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Vegas CIA Assets Singing Like Canaries! It's All Coming Out!

I lost one Youtube channel with 80,000 members already over the truth I put out through Tom Heneghan's sources so please get on my Newsletter so I can reach you regardless of Google's evil and what services I use!  Do not let Google control us!  Let's work as a team!  Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb just connected the dots on who financed the attack on Las Vegas as well dropped shocking new developments have happened!  There are two CIA assets now in custody and Tom says they are singing like canaries!   Everything is coming out now!  Be sure you get the word out to destroy our CIA Fake news totally.

Tom discusses how the SEC is now investigating very suspicious trading by Sheldon Adelson (Zionist) among others.  Michael Chertoff (Zionist) and Michael Karsch (Zionist) are also discussed.  James Murren, owner of Mandalay Bay sold short his stock on 18 million shares!  

Timothy Bates, pictured above, turned himself at the White House and said he worked deep cover for the CIA and there would be a CIA attack in Las Vegas on September 24th at the "Life is Beautiful" concert!  This ties in perfectly with the information that was released saying Stephen Paddock had rented a room overlooking this concert the week before the actual shooting!  

Here's just some of the recent information from Sorcha Faal who puts out a lot of truth when Intel agencies need to leak things.  Much of this is known by Tom Heneghan through his other sources.  Mossad Drudge and gatekeeper Alex Jones are working overtime spinning their lies now.  They are protecting the Zionists who are fingered by Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb!  

My own experience has shown me why Alex is "agent in place" on the Illuminati Card Deck!  He's a Zionist gatekeeper who protects his Zionist masters!   That's why he has always censored a brilliant man named James Fetzer who has ripped the face off this Las Vegas attack and totally destroyed Sandy Hoax!  In fact Jim Fetzer was banned on Amazon because he was hurting the fairy tale so badly!  Listen to the wise Jim Fetzer in the interview below and ask yourself why on Earth would Alex Jones censor this man unless he had an agenda!   The mask is coming off now for all to see with his shilling hard to protect the CIA in this Vegas attack.

Jim Fetzer - Kryptonite to Alex Jones I guess!

I'm finding it very amusing as Alex brings on Navy Seals and other guests who are going totally against his "Paddock was the shooter and had truly converted to ISIS" narrative!  Few of his guests are buying what Jones is selling anymore including Jon Rappaport.  If Paddock did make an ISIS video it was only to infiltrate so he could sell them guns for the CIA.  If you believe a multi-millionaire who worked for the government and had a very nice life actually truly converted to ISIS then you're a fool!  But that's what Alex Jones has been pushing since it happened with the "my buddies saw the Antifa literature in the room and pictures of the middle east!" GARBAGE!  That room was so staged you'd have to be an idiot not to see it.  They even forgot to pour blood on the shell casings but instead sprinkled casings on top of the pooled blood.  That only happens if he kept firing after he was dead!  I would bet Paddock never even fired a shot! He was racking up points on his Mandalay Bay players club account that day!  Why bother to do this when you're about to die in just a few hours?  He was a patsy to cover a much bigger operation!

Here's the good stuff from Sorcha!

An absolutely stunning new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the White House was given a one week warning about the CIA’splanned “false flag” massacre in Las Vegas when one of its plotters surrendered in Washington D.C. on Sunday, 24 September, exactly one week before this attack occurred on1 October—and with this known CIA gun runner being given a “deep cover” excuse for his arrest alleging mental illness, and his quickly being placed under the protection of US military forces at the Water Reed National Military Medical Center.

According to this report, at approximately 07:00 -4 GMT (local time) on Sunday, 24 September, an American citizen named Timothy J. Bates presented himself at the White House Southwest Appointment Gate where he informed uniformed officers of the Secret Service that he needed to talk to US Navy Admiral Mike Rodgers (Director of the National Security Agency) about a planned CIA “false flag” operation being planned for later that day on innocent concert goers attending the Life Is Beautiful-2017 concert in Las Vegas,  that then, in turn, would be blamed on “white supremacists”—with subsequent investigations proving that known CIA gun runner Stephen Paddock had, indeed, been planning to attack this concert.

In detailing this CIA “false flag” operation to US military forces loyal to President Trump, this report continues, Timothy Bates described how he was recruited by Stephen Paddock, in 2000, to be one of his gun runners—and whose CIA “deep cover” was established as his being a police officer for the City of MemphisTennessee—with Bates further noting that he worked with another of Paddock’s gun runners named Scott Edmisten, also from Tennessee—and whom the SVR reported this past week was Paddock’s highly skilled machinist used to remove serial numbers from weapons, and who was captured along with his arsenal on 2 October in Washington County, Tennessee.

Weapons arsenal discovered in the vehicle of Timothy Bates, that includes one “bump stock” equipped AR-15 semi-automatic rifle

Though the CIA’s 24 September “false flag” massacre on the Life Is Beautiful-2017 in Las Vegas was able to be averted, this report continues, too numerous to count dark web” chatteramong US and British intelligence operatives clearly show that those US military and FBI forces loyal to President Trump were outmatched by their “Deep State” CIA adversaries—with the greatest fear being that a nuclear weapon device “was in play”—and that President Trump’s top aid, US Marine Lieutenant General John Kelly, who was leading the counterstrike against these CIA terrorists, had, also, been compromised after it was discovered that his phone ....

Full Article:

Another juicy tidbit was just dropped in Sorcha's latest post

In knowing how the CIA had implemented its “9/11 Playbook” during the 11 September 2001 attacks, this report says, SVR intelligence analysts became alarmed when, on 23 August 2017, “deep cover” elements within MI5 created a YouTube channel they named Anaconda Malt Liquor 6—that was followed a fortnight (2 weeks) later by MGM CEO  James Murren (who runs the Mandalay Bay Hotel complex in Las Vegas) suddenly, and without notice, divesting himself of 80% of his shares—with Murren, also, noted to be an avowed hater of President Trump, and supporter of Hillary Clinton—which, in turn, caused MI5 to post a cryptic 16 September video to their Anaconda Malt Liquor 6 channel on YouTube warning that Las Vegas would soon be attacked by a CIA “false flag” operation.

Here's the Youtube video that Sorcha says was made by MI-5 deep cover operatives.  It was posted on September 16th and it correctly predicts the next attack would be in Vegas by what one of the actors was wearing!

Sorcha talks about this Las Vegas attack being a hybrid attack.  Part of it was real and part of it fake with actors.  This ties in with people that were aware of ads going up for crisis actors.  Here's a video that seems to show totally fake actors!  No blood, people just putting people on rolling hospital beds.  Looks very very fake to me.

Straight out of the “9/11 Playbook”, too, this report continues, was a mass causality disaster drill being conducted in Las Vegas at the exact same the “Pyramid Sacrifice” was occurring too—and that led to mass confusion in the hospitals with no one knowing who were the re...—and critical evidence being destroyed because no one was saving the bullets removed from patients as evidence—and with one “operative” scouring the shooting scene trying to determine the difference betw....

Scott Edmisten - Paddock's Accomplice Captured in Tennessee?  Google Bans Me!

Facebook censored me after posting this story to only 1 group!   This is HOT!  Get it out to all Facebook pages, groups and email lists.  I have struck a nerve here!  They can stop me but can't stop YOU!  This must be 100% true as I've never had Facebook do this after one post!

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