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Jon Voight Unloads on Hateful DemonRats! Pray For 4 More Years!

Jon Voight is one of the few in Hollywood that isn't a hateful anti Trump demon!  I respect what he says here!  Anybody can see the Democrats are nothing but vile hatred!    They support demonic Antifa Trash beating up innocent people!   I see all the hateful stuff being said about Trump even in some alternative media like on Rense and some other sites and it makes me feel somebody has either paid these people off or satan just turned them to the dark side.     I'm here to tell you right here and now.   Trump has his faults and I get after him when I feel he messes up but God told me today that Trump's WILL win re-election guaranteed!   We don't get anywhere by trashing Trump - we must keep trying to reach him and praying for his wisdom.   2020 will be an electoral landslide for Trump and there's nothing to worry about!  

So all you anti-Trump demons you better get ready with the tissues on election night!   Because you got 4 more years of Trump coming and there's nothing in this universe that's going to stop it!  There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth from the demons who hate Trump and love killing God's babies as all DemonRat voters now support.

No person who believes in God can vote for a DemonRat since they now openly support killing babies and they love open borders and taking your guns!    Hell has open borders while heaven has walls and gates!   God isn't stupid!   Why are so many DemonRats stupid?  

God told you - Thou Shall Not Kill!   What part of that confuses you DemonRats?    He also told you don't be homosexual.  But yet we have idiots out there running around with rainbow flags and parades so proud of their sin!  That would be no different than cheating husbands all having a special "cheating husband" flag and parades with other cheating husbands!  Yea - Look at us!  We're sinners and we have a flag and a parade!   What a bunch of idiots you homosexuals and people who believe in more than two genders are.  You better wake up quick!  God is no joke and he's not dead!   

These democrats want you to accept their sins of killing babies and their support of homosexuality.  Well I don't accept it just as I don't accept robbers and murderers.    But you don't need to worry about me accepting your sins so why do you care?  You're not going to bully God into accepting your belief about it being okay to be gay and your support of killing babies when you meet him!    If you don't give up the homosexuality and supporting the killing of God's babies before you die and ask forgiveness then you're going to have a very bad meeting with God in the throne room!   Luckily for Democrats, they can wake up from their Bill Maher stupor anytime and come to Jesus.  God wants to forgive every one of you who supported killing his babies.  You can ask forgiveness at any time you choose!  If you do that right now, you're going to feel the Holy Spirit come upon you and you'll probably cry like a baby for a bit but you'll feel amazing afterwards.

Do you really want to face God someday and tell him that "Yeah I knew you told me to not kill babies but Nancy Pelosi and the democrats told me it was okay because it was a woman's right too choose!"   How do you think God is going to react when you tell him that?     You're going to get sent to the fiery pit guaranteed if you tell him that!   Don't go where those demonRats are going IF they don't repent for voting for killing babies before they die!  Stand strong for Trump even with his faults and warts and spread the truth to all who will hear!  We all have faults but God's uses imperfect people all the time.  Moses was a terrible speaker apparently and didn't want to talk to the Pharaoh but God didn't care.  He used him.  God uses all of us for something.

I was told Trump is going to pull many rabbits out of his hat before the election and that's what will destroy the DemonRats in the end!   God told me months before the 2016 election Trump would win and I came out and told you on BeforeitsNews and Youtube before I lost my channel.    I'm nobody special.   I give all the glory to God for giving me the information.   I'm trash and nothing special and I give God the Glory always.   I've learned the hard way, you think you don't need God and you got a big surprise coming!    

I'm just very lucky to get direct messages from time to time.  In fact, God tells me I got a big mouth sometimes but he uses my big mouth!    There's a lot of people out there who want to shut my mouth in fact!    God uses my big mouth to wake people up.   I'm not worried about anything that might happen to me because I got God on my side so nothing else matters.  Hillary and the Democrats have satan on their side - satan the big loser who tried to take control of heaven and got booted out!   You democrats have satan on your team and you think you're smart?    Only those influenced by satan would say it was okay to kill God's babies even in the case of rape!  Want to see the shortest fight ever?   That's what's going to happen when God and his 2/3 remaining angels come back to clean up the trash who mock God!   It's going be clobbering time for the demons when that day comes.  Do you really want to keep voting satanic democrat when you know in your heart it's evil and wrong to kill babies under any circumstances?   Let's stop playing word games here!   Women don't have the right to choose to MURDER God's babies!     I pray that my message changes the heart of at least one democrat voter out there who reads this and tears start streaming down their face when God moves the Holy Spirit upon them.  It doesn't matter what you've done, God forgives it all!   Just ask God for the forgiveness and see how your life begins to change!

Whether you believe in God doesn't matter.  He believes in you and he made you and the entire universe so your unbelief in him changes nothing!  Just like your disbelief in gravity means nothing if you step off a cliff!   We all are given free will and we have until our very last breath to get right with God and confess our sins.  Nobody is perfect and we all sin and must ask forgiveness when we do.  He's waiting and pulling for all of us every second of every day.  He hasn't heard from some of you in awhile!   


Keep spreading the truth out there patriots and don't fear or worry about anything since that is from satan.  Get right with God and pray every day at a time you can do so without interruptions.     We all know how this movie ends!  God wins in the end and those who believe its okay to kill babies lose very badly!  It's not too late for lifelong democrats to change sides even if they tell nobody else they voted for Trump!   Come in for the big win in 2020 with Trump and God!   Vote for the preciousness of life!    Let's keep praying every day for Trump!   Pray he has the wisdom of Solomon!   Pray he ends the Fed, abolishes the income tax and brings out the free energy to hammer a wooden stake into this demonic trash who has kept us slaves for over 100 years now!    Do everything you can to wake up the masses and save souls.   Email me at so I can write you back.    I've got some big ideas I'll be sharing with those who email me!   

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