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Joe Jordan Proves Jesus Stops All Alien Abductions!

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Joe Jordan has exposed the biggest secret in UFOs and Aliens - That Jesus Christ stops all alien abductions!   He has over 600 eyewitness testimonies now.  The case is closed!    Even when people were paralyzed by these aliens (demons) if they just thought, "Help me Jesus", the aliens fled immediately and the abduction was over!  This isn't just one or two cases either, this is over 600 hundred cases and growing every month!  

Now I know that some of you won't believe this because you have been mind controlled by the satanists running this planet to doubt the existence of Jesus Christ.  You were told that Jesus was something they made up to control the masses.  And if you think this, then you're wrong - dead wrong in fact.  I have personally used the name of Jesus Christ to get rid of a demon attacking me in my own home!   I can tell you from personal experience that I felt something evil enter my home and attempt to to go inside me through the top of my head.  It really freaked me out and I've never experienced anything like it before or since!  When I said "Help Me Jesus!" in a panic, the entity was instantly gone!  I sensed that it was pushed outside my home and I felt a wonderful peace come over me.  I knew that whatever it was, it would not be allowed to hurt me because I had asked Jesus for help.  These are the same stories told by these alien abductees in this Joe Jordan video above!

 Joe Jordan has been a director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for many years and has studied aliens and UFOs for decades.  When he began his work with MUFON, he was actually an atheist and scoffed at the few people who told him they stopped their alien abduction experience by calling on Jesus for help!   But they cases kept piling up and finally he began digging deeper and discovered they had many of these cases.   Joe Jordan eventually came to Christ and now spends his time waking up others to the fact that aliens are demonic entities and not from other planets.  

UFOs and aliens are a huge demonic deception to make you doubt God and I fell for it as many of you have fallen for it.  When I discovered the truth about the demonic aliens, I threw away all my books and videos on the subject because I realized it opened up demonic doorways.  Joe also discovered that Jesus stopping all alien abductions this was actually covered up in the UFO community!  You can hear about his at about the 1 hour mark in the video!  Joe Jordan was blocked from showing his research at all the UFO conferences!  That's why  it's obvious that the UFO community is being run by satan and I know now that Jesus stopping all these alien / demon abductions is the biggest secret in UFOs!  

Please share this video with as many others as you can!  Not only does it prove that Jesus Christ is your ONLY hope in this world but it also proves that aliens are just demons!  If you know this in your heart, the aliens can never harm you!  This is why the Illuminati says they MUST kill all the Christians!  Because as long as Christians exist, these demon aliens will not be able to walk around on this Earth because they will be prayed against!  

I urge all of you reading this article to pray against ALL UFO's you ever see and ask God to take them out of the sky!  When I have posted this on my Facebook, I've actually had two people respond to me and say they were aliens and they were VERY upset that I am telling people to pray against our "visitors" because they are really wonderful!  I told them that if they were really GOOD then they shouldn't be concerned about my prayers because if they truly served God then they would have no problems!   :)    So pray against ALL aliens.  I don't care if you see one that is the most beautiful blonde you've seen in your life.  Demons can appear beautiful or ugly.  Pray against them ALL and let God sort them out!  God gave you the power and authority over all demons.  All you need to have this authority is to believe that Jesus is your Lord and Savior and died for you sins.  

I also urge you all to listen to the word of God as read by Jeff Osburn.  A regular guy that was given a special anointing by God to spread his word.  This video literally opens up a doorway to God for all that listen!  I have personally seen this video work miracles!  You can see this videos on this page too.

God's Word Comes Alive!

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