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Julian Assange Is Rouge CIA! Tom Heneghan Bombs Away!

Intel Briefing - Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (11-16-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Get my free ebook "Suppressed Health Secrets" with natural treatments your doctor won't tell you!  Tom Heneghan goes over Julian Assange in this interview and also told me more details after the program.  Apparently Julian Assange was part of a rouge CIA group while Edward Snowden was part of a rogue NSA group that joined forces to try to take down the criminal Bush Scherff Clinton crime syndicate.  These groups made a pact that they would not allow a Bush or a Clinton to win the Whitehouse in 2016!   That's why Mueller is so desperate to go after Assange.  Mueller is a new world order cockroach.  Tom says Robert Mueller has only one mission and that is to grab as much evidence out there as possible against the deep state!  He's called a sweeper and a cleaner!  He'll go after anybody that has material the deep state wants to keep from leaking out!

That's why traitor Lindsey Graham says we must let Mueller continue to investigate on Sean Hannity!   Sean never even calls him out over his support of Mueller because Hannity is fake too of course!   When Hannity starts talking about prosecuting over the FISA warrants, Lindsey Graham basically blows him off because Graham is paid by the deep state to protect the Bush-Scherff Clinton syndicate ultimately.   He's not going to help prosecute anybody!  He's a blackmailed homosexual in the closet.   He talks tough during the Kavanaugh hearings and the next thing you know he's saying we must protect Robert Mueller!  If Trump trusts him for any type of position in the future, he's a fool.   Hopefully Lindsey Graham can be voted out and replaced by a pro Trump patriot and we won't have to see that Benedict Arnold anymore.

Tom says our country is a complete joke and it's a real problem because other countries look at us as a banana republic with fake elections, fake news and a President that is most certainly blackmailed to not go after the deep state or tell their secrets on 9/11, the JFK Assassination, Chemtrails, the intentionally set fires in California, etc.   This puts us at a prime risk of nuclear attack because Russia and China think we are unstable and dangerous.  They might just try a nuclear first strike on us at some point if things don't get settled down.  Tom thinks only the military can restore our Republic.  Trump is chained up with blackmail and they've tried to kill him 5 times already!  Our Congress is fake, full of CIA agents and fully compromised to not protect the Constitution!  

Don't let the deep state operation known as Qanon tickle your ears any further!  Destroy those pushing this dangerous garbage in the comments!  Action is all that matters!  No more Q fairy tales to stall for time while the deep state sets up killing Trump!   Things we can do is exposing truth, waking up others, making Trump listen to We the People and rejecting Qanon and all others who do not propose REAL action by We the People!  QAnon tells you to grab the popcorn and enjoy the show and wait until you see what happens on 11-11!  Nothing happened!   If you believe or push that Qanon garbage then YOU will be responsible if we lose!   I wanted to thank some of the BIN writers that started promoting the patriots at American Intelligence Media because they are the ones that educated me of the evil Senior Executive Services.  It wasn't Q, it wasn't Alex Jones - it was American Intelligence Media!   That's why I don't trust Alex Jones or Qanon.  If they were real, THEY would have exposed SES as how the deep state operates!   Alex won't even put American Intelligence Media (AIM) on the air to talk about SES!   That shows you he's a fake too!   I hope all patriots will spread everything AIM puts out because they are excellent!   And thank you for sharing Tom and Stew's material because Alex Jones censored it too for his masters.  You can tell somebody is fake not by what they TALK about but what they WON'T TALK ABOUT! is one of the few places out there where you can get uncensored news.  Everything else is controlled, censored and manipulated.


Tom Heneghan appears on Seattle public television and tells the untold REAL political history of the United States.  This material will never be carried on the fake news, fake Q who told you to trust SES Jeff Sessions or controlled opposition in alternative media such as Alex Jones who threw Wolfgang Halbig under the bus regarding Sandy Hook!  In this one hour broadcast that went out on cable television, you'll learn more than a lifetime of fake news!   Get it everywhere patriots!  

Tom Heneghan Truth Bombs Seattle Public TV! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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