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Mars Rover Used Quantum FTL Radio To Fool Engineers and Public! It's All Lies Baby!

I found some very important information today on how the secret space program has used quantum FTL (faster than light) communication radios to hide everything about Mars and other space probes from even the people who work for NASA and supporting contractors!  Quantum radios give people who "run the show" on Earth real time access to all the pictures the rovers take as they take them and they can delete or doctor any image many minutes before those images get here through conventional radio!   This radio delay for communications with Mars is anywhere from a minimum of 4 minutes to a maximum of 24 minutes!  This JPL whistleblower tells how he and a colleague discovered a secret quantum radio on the Spirit Mars Rover!  They found out all images were previewed and either deleted or degraded digitally by people in the Department of Defense (DoD) before they were transmitted back to Earth by regular radio!   Not even the engineers who worked with them were aware of what was going on!   It was total compartmentalization with the poor engineers at JPL thinking they were the king of the hill but in reality they were in their own little Truman Show being led around by the nose by the secret space program who has all the toys they keep for themselves!  What a total joke!  Get this story out everywhere patriots!   It's HUUUUGE as Trump would say!

In 2010 a NASA / JPL engineer told an incredible story linked at the bottom of this story that is a MUST READ.   It's a nerd fest of technology terms and I only understood a portion of what they described but I could not stop reading it!  There's no question this engineer is very knowledgeable about the programming on the Spirit Mars Rover.  This is no LARP that's for sure!  I understood enough to know this incredible story explains so much on how the secret space program has kept all the other engineers who work on these programs completely in the dark to how they hide the truth about Mars and everything else!   It's all hidden in plain site.   They use the time delay of radio communications to literally censor everything in real time before the next communication window when the rover can communicate with its satellite in orbit!  

I know this concept of a quantum radio is reality from something I was told by an inventor about 15 years ago.  I knew a guy who invested in companies and he told me I should talk to this inventor he knew because he had some really wild technology.   So I called the guy up and got my mind blown!  The guy told me he had created many inventions that were not allowed to be brought to market.  One of these inventions he described to me was a quantum cell phone type device.  He said with his special cell phone, you would not need a carrier like AT&T for it to work.  You could call anybody that had one of these phones and there would be no delay at all and it would be impossible to spy on!   This guy told me he had already created this 15 years ago so you know the DoD knew about it probably at least 50 years before that if not more! Whistleblowers have come forward saying we have ships that can get to the center of our Galaxy in 45 minutes now!   They have to be using quantum radio technology to be able to talk to these ships in real time otherwise it would take years and rescues would be impossible because the crew would be dead long before we got a radio signal from them!

Here's some of the highlights of this incredible story when two engineers discovered quantum radio was being used on the Mars Spirit rover to delete and alter images!  You should read the entire thing if you're interested in this sort of thing.

The two engineers were  troubleshooting why the rover stopped following commands and why there was a time gap in the rover logs.  They noticed some software that appeared at first to do nothing.  They thought it might have been for a piece of equipment that never made it on the rover.   Upon digging deeper into it further they noticed that this software was for some type of "radio" that was not on the rover.  Both these engineers were brilliant and they wanted to know where this data was going, who was getting it and what the data contained.   

"He then began to walk those sections of code. Sure enough the code was different, and very oddly so. The code dumped from the rover included function calls referring to a device accessed via the VME interface (similar to a computer’s PCI slot) which Rich did not know about."

"It looked as if this code was executed when the telecom package was instructed to transmit data back to Earth. The raw, experimental data files on flash memory would be passed to this mystery code where they would then be sent to this mystery device."

The engineers determined the data that was being sent through this software was not going through the rover's UHF antenna and find out where the data was being sent to.

If the radio wasn’t using the UHF antenna, then it was most likely using the HGA(Ed. note: high gain antenna) to reach earth directly. This idea had a few powerful arguments in favor of it. The bandwidth possible with the high gain antenna was much less than that via the UHF antenna, and we knew the data being sent was also much less. Also, the dual transmissions could be explained as a safeguard, a redundancy. Packet loss from one transmission (via HGA or UHF) could be filled in with the reduced resolution portions from the second HGA transmission. But then we realized something that perhaps was most compelling from the human point of view. Humans are impatient beings, and sending the second transmission with thumbnails either before or somehow coincident with the primary HGA signal would allow more time for decisions to be made in planning nextersol(sic). But if that was the case, who was receiving those images and experiment data?"

Items in the home directory and the user’s shell history pretty conclusively showed the account was owned by someone in JPL’s Quantum Sciences and Technology Group."

