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Military OKs Arrest of Sessions, Mueller! Heneghan

Intel Briefing - Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (8-1-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Tom used one of his sources with Whitehouse sources today to find out some interesting news about President Trump!

Tom Heneghan just reported to me that Donald Trump has been going ape at the white house today!  He's been yelling and screaming today!   He's enraged at the deep state scum Jeff Sessions and Robert Mueller!  Tom says Trump would beat up the little punk Sessions right now!  He KNOWS Sessions is a deep state plant and will never clean this country up!  He got fooled into picking the stooge and now he's tired of their games!  Things are getting serious.  Our country's future is at stake and Trump is tried of the liars and frauds like Sessions and Mueller and he's about to blow it all up!

But the BIG news Tom put out came from French and US Intel sources!  The Provost Marshal has approved  the arrest of Jeff Sessions and Robert Mueller for crimes of capital high treason!  The military is tired of the games!  They've got the NORAD audit showing Bush Scherff stole the 2000 elation, they know 9/11 was an inside job and who was involved.  

Trump wants to arrest Robert Mueller for involvement in covering up 9/11!  Trump knows all about Mueller's crimes and it's why the President got very feisty with his tweets about Mueller and Sessions!   He said Sessions should end the Russian probe NOW!   It's getting really tense between the military who knows their crimes and the deep state scum who run things for now.  I've said it before, there are only two ways to fix things - military tribunals and citizen grand juries!  Both will work just fine!

Robert Mueller is really panicking now because he's just been exposed for trying to give Tony Podesta immunity!  You can't give immunity to somebody who committed high treason!   So Robert Mueller is now involved in obstruction of justice and can be arrested at any time!  That's why Robert Mueller is saying he will agree to "limited questions" with Trump.  Tom believes he's in the box now and wants to get away with his sorry hide!   This MUST not be allowed!  Robert Mueller and all the rest of the deep state MUST be arrested and punished for what they've done to this country.  Bring out all the truth about everything or America dies of the lies.  Everybody already knows their news is fake so it's time Trump put out all the information he has now.  They want to kill or impeach him so he has NOTHING to lose!

Tom also discusses how Jeff Sessions who is a Bush Scherff (Nazi spy) stooge has enabled all these crimes!  Qanon says to "Trust Sessions!".  Only MORONS trust Jeff Sessions to do anything against the deep state now.  Roger Stone reported today there are idiots out there on the internet pushing a "theory" (Qanon) that says there are these secret indictments to put Hillary and Bush in GTMO!   He said these idiots believe Sessions and Mueller are going to drop these indictments!  He laughed big time about it and said it's totally FALSE!  In other words Qanon is FAKE and anybody who pushes it now is either ignorant or a traitor to this Republic!  

Trump doesn't know who Q is because Q is a made up fantasy!   But some idiots out there will think because Trump pointed to a sheeple in a Q shirt that he's working with Q!   It's getting so ridiculous!  There are probably millions of people who bought into the lie once Alex Jones promoted it.  We have to wake them up so they quit doing the will of the deep state of stalling real solutions so they can kill or impeach Trump!  Qanon allows the deep state to run out the clock on Trump!

I've got 100% proof from an insider with QAnon that they made it all up!  I'm asking all patriots to spread this video and post it anytime you see the ignorant or the deep state operatives pushing QAnon instead of real solutions like citizen grand juries with Larry Klamath!  Here's the insider information on Qanon!  Get it out!

QAnon Insider - How We Did it! I'm Sorry!

Expose those in alternative media still making a buck off this proven QAnon Hoax starting today!  The insider tells how QAnaon did EVERYTHING including how they knew what Trump would tweet a minute before he did using a Twitter tool and how they actually hacked a news server to get the breaking stories before they were released!   It's all explained here!  If anybody knows Jordan Sather please show him this article and tell him to use his talents to expose the Secret Space program and real solutions like Citizen Grand Juries!   I like Jordan a lot but he needs to wise up now.  Many people were fooled by Qanon.  Fool me once, shame on you, keep fooling me with Qanon after an insider spills the beans shame on ME!  If we all promote real solutions instead of thinking Alex Jones or QAnon will save us then we can WIN this fight!  Let's do it together patriots!

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