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Mueller, McCabe Stole Money From Russian For Hillary! Heneghan

Intel Briefing - Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (8-11-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb put out some bombshells today also covered by Sorcha.  Fox,CNN and MSNBC all got taken off the air in California where Tom lives!   They were all down for about an hour!   Did the white hats send a message to the fake news?   

The big bombshell was about Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe and Hillary Clinton colluding with a Russian and stealing his money!   He's going to court over it too!  It's all going to come out!

Is this what Sean Hannity keeps talking about when he says "Tick Tock Tick Tock" or what Rudy Giuliani speaks about when he says Robert Mueller's entire case is about to be blown up because they have information on him?   Basically Mueller and McCabe stole $5 million dollars from a Russian that was to be used to rescue an FBI/CIA agent rotting in an Iranian prison!   Hillary colluded with Andrew McCabe and Robert Mueller to steal the $5 million dollars out of a fund setup by Russian Oleg Deripaska who they got to put up $25 million for a rescue operation to get their CIA agent back!  They did this to get around laws against it!

Here's the details also discussed and explained by Tom in the video above.

A shocking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the US Treasury Department has extended the deadline for investors to divest holdings in the sanctioned Russian companies En+, GAZ Group, and Rusal from 5 August to 23 October, all of which are owned by multi-billionaire businessman Oleg Deripaska—and that was personally ordered to be done by President Trump after Deripaska agreed to withhold his filing a lawsuit against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe—both of whom Deripaskaalleges colluded with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to steal $5 million him during a secret operation to return to the United States from Iran the captured CIA operative, and former FBI agent, Robert Levinson.

According to this report, Oleg Deripaska is one of Russia’s richest businessmen through his ownership of the world’s second largest aluminum company Rusal—that is owned by Deripaska’scompany EN+ Group—and some of whose major production facilities operate in Iran

In early 2007, this report notes, Oleg Deripaska began receiving reports from his Rusal facilities in Iran that the Iranian government had begun making large purchases of a type of aluminum used to make centrifuges that process nuclear fuel—and whose blueprint specifications for how the aluminum sheets were to be produced and delivered had been provided by the CIA to Iran in exchange for allowing drugs to flow from Afghanistan—the full plot of which began to be exposed, in 2010, when a Swiss magistrate recommended charging the CIA operatives involved in this plot with trafficking in technology an....

One of the CIA operatives set to be charged by Swiss authorities for nuclear crimes involving Iran, this report says, was an American named Robert Levinson—who was a former FBI agent, but who had “disappeared”, on 9 March 2007, while he was at Iran's Kish Island—and that shortly afterwards saw Deripaska being contacted by his powerful US law firm The Endeavor Group—whose founder, chairman and president Adam Waldman told Deripaska that then FBI Director Robert Mueller needed an “urgent” meeting with him.

Because of a US law called the Antideficiency Act, this report explains, FBI Director Robert Mueller was unable to appropriate any money to free his retired agent Levinson that the CIA had abandoned in Iran—and is why he turned to Oleg Deripaska to privately finance this effort—and whose details of were worked out by FBI Andrew McCabe, with Deripaska’s final cost amounting to over $25 million.

While Oleg Deripaska assembled his rescue team and negotiators to free Levinson from Iran, this report details, FBI Director Mueller granted him a special visa to enter the United States to meet personally with him—with further meetings held between Deripaska and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe in Paris, Vienna and Budapest—and that led to Deripaska reaching an agreement with Iran to release Levinson—but t..., and $5 million going missing from the rescue fund Deripaskahad set up that FBI Director Mueller and FBI Director McCabe had access to—and that Deripaska believes Mueller and McCabe were forced to give to Hillary Clinton in order to keep her from charging them for violating the Antideficiency Act

Knowing that the corrupt Obama-Clinton Regime would be swept from power by President Trump, and in order to get back the $5 million stolen from him by FBI Director Mueller and FBI Deputy Director McCabe, this report continues, Oleg Deripaska enlisted the aid of one of the men he had recruited for his Levinson rescue team—who was a former MI6 operative named Christopher Steele—who lobbied the US Department of Justice to give Deripaska a visa to enter the United States—with Deripaska’s powerful US attorney, Adam Waldman, likewise, doing the....

Not known at the time by Deripaska, however, this report notes, was that MI6 operative Christopher Steele was a main player in a coup plot to bring down Trump being directed by Obama-Clinton Regime officials—and that saw Deripaska directly appeal to President Putin—who granted Deripaska diplomatic immunity so he could enter the United States without a visa or threat of arrest.

Shortly after arriving at his New York City home in September, 2016, under full diplomatic immunity to begin his lawsuits against those who had stolen from him, this report further details, Oleg Deripaska was awakened by two FBI agents led by Deputy Director Andrew McCabe—who had worked with Deripaska on the Hillary Clinton aborted effort to rescue Levinson from Iran—and whose purpose Deputy Director McCabe claimed was to find out how Trump had colluded with Russia—that caused Deripaska to burst out laughing, but when realizing McCabe was serious, had him telling McCabeyou are trying to create something out of nothing.

Tom believes Rudy Giuliani is trying to blackmail the dirty Mueller to back off Trump or they detonate this new information nuke to blow up Mueller and Hillary over REAL collusion with a Russian and stolen money!   The problem with all this is that Rudy is tied up to his neck in treason over the coverup of the 9/11 False Flag by the H.W. Bush Scherff so he can't be trusted either.  It's going to get really crazy out there going into the midterms!  I don't trust Rudy or anybody else involved in covering up 9/11, they are all as crooked as a barrel of snakes.

I know some of you believe in QAnon and that's fine if you want to believe in a fairy tale but ask yourself why QAnon never talks about the Rothschilds, the dual Israeli citizens in our government (this used to be against the law until President Johnson allowed it!), 9/11 being an inside job, the Federal Reserve SCAM, the vaccines, the chemtrails, SERCO, Senior Executive Services, the dirty Vatican, The CFR and so much more!  I actually heard a QAnon video that said, "It's not that socialism or capitalism is bad!"   What a joke.  If Qanon were really patriots they would talk about ALL of the truth and not just a tiny tiny sliver of it!  If QAnon was REAL they would be getting patriots to take action with citizen grand juries and not just saying "Sit back and enjoy the show!" and "Trust SES Jeff Sessions", "Trust the Plan" and other nonsense.   Take action every day patriots by waking up others to ALL the truth, not just the watered down nonsense of Qanon!  

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