet and a rapist of children!  Hillary should be proud of her homosexuality and come out publicly about it if it's no big deal!  So many people who are awake know about Hillary's secret lesbian lifestyle but of course it never is reported by the fake news who covers up for her!  I'm sick of the coverups!  If you are too, then spread this information in this article!

Stew reported to me the Hillary Clinton rape of Cathy Obrien is one of the keys to sinking her chances at becoming the next new world order pig President because nobody will vote Pedophile for President!  Even the most ardent Democrat will not vote for a Pedophile so it's up to patriots worldwide to send this story on all social networks and email lists!  The Fake News will never do it because they serve satan so you must do their job!  Tell everybody you know Hillary Clinton is a pedophile and Cathy Obrien video testimony and her books prove it!  This is the it, the last chance to get somebody elected not part of the disgusting new world order!  You better pull out ALL the stops and hold nothing back!

Hillary Clinton child rape described in Cathy Obrien's book, "Trance Formation of America" (Warning Graphic)

Cathy Obrien - The Most Dangerous Game - WARNING this is very graphic, do not watch the medical exam if you do not want to see Cathy's genital carving.  This medical exam backs up everything Cathy said in her book.  YES, everything Cathy Obrien talks about is REAL!  She has a photographic memory!

Cathy Obrien: Ex Illuminati Mind Control Victim!  Cathy was raped by Hillary Clinton as Child!

Hillary Clinton's Sex Scandals and Government Coverups!

MK Ultra Exposed by Victim Cathy Obrien - Part 1

MK Ultra Exposed by Victim Cathy Obrien - Part 2

Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell Says 12 year old Rape Victim

All of you know people!  Most of you have social network accounts!  FIRE EVERYTHING on this story!

FIRE EVERYTHING and be a part of history!  Taking down the HildaBeast!  We WILL DO IT TOGETHER and make history!  Watch this clip and imagine every twitter post and every Facebook post and every email you send out is another torpedo that will buy itself deeply into HildaBeast and detonate!  This story must go viral and we need your help!

Details on Hillary Clinton Rape of a child PLUS Mind Blowing List of New World Order members by Cathy Obrien!

Cathy Obrien describes her sexual assault perpetrated in her book, "Trance Formation of America" at Siss Villa - Lampe Missouri, 1983

“Hillary Clinton is the only female to become sexually aroused at the sight of my mutilated ..."


Details on Hillary Clinton Rape of a child PLUS Mind Blowing List of New World Order members by Cathy Obrien!


Glenn Canady (Friend me!) 

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