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Lyme disease was first discovered in 1975 in the town of Lyme Connecticut.  This town is just 9 miles across Long Island sound from Plum island, the site of a top secret biowarfare experiments by government scientists.  For 20 years, most of the documented Lyme disease outbreaks were within a few hundred miles of the secret labs.  Was this just a terrible accident or was this part of the depopulation plan of the Illuminati?  Do they continue to spread it using chemtrails or by simply transporting infected ticks all around the country?   Do they put it in our food ?  Who knows but this is literally the perfect depopulation weapon because it kills slowly over decades and keeps make you feel worse and worse so they can suck your money in the fraudulent medical system!

Since the mid 90s, Lyme disease has spread across the entire US and in the last decade globally!   Lyme disease is caused by Borrelia bacteria which has a corkscrew shape.  It's called a spirochete and looks like this.  This nasty sucker actually invades our red blood cells where it can't be gotten rid of by the white blood cells.

"The disease itself has nasty neurological symptoms and effects. One of the key researchers, Dr. Alan McDonald, who conducted research on his own dime and without aid from the usual Foundation suspects, determined the bacteria had characteristics similar to syphilis on the human body. Other researchers have stated that not a single case of MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Lou Gehrig and Alzheimer’s did not involve a Borrelia bacteria. In fact, Dr. McDonald has stated that Lyme disease is a misnomer and is actually a cocktail of disease caused by an entire Borrelia complex.

Dr. McDonald and his successors published studies indicating that the Borrelia complex had developed an almost unprecedented and rather unnatural biofilm and/or cyst form, which acted to protect the germ strands from the human immune system and standard antibiotic treatment. In addition, it had a shape-shifting quality that makes detection via blood and urine tests that modern medicine depend upon problematic. One couldn’t design a better affliction."

There are doctors and health researchers who are now saying everybody has Lyme disease to one degree or another!  I believe this is true and it's a huge conspiracy!   There are troll websites out there saying that nobody has Lyme disease and that's it all in their heads!    When you see massive troll activity you KNOW they are hiding something!  

I'm finding out now, the number of bacteria spirochetes in your blood tell whether you develop more of the symptoms associated with Lyme disease or not but we all have these spirochetes!  One researcher told me that he is now finding these spirochetes in 100% of the blood he tests under the microscope!  He's even finding them in people that appear to be in perfect health!   He told me he only saw them in about 1 in 6 people 10 years ago so something is going on here!  The spirochetes cause many other diseases and health issues besides Lyme disease.  They make you depressed, lethargic and cloud your brain so you aren't focused!  It's almost like this is the plan!  To make us all sick when it's actually very easy to kill these things as you'll see!

Watch the video below and you'll hear about a secret meeting that recently took place to discuss these spirochetes and how to get rid of them!   Are they putting these spirochetes in us through the food supply, water supply or chemtrails?   I don't know, but they are in all our blood according to the researchers on the video!   There is a special substance called Copper 1 out there that is discussed.  It's like kryptonite to these spirochete bacteria!  It lights them up and allows your white blood cells to gobble them up!  Without this special form of copper, not in ANY of the vitamins out there (they contain toxic Copper II) these spirochetes continue to grow in numbers and cause more and more problems.  

Here's more information revealing some researchers are going on the record saying we have ALL been exposed to Lyme disease.  It also is theorized that cell phone radiation is making it worse!


"Some experts feel that almost everyone has been exposed to Lyme Disease  and may have it in one way, shape or form.  Whether that’s true or not is up for debate, but clearly there are those who have it and are severely disabled by it."

"… We know that Lyme spirochetes were around for a long time but something happened maybe 30-40 years ago, where the creatures became more aggressive, more penetrating, and more illness-producing than they were before. Some of us suspect it’s a man-made element. Some of us suspect that the global warming may play a role in it.

I personally suspect that the exposure to electromagnetic fields in the home and the microwaves from cell phone radiation are driving the virulence of many of the microbes that are naturally in us, and makes them aggressive and illness producing. There is probably evidence for all sides of the discussion.”

Now for the good news.  I found a product that is helping kill this bacteria naturally with bioavailable copper!  I'm now selling this incredible product created by a dedicated researcher who spent many years of trial and error to create it!   He found out people in Egypt had part of the secret but there product only lasted a month!   You can't sell a product that goes bad in 30 days.  So he spent years figuring out a way to make it stable.  He met a business partner who told him they would give him the money to keep going in research if they could help one of their relatives with Lyme disease!  It worked and he was able to continue the research until he found the secret!  Watch this video for more details!  I will soon be offering other truth warriors the ability to earn money by helping others probably in the next week!  If interested get on my email list at so you get notified first!

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We ALL Have Lyme Disease! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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