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MegaAnon just dropped a nuclear bomb on Alex Jones.  I go over it in the video above.

I've known for a long time Alex Jones was put in his position to make sure we lost the fight by acting as controlled opposition.  He's a limited hangout who sounds really good when you first wake up but I learned the truth about this agent in place from the greatest whistleblower of all time Stew Webb.  Stew saw his evil first hand.   

Here's the post where MegaAnon just tore up Alex Jones!


... and JUST BECAUSE it should be noticed, Alex Jones/InfoWars, just tried to repost THIS LITTLE "EDITED" NUGGET, 29 minutes ago.

Sorry, but "they" DON'T GET TO START WALKING BACK "THEIR" LARP's. I can post about this s*** ALLLLLLLLLL DAY! I can just keep on, keeping on at this point. I hope he reads this one, too! Hi Alex! I see you! Lots of people remember just how far back you and Rush go! Y'all liked 'em young... it's why you sold out when they threatened you with it. I don't forget.

So MegaAnon is basically implying Alex Jones along with Rush Limbaugh are blackmailed pedophiles!   Now I don't know if this is true but what I do know is that MegaAnon has only put out true statements.  I've never seen one time MegaAnon was proven wrong.  What I do know is that Alex Jones has lied repeatedly and acted as a gatekeeper.  I can prove this.  Is blackmail the reason why he lies and puts out key disinformation on command when asked by his puppet masters?   Somebody is controlling him that's for sure!

Does the MegaAnon information Connect the Dots?

Stew was invited on two different shows on Alex Jones' network many years ago.  Both radio show hosts were fired over bringing Stew on the air!  You don't fire radio show hosts for simply interviewing a whistleblower who caused congressional hearings and who is in 4 books unless you are serving as a cover up guy.  Controlled opposition is there to control the alternative media.  It's why Alex Jones originally supported Ted Cruz before being forced to Donald Trump!  The evil ones can't let a real patriot who doesn't censor anything get big so they put one of their controlled assets in place who will never win and will dance to their tune when needed!  Jones proved he had masters when he lied about Stew Webb and fired two radio show hosts for interviewing him.  Stew Webb has put swamp people in jail and caused the Illuminati massive aggravation as well as many millions of dollars!  Jones has put no swamp people in jail or even taken any of them to court.  He has tens of millions of dollars to do massive legal actions against the Illuminati but never does and never will!

Remember when Alex flip flopped on all the patriots regarding Sandy Hook - he said it was a real shooting right before going on Meghan Kelly!   He threw Wolfgang Halbig under the bus!   Remember when he flip flopped on Michael Obama having a penis and said he was just "joking" the next day!   Remember how he never wanted to talk about Israel's role in 9/11?   Remember when Bitcoin first came out and Alex didn't tell his audience to go ahead and buy some of it so they could all be millionaires by now!   He always said he didn't know anything about it!  I say that's a LIE!   He could have literally made every one of his listeners a millionaire with a hundred dollar investment but that is not his goal or the goal of his Zionist masters.   His goal is to keep you on the plantation and away from the truth about his Illuminati Zionist masters like Larry Mizel who Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb exposes!

The goal of Alex Jones is to make a lot of money for himself, put out key disinformation for his masters and keep you on the Alex Jones plantation so you get get all your information from him and Matt Drudge!  Yes, Matt Drudge, the Mossad asset who never talks about Chemtrails, the Federal Reserve, vaccines and links to nothing but evil fake news sites is going to SAVE YOU!   What a joke!  Matt Drudge is a total joke.  If myself or anyone of you controlled the site, we would wake up the entire planet in a week!   But Alex Jones says he will save us along with him!  If you believe that controlled opposition Alex Jones who has been caught lying and censoring again and again then you're a moron.  If you were a real patriot you would be holding Alex Jones accountable and emailing him at and seeing how all your emails get ignored because he's a government operation!

MegaAnon has never put out anything that wasn't later proven as fact.   She has now outed Alex Jones as a big phony who is blackmailed along with super MEGA shill Rush Limbaugh!   If MegaAnon's allegation about about Alex Jones is true then this would explain a lot!  It would explain all the evil Alex has done to patriots like Stew Webb, Leo Wanta and many others.  It would explain his flip flops and his outright and known lies.  Remember when he said Bill Cooper was a pathetic drunk?  Yes, Bill Cooper the patriot who died giving us the truth is a drunk according to Alex Jones!

If you're one of the koolaid drinkers who thinks Alex Jones is going to save us, then I dare you to email him at and ask him why he lied about Leo Wanta!   I GUARANTEE you right now that Alex will run from you.  Watch and see and then email me at   Here's the lie about Leo Wanta.  Leo went to a dungeon and was almost killed because of liars like Alex Jones who covered up for the evil ones who did this to Leo and stole our money!  Is this okay with you?

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