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“OK! OK! Enough of all this high theological stuff! Can we get back to Peggy and Christine in the Isle of Lewis? What was this gift they had that was so special”

"The great gift they had was they were accustomed to recognising God’s voice when He spoke and the reverence to obey exactly and in simplicity what He told them"

"This is exciting: God spoke to them. What did He tell them do?"

"He impressed on them the need for a new presence of God on the island. A presence that would invade every heart and every gathering: A presence that would disrupt all human normality and all meetings and replace it with HIM. A presence that would destroy sin, not by law but by His awesome closeness: He gifted them to seek him in prayer and that they did. Every Tuesday and Thursday night from 10 pm for 5 hours Peggy and Christine laid all before Him"

“See. I knew it: They were the women who brought the revival”

“Not too fast now: The women were agents in the hand and purposes of God. There were also  7 men praying at the same time. They were from the Free Church Of Scotland and their hearts were broken at the sad state of the church. Dead sermons, dry prayer, a form of ritual and Godliness but no power to change lives. They were led to prayer 3 times every week for 5 months"”

“I never heard of these 7 men: Are you sure? Doesn’t sound near as romantic as Peggy & Christine!”

“Romantic or not they met 3 times a week and after 5 months God spoke to them at exactly the same time as He spoke to the sisters”

“But how could God speak? Did He use a loudspeaker? I know God made the world and all that is in it but I never realised God could speak”

“Who do you think made the tongue? Who made the voice and languages? God spoke all right!

“Wait! I know the end. The revival began next day and swept over the island! Right?”

“Wrong: But you’re on the right track: God told the sisters that His glory would fall in two weeks and to send for a man called Duncan Campbell”

“Who was Duncan Campbell? Was he some famous theologian?”

“Duncan was a praying man who knew the Word and though reluctant to come at first, he eventually did come and after a series of dry empty useless meetings God showed up at 3 am one morning and that was that”

“So everybody just came to evening meetings and got saved?”

“Actually most got saved outside of that building: In pubs, barns on the roadside in hay fields. On one occasion 600 people were making their way to the building when the spirit of God fell on them: They lay on the ground for ages crying out to God for mercy”

"Why was that?"

"The presence or closeness of God is a frightening experience unless you understand about justification by faith. Only this knowledge will bring peace with God. Justification by faith  must never have been teased out for them so they were in dread and afraid of dying as God manifested in their lives and in their hearts.

“Hope someone said the prayer of salvation with them”

“Nope: They just left them with their God until all issues were settled. Many lay weeping and crying out to God for hours. God Himself must have intervened to reveal that {by His gift of God-Faith } they were declared as righteous before as Christ. . Then peace and joy flooded in". (Rom 5:1)

“That was so cruel: Leaving them alone and worried. In our church nobody is treated like that”

“Not nearly as cruel as convincing the unconverted that they are saved: If ever you experience revival it won’t be just the same old same old: You will never ever ever be the same again: Changed for ever and even generations after you will be blessed"

"Could I ask you a question that has bothered me since you started talking about this Lewis Revival "

"Please do: I'll answer as faithfully and as fully as I can"

My question is this: What exactly is a Revival?"

"My view is that a revival is a special visitation of God's Holy Spirit on an area or on a country. It is entirely of God from start to finish: However in His wisdom and love God invites others alonjgside: Some to pray it in: Others to preach teach or guide. Man of course in his lack of wisdom often credits himself with starting revival and carries the guilt of causing it to cease:There are genuine revivals and fake revivals of course"

"Ok, so what are the marks of a genuine visitation of God?"

"Every genuine visitation has 3 foundational pillars:

 (A) An enhanced and constant awareness of God's love and grace and blessings

 (C) Fear and trembling when faced with God's holiness.

 (B) An awe and reverence before God's majesty and His authority

"So if any of those 3 are missing it's only a small revival?"

"Don't put words in my mouth: If any one of those elements is missing then it is an angel of Satan masquerading as an angel of light and not a revival at all"

"That's a bit harsh! Surely you couldn't be so dogmatic about The Toronto Blessing or The Florida Revivals? Be careful as God says don't judge"

"This is a statement of fact: God's majesty and God's Holiness was blasphemed in those revivals:His Word , which He holds in such high esteem was trampled on as the world was entertained on TV end media: My heart was broken!"

"But is it not dangerous to be so dogmatic and divisive"

"Absolutely not: Only truth will set anyone free: Lies are of the devil and have no lasting power to set free: Wake up teachers and pastors! God is not divided. When He visits He doesn't leave His Grace or His majestic authority or His Holiness behind"

"Wow! didn't know you were so upset about these minor events:"

"Minor?  I saw real genuine believers trotting off to Canada and USA and Temples of the Holy Spirit were robbed and scammed by con artists: No respect for the Majesty of God! No awe before him! No conviction of lives lived in materialism and pride"

"Ok I see now what you mean: I have another question on this issue of revivals: When will the next genuine revival come?

"Let me address that question straight away. But first I want to take you in person to the revival itself and let you hear, first hand , from a man who was coaxed into it By God""

To Be Cocluded In Part 3 

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