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O'Keefe Drops Truth Bombs On Pedo Bankers!

O'keefe Rages On Jewish Satanic Pedo Banksters!

Ken O'Keefe goes on a rampage on the Jewish Satanic Pedo Banksters in this classic rant!   Lots of truth bombs dropped here by this super patriot who exposes the Jewish elephant in the room that the controlled opposition wants you to ignore!  Never trust anybody who doesn't call out the dozens up dozens of treasonous dual Israeli citizens in our government!   You can't serve two masters.  If you don't identify the Jewish problem you can't fix it!  

Caller Calls Out Jewish Elephant in the Room!

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Comment by Randolph S Mason on July 17, 2017 at 9:10pm

I do not have any idea what to do in this life anymore. I can not work, can not keep up with the cost of living, it has become pretty pathetic. I just do not have any purpose in life, no goal, no future. So I will ponder this for a while, perhaps this evil world will be destroyed soon, that would end all of the misery we now live in.

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