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Most people in our western civilization work for strangers to make money so in turn can buy from strangers the products required for life.

People get their reward and running in the stores and 'super'markets, to spend it again.

Parsifal, February 13, 2011

So are we dependent in many ways on the one hand on the employer and how much he is willing to pay for our performance and on the other hand on the manufacturers, how much their products cost.

A reduction in income and increase in purchase prices has fatal consequences and we are totally dependent, and have no big influence on it.

If you look at it closely, most people are prisoners of this vicious circle from which they mean not to get out.

But that is extra so desired by the system; they want to keep us as slaves who are dependent on them.

Here are some methods you can use to get rid of it.

For many it would be a dream to produce their own food.

They mean but there is a large area of land, and a lot of hard work by machines required to provide oneself.

Only, that's not necessary at all.

There are many garden cultivation methods, taking up little space and are easy, with which one can produce enough for himself and his family.

The advantages are many.

It's less money to be spent, you know the food and how it was grown, it is healthy and free of toxins, you have fun and get to know the nature and can even sell or exchange the surplus and so meet likeminded people to share and obtain new or better ways to increase the income provided by your growing plants :-)

Instead supporting large multinational corporations, you help your place of residence and your money remains local.


The only question is, will you be truly independent and put it into practice, or talk about it and seek only excuses not to do it ?

Do you want to be truly free or continue to run in the rat race ?

Do you want to work for someone else or for yourself ?

Will you stand by the currently held massive inflation of food to be helplessly exposed ?

Will you stand with a potential crisis without food for long ?

Here is a statement to condense it well:

To produce food yourself is the most dangerous thing you can do, because there is a risk to attain your own freedom !

1 Permaculture in the Garden

With this method, you create a habitat, which mutually uses the possibilities of the environment and the ability of animals and plants optimally.

It is sought a natural balance between the earth, the water and the creatures.

Thus, for example, plants that emit nitrogen, which in turn are placed to those which need much fertilizer, in addition stand near to those repel harmful insects.

Everything is an optimal symbiosis.

Sepp Holzer, one of the pioneers of permaculture says 'Observe nature and follow her' and 'you work with nature and not against it'.

Thus one uses nature the intelligent way, even in places where it was unthinkable and by conventional means not possible and it can even produce a surplus.

Farming With Nature Sepp Holzer's Permaculture (Trailer)


In the following video a families garden is shown lying in the middle of the big city of Los Angeles.

They have used every square around their little house to plant fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers, its fruits are all edible.

In addition, even animals such as chickens, ducks and goats are kept.

The family of five can live well, are totally independent and no one goes to work for someone else.

The surplus is sold in the neighborhood, delivered to restaurants and the adult son even produce biodiesel as fuel for the car from used cooking oil.

The garden of the family has become an attraction where neighbors come and pick up tips and school classes attend to learn from it.


Living the Real Simple Life Urban Homestead

Homegrown Revolution - The Urban Homestead - Award winning short film 2009

2 Aquaponics: This method uses a connection between aquaculture and hydroponics to produce food.

Vegetables and herbs are grown without soil in containers that use the waste water from the fish ponds.

The roots of the plants draw nutrients from the soil water and filter it back into a pure state, then enriched with oxygen that goes back into the fish tank.

This system can be as big or small as you want and produce an abundance of food fish and vegetables.

The excess can be sold and thus buy the fish food needed.

It is an ideal method of how a small space, produces in a natural cycle of food outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Backyard Aquaponics Garden gurus


3 Greenhouse

(In Central Europe) we live in a region of the world in which during a large part of the year nothing thrives because of the cold outdoors.

Therefore Greenhouses have long been used to ensure the food supply in winter.

It is a popular way to supplement the above-mentioned methods to extend the growth period or to operate all year round.

You can protect a very small area with protective film (foil) or glass from the outside world, planting a larger area so that remodel or even refashion his conservatory into a usable area for food production.

So the plants are protected from frost, rain, wind and pests.

Ideal for seedlings to give an early start before they are planted.


This is a sample of a DIY Greenhouse construction


An other DIY Greenhouse made of recycled material (and hints)

We see it is not so much area necessary to supply oneself with a great selection of food.

Additionally, you can still acquire many useful skills, such as grinding grain, baking your own bread, canning and preserving the fruits of summer for the cold season and much more.


Then, you always have to put on new clothes or buy new facility ?

What many people throw away may be good and useful.

A visit to the thrift store or second hand is worth it and you will find many great things at a very low price.


Will you continue to participate in this throwaway society, chase after every fashion, follow the advertising what you have to do or should have now, get upset about the price increase, for that work every day and consume, work and consume without getting ahead ?


Will you always worry how to pay the bills, just for cramping ?

Or wants to get rid of it and consciously make your life independent, sustainable and meaningful ?

Now would be the right time of year to start thinking about a plan to self-sufficiency and either to begin now or in the spring.

Book tip

Urban Gardening For Dummies

with Paul Simon, Charlie Nardozzi

A townhouse yard, a balcony, a fire escape, a south-facing window—even a basement apartment can all be suitable locations to grow enough food to save a considerable amount of money and enjoy the freshest, healthiest produce possible.

~ USD 19.-

available @ your local book shop or here

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Comment by Parsifal Rain on August 4, 2013 at 2:52pm

welcome dear Henriette, my pleasure, most of those videos I liked the

'Homegrown Revolution - The Urban Homestead - Award winning short film 2009'
Comment by Henriette Matthijssen on August 4, 2013 at 2:45pm

Great information & video's,  I enjoyed them even if I was aware! Thanks my friend!

Comment by Parsifal Rain on August 4, 2013 at 1:49pm

Aloha Henriette, this was thought to quicken the appetite for independence :-)

Comment by Henriette Matthijssen on August 4, 2013 at 1:23pm

Excellent information for the beginners. Thanks Parsifal for posting.

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