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My Small 2 kW Solar System Kept Last Months Bill at MINUS -$14.90

Many people here in the desert are paying upwards of $500 / month to keep their homes at 72F.   I keep my thermostat set around 84, and today there is enough of a breeze that I have all the windows open, it's about 95 outside but inside it's 86.  I'm trying to keep this months usage under 200 kW and the meter gets read tomorrow so I'm hoping to make another 10 kW of power today.  My A/C is OFF. 


The NICEST thing about solar is that it keeps me in the FIRST TIER.  Edison offers tiers and almost ALL of the price hikes are in the 2nd thru 4th tiers.  By staying in the first tier I have avoided about 60% in price hikes over the last 5 years. 

I think next month I'll try to keep the usage in the minus numbers for the 1st week and then use limited A/C as long as the costs stay down.  My summer "shut-off kick back" will kick in this month too so that will save me $200 for the year ... and the power company makes out too since I am becoming accustomed to the heat and as such need the A/C less, so while the A/C is off I am only putting energy INTO the Edison Grid from the solar system.


Many years ago I signed up for a "Tesla Motor" idea that swore the house could run totally on an idea that used the Earth's energy to produce power for the house.  I'm sure the one of which you speak must be similar if not identical.  But the other one never got off the ground.  They felt if they had 6 million subscribers the govt could NOT turn them down but apparently they did or something happened to the people who were promoting the idea.  I heard that GM even stopped their electric car from a decade ago due to pressure from the oil industry. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the guy who is promoting the Water Powered Car.  Exxon and the other Oil Barons should applaud these moves because this will make water all the more difficult to attain and people will have to fill up at Water Stations instead of gas stations, and GUESS who will be running the Water Stations?  You guessed it.  The Oil Industry who already have the retail outlets in place.  They can still serve gas, but also provide water, AND electricity for the electric cars, and still have room for a Fast Food Parlor and who knows, they might even get those super small sleeping units the Japanese use for commuters.  Ours would serve the truckers well.  And with the smaller size would come lower costs so someone could rent a "space" to sleep for $10 maybe.  Motel 6 would be back in business but the rooms would become coffin sized sleeping quarters with TV and radio but the massage for a quarter would have to go since it would disturb the people in the adjacent compartments.

In other words, this country, and the world, have a LONG way to go in their energy saving endeavors.  But if we all do our part when the opportunity arises we can make a BIG difference in a very short time period. 


I have a friend who used to manage a Union 76 station, but had lots of friends from the Jet Propulsion Lab who used to get his mind going.  He recently told me about one of his projects to make a motor with offset magnets that once started, would not need to be stopped except for maintenance in 20 years.  These small motors are big enough to turn a 125W Alternator which can be used to charge battery banks.  He plans on taking his patented motor to the next level so that it can be used to power entire homes.


As the fuel crises looms and prices skyrocket, more and more people are being driven to find alternative methods of transportation.  In India they are testing motors that use "air bursts" to turn a wheel which drives a motor which propels the vehicle. 


So SUPPRESSION does not always breed violence .. sometimes it breeds GENIUS by forcing people to exceed their own expectations.   If the fuel industry is not careful people will take matters into their own hands and start adapting old cars to modern water, electric, or solar motors.  Next will be the homes,  and then the power companies can keep their windmills and high power prices and stick them in the nether regions.  Same for the gas companies.  


Mankind is becoming self reliant for the most part.  Perhaps, instead of building all of these windmills Obama should be selling home power systems at discount prices and use the returning military to install them for everyone.  Our reliance on power will become nil, and we can export the energy to Argentina and South America and anyone else who needs it. 

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Comment by Dartagnon Puissant on July 22, 2011 at 5:18pm

I was just admiring the de-humidifiers yesterday. But the one that generated 4 gallons/day which would be fine for my drinking water and since I only drive once a week I could store up 28 gallons per week.  THAT should keep my truck running fine.


Don't be too sure about the gas stations not carrying water for sale.  Latest news on the Bush family was they are investing in water now.  But once we get over the hiccup of 2012, our water supply should be enormous.  Specially if we get a flood of Biblical size like in Noah's day.


My friend worked on the opposing magnet motor for years before he got it running.  He said that the biggest mistake the engineers make is that they want this small engine to power a car or an entire house.  That is ridiculous!  But when you take one or two of these magnet motors, each pushing a 125W alternator, and connect them to a cars battery supply you get constant charging when you park at work or go to the beach for a weekend picnic, also at night when you are asleep. 

Too late on the patent ... he already has it.  His attorney worked night and day to get the thing to clear.  Last I heard he wanted to set homes up with system that he would install at cost but then he would charge a maintenance fee to go out every two weeks to check the system, clean the battery terminals, etc. 

When I first heard about it I asked if he was going to release it and he was all gung ho about giving it to mankind and upgrading humanity but then one of his closer friends started steering him into make one big enough for homes.  I can't say for sure but at this point with all the money he has invested in it along with YEARS of development, I doubt that he would consider giving it away, but next time I'm up at this place I'll ask.


I have seen a lot of plans on the internet for the same motor.  The plans cost $39.  But from what Dennis tells me, those plans are rough and need to be fine tuned.  His is the ONLY free energy device that I have actually seen work but I sure hope there are others.  You can make one for about $200 and a few trips to the Electric Supply, IF you know how to do it.  His advantage is that he has several friends from JPL and they give him ideas when he gets stuck. 


At first I considered humidity to be a problem since I live in the desert where yesterday's humidity was 3%, and everyone uses swamp coolers to keep things cool but then I figured that you would run the Ecoloblue outside with no problem.  They are predicting a monsoon here on Monday and that day will be MEGA sticky and wet.  Perfect day for the Ecoloblue. 

Comment by Glenn Canady on July 21, 2011 at 8:55pm
Very interesting information and tell your friend to bring out that magnetic motor soon!  We will be testing one next week if all goes well and sharing with our contributing members.  But as to your comment about the oil companies running the water stations that's not going to happen because once we get a free energy device that works, we will generate our own water from the air.  You can generate 6 gallons a day from an Ecoloblue machine that is the size of a water cooler and they have bigger systems that can make 2500 gallons a day.  I don't think we could ever impact the environment much anyway when you look at how much water and ocean evaporates every day on the planet.  Also tell your friend that he shouldn't PATENT the motor because that's where they will stop his butt.  He must not realize that the patent office is full of free energy devices that were classified so they wouldn't see the light of day.  Better to make one run and then release the plans to the world so we can break the back of this nightmare oil system.  Don't be greedy.  Just save the planet!

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