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JFK Told Us Everything! Listen Trump!

JFK Prophecy Told Us Everything! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Donald Trump even if he does nothing more will go down as my second favorite President in recent memory.  JFK was my favorite even though I wasn't born until the year after he died.   This video shows why I believe JFK was our greatest President since probably George Washington!  His words were prophecy that foretold everything to come!  He told us far more truth than Donald Trump has so far but Trump still has time to fix this!  Let's challenge Donald Trump to do more than JFK and move to #1 by tweeting him this video @potus and @realdonaldtrump and tell him we want ALL the truth like JFK told us!  Tell him to go on TV and tell it all baby!

Trump has done GREAT work destroying the lies of fake news and exposing the deep state.  You basically have to be an idiot to believe anything on Fox News or the rest of the Fake News!   He's done well at talking about the swamp but nobody told more truth than JFK in the brief time he was our President!  This video you see above is EPIC!   It exposes the NWO liars such as the Bushes, the Clintons and the biggest phony of them all - Barack Obama!  JFK told us everything and nobody at the time even knew what he was talking about!   There were only 3 television channels at the time.  Everybody believed the fake news!  Nobody had a reason to doubt them!  But they were telling just as many lies back then as they do today!  They still only told us the government propaganda.   To this day, these fake news traitors still tell us Oswald killed JFK when more than 90% of us know this is a lie!   Our own government and politicians killed JFK including H.W. Bush, Nixon, Johnson and many others!

Trump has the opportunity to go down in history as our greatest President but he needs to do a few things for this to happen.  Here's my ideas of the 4 things that would guarantee Trump being re-elected and let him go down in history as the greatest President since Washington.

1.  Stop getting dragged into Syria or any other wars.  Don't go to war unless we are bring directly attacked!  No more going to war based on a FAKE video from the FAKE white helmets!   President Trump - you got fooled BADLY on Syria!   Don't get fooled again!   Use all that money saved on spending a billion to shoot missiles into Syria to rebuild our economy and begin manufacturing again!  America is sick of all the wars that bring us nothing but dead soldiers and more debt to criminal Rothschild central banks!  

2.  Go on national television and begin telling the truth to the world about the evil New World Order conspiracy led by traitors named Bush, Clinton and Obama.  Tell the truth about everything including 9/11, Oklahoma City bombing, satanists in our own government and more in a national speech in prime-time and tell nobody what the speech is about beforehand so they can't stop you!  Do these informational speeches once every 3 months on live television but do them weekly in your weekly radio broadcasts after the first one on television.   You need the first TV speech right now!   They want to kill or impeach you anyway so start telling the truth about everything NOW!  You have the power to talk about anything you want to talk about.   You have the power to declassify information.  Be a hero like JFK and expose these scum and you change history!   It's time to get HARDCORE!  Americans want the truth!  We're sick of the lies.

3.  Make arrests!  Until handcuffs get put on people from the deep state, it's all talk and means nothing.   Until arrests are made people can continue to say Donald Trump is fake and one of the bad guys and is protecting them.  I don't believe this but I know some people do because they see no arrests!   We weren't kidding when we said "Lock her up".   I think Trump now knows Jeff Sessions is a deep state rat who isn't going to do anything.  Hopefully Sessions and Rosenstein can be fired later this year and massive arrests of deep state cockroaches can begin!

4.  Bring out the Tesla free energy technology we've had for over 100 years!   Announce the secret space program also if possible and tell people about our Mars bases we've had since the 70s in my estimation.    Let America lead the way in selling and manufacturing free energy technology instead of just in the black projects!   

I want Donald Trump to go out a hero even if he only gets one term.  I'm sick of these scum deep state traitors.  It's time to begin going on offense Mr. President!   You've been on defense since day one!  You don't win wars by being on defense - you lose them.  Tweet Trump and tell him he needs to get to #1 and beat JFK when it comes to disclosing truth!  Trump hates to be #2!  :)   

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