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Legal, Constitutional and Human Rights Violations of Smart Grid and Smart Meters

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on May 4, 2014

If your utility company is planning on installing smart meters in your neighborhood this will interest you.

It’s a comprehensive report on smart meters.

Very comprehensive.

A full 257 pages long.

Dealing with the Legal,  Constitutional  and  Human  Rights  Violations  of the  Smart  Grid  and  Smart  Meters.

Contents Of The Report

Here’s what’s covered in the report:
1) The Secretive, Financial, Water Spigot that is the FFB (Federal Finance Bank)
Citizen Tax Payer Money Freely Distributed To Private Corporations for Smart
Grid/Smart Meters pages 9-12
2) 4th Amendment Violations: Spying And Invasion of Privacy Through Smart Meters
and Smart Grid pages 11-23
3) Smart Grid Transmuted Into Ubiquitous WIFI in Cities Enables More Spying
On US Citizens pages 23-24
4) Smart Meters enable possible access to private information on personal
computers – pages 24-25
5) 5th Amendment Violations and References – pages 26-28
6) 10th Amendment Violations and References – page 29
7) 14th Amendment Violations – page 29
8) False and misleading claims of Job Creation For Private Corporations to Gain
Access to US Tax Payer Funds, Those Newly Created Jobs Are Then Shipped
Overseas pages 29-31
9) Hacking of Personal and Granular Data Recorded On Smart Chipped Devices –
pages 31-41
10) Hacking of Life Saving Medical Implants pages 42-46
11) Smart Zigbee Chips Interacting with Medical Implants pages 46-48
12) Smart Grid Enables Catastrophic, Multiple Nuclear Facility Meltdowns Based On
Easier Access To Hacking and Terrorism Attack pages 48-51
13) Life threatening and debilitating health effects including cancer and
neurological illnesses, permanent genetic alteration to lineage from smarts
meters and smart grid and ASDS (Adult Sudden Death Syndrome) via
microwave pulse induced heart attack from smart meters and smart grid
pages 52-131
14) Thousands of reports of heath effects from smart meters and smart grid from
Texas PUC, California PUC, EMF Safety Network pages 132-138
15) Smart Grid and Smart Meters Violate ADA pages 138-140
16) Ubiquitous Dirty Electricity Created Through Smart Meter/Smart Grid Switching
Mode Power supply pages and Pulsed Microwave Radiation More
Harmful Than Continuous pages 140-143
17) Smart Meters and Smart Grid Violate FCC Rules and Regulations On
Interference pages 143-144
18) Smart Grid and Smart Meters Violate the Already Un-protective FCC Standards
pages 144-150
19) Smart Grid and Smart Meters Violate Environmental Laws, Threatens Eco-
Systems, Endangered Species, Animals and Natural Habitat pages 150-155
20) Rapid, Deleterious and Costly Impact on Building Structural Integrity Through
Pulsed Microwave Emissions pages 155-156
21) Fire Hazard Caused by Smart Meters pages 157-161
22) False and Misleading Claims of Safety of Microwave Radiation as Emitted by
Smart Grid and Smart Meters pages 161-167
23) Smart Grid and Smart Meters Violate FTC Act of the Federal Trade Commission
page 168
24) False and Misleading Claims of Energy Savings and Smart Meters/Energy Star
HOAX to Access Tax Payer Dollars pages 168-175
25) False and misleading Claims of Consumer Control and Erosion of Consumer
Rights With Smart Meters and Smart Grid pages 175-181
26) “Time Averaged” MISLEADING Regarding Smart Meter And Smart Grid
Microwave Emissions pages 181-183
27) False and Misleading Claims of Financial Savings and Rampant, Ubiquitous and
Outrageous Over Billing pages 184-189
28) Unjust Enrichment and Trespass Via Smart Grid Microwave Radiation Emissions
pages 189-191
29) Reckless Endangerment pages 191-195
30) Opt Outs, A Farce at the Expense of Public Health and Safety pages 195-198
31) Discrimination pages 198-200
32) Violation of City and County Franchise Agreements page 200
33) Utilities Claim Implied Consent But Implied Consent Is Non Existent pages 201
34) Extortion and Violation of Human Rights and Property rights pages 201-202
35) Military Use of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) As Weaponry – US Federal
Government Has Full Knowledge of Heath Effects From RF Microwave Radiation
pages 203-232
36) Fraud And Deceit page 232-234
37) Fraud and Misrepresentation page 234
38) Misrepresentation page 235
39) Negligence page 235-236
40) Gross Negligence page 236
41) Malice and Aforethought pages 237-240
42) Public Endangerment page 240
43) Wanton and Reckless Disregard for Human Life and The Rights of Citizens
Under the Constitution page 240-241
44) Exemplary Damages page 241
45) Smart Grid Violates State Law pages 242-246
46) Energy Companies Using Smart Grid For Financial Gain, To Try To Remain
Relevant and Slow the Inevitable, As Unsustainable Resources Dry Up and
Sustainable Resources (Solar and Wind) Take Over, Potentially Enabling
Citizens to LEAVE Their Various Energy Suppliers
47) DoE Violates Record Keeping Laws and Stonewalls Investigations Into “smart”
Money Give Aways and Other Record Keeping page 254

To download the report click here.

Thanks to for writing this report.

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