Careful comparison of the "time stamps" of the data indicated serious discrepancies in the time it took to transmit the data, far less time than under normal radio - light speed - communications.

"As I drew the line on my graph out, it crossed at roughly the t=0 mark, meaning that the first bit of data transmitted would have been received very soon after the rover could have begun transmitting, certainly far sooner than the distance from Mars would have allowed. Clearly some piece of data I had was wrong; the time might be wrong, my bandwidth estimate might be wrong, the transmission and reception times I had found might have been wrong, or our reading of the rover’s mystery radio code had been wrong about the simultaneity of transmission. I’d hit a road block, I didn’t have the information or access I needed to do more."

"While I had been working this timestamp data and looking up and reviewing transmission and reception times, Rich had decompiled and analyzed some executables he’d found in the user directory that held the deleted mystery thumbnails. I told him my situation. I was stuck, and I must have made a mistake. He stopped, paused a second or two, turned to me and said, “What do you know about entangled particles?” he asked. “No!” I said, my eyes wide."

"Two particles can have their quantum states entangled such that a change to the quantum state of one creates an instantaneous change in the other. But if conventionally accepted quantum mechanics is to be believed, the word instantaneous in the previous sentence is grossly misleading. While the quantum state is instantaneously transmitted, most in modern physics believe that you cannot actually read the information being passed via the quantum states without decoding it using information which can only be conveyed via another non-instantaneous (light speed limited) channel. It’s a bizarre paradox; the information is instantly there at some remote location, but not instantly interpretable(sic). Conventionally accepted quantum physics would seem to put the kibosh on using quantum teleportation to transmit data faster than light. But what if the conventional thinking was wrong?"

Analysis of the data transmissions revealed terms used in the programming of this software were related to quantum entanglement or instantaneous communication regardless of distance!

I peered over his shoulder and between all the normal context-less random drivel of strings meant for dialogs or common library references were suggestive words like, “quantum”, “entangle”, “superpos”, “qubit”, “superdense”. These were all words that clearly fit within the quantum teleportation lexicon. For example, a qubit is a quantum bit, that is a 0 or 1 stored via a particle’s quantum state rather than on magnetic media or on traditional memory."

The system had been put into place to review, and alter, data transmissions before they could be made and publicly accessed by more conventional means:

"Given what we had realized about the remote deletions, these corruptions must be introduced here on earth, not as the result of transient interference of the signal on their way to Earth. The corruptions must be occurring after the signal was received by the DSN but before it was made generally available to the scientists or the archive. Why would someone be trying to effectively remove data from these images? We stared at the related thumbnails for quite some time without seeing anything absolutely unusual; one did have a mildly interesting rock that was obliterated by the artificially induced blackness, and another had a region of disrupted soil that seemed interesting."

"The issue of who was using this faster than light radio and why were they using it to apparently censor rover images, those were the only questions that seemed truly relevant any more."

The full story linked below goes over what happens when somebody discovered somebody in their building had been messing around with the quantum radio and intercepting the data!   

Source - READ FULL STORY!  It's a mind blower!

A Curiosity of Spirit (FULL DOCUMENT)

The reality is humans have been living on Mars for a very long time.  The Mars rovers are nothing but a hoax to make you think we just got there!  Now we know from this engineer's testimony, it's a sham and not even the NASA engineers know what's going on!   There's somebody at the DoD deleting and altering all the Mars images before they even get here on the slow radio!

Remember when the Mars rovers kept having their solar panels covered in dust but just when they almost went dead, NASA said a "dust devil" came by and cleaned it spotless!  They really think you are so stupid to believe this.   They sent a human to do it!   The video below shows a Mars photo where they got caught red handed!   There was a caller on Art Bell who said he worked at NASA and they shut down their monitors so he went to take a break and looked through a door into another room where he knew they had a second set of monitors of the mission.  He saw a man approaching the rover on Mars!   Of course Youtube has deleted this clip already and it's hard to find good stuff like that now.  Tell everybody we haven't needed rockets to get into space for 100 years now.  They keep all the free energy and antigravity technology a secret to keep us enslaved.

Want more evidence they are hiding evidence of life on Mars by using this trick of quantum radios?  Go to this link below  and look at all the images where things just disappear in images!   How are things being moved around on Mars if it's dead?

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You'll learn about APeX as discussed below!  It's kept the inventor from getting a cold for 16 years and counting!  This will never be on the fake news!

APeX - Anti-Pathogen! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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