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See why everybody needs  APeX - Anti Pathogen Extreme, Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial , Humic at and Bioavailable Copper at  Use Coupon Code: glenn for 10% discount.  Also get more info on 100% absorption of vitamins and minerals at Email me at   Back in 2005, a patriot leaked this shocking video footage from the Pentagon.   When the footage is shown in the video you'll see a presenter at the Pentagon talking about the VMAT-2 gene (God Gene) which controls the ability of a person to believe in God.  They then propose their solution which they were already testing at the time.  They hypothesize that if they turn off the God gene it will be great because then they won't have religious fundamentalists blowing up themselves so it will be easier for our military.  When somebody in the audience asks how they would do it, he says they've already been testing with a special flu or rhino virus to turn off the gene!  They plan on vaccinating people to give them the virus or spraying from the air or dumping it into water supplies.  Here's a link to a report on how things were going with Project Fun Vax.  Remember this was over 10 years ago so it's probably already being sprayed in the chemtrails for all we know!

"According to the FunVax report above, the fundamentalist vaccine is prepared using "a viral vector that will inhibit/decrease the expression of VMAT2 within a human population. The VMAT2 gene, also referred to as the "God gene," has received wide coverage in the media. It is the gene which has been shown to have the most relationship to spirituality. Time magazine featured the God gene story on it's front cover on Oct. 25, 2004. For the fascinating article on VMAT2 in that issue of Time, titled, "Religion: Is God in Our Genes?", click here.

So the Pentagon has found a way to decrease religious fervor using an airborne vaccine. What are the ethical implications of this? Do we really want to get involved in manipulating people's genes, especially when those subjected to this are not being informed? Do we really want to decrease spirituality in unknowing citizens through a vaccine? And why isn't this disturbing news being reported and debated in the major media?

The Pentagon report states that tests have been conducted on six different methods of dispersing the virus: "high altitude release, water supply release, insect transmission, diffusion by a ground level object such as a car, diffusion from a stationary object such as a bottle and infection of food supply such as cattle or produce." You have to wonder where these tests were conducted and on whom. The minutes of the report also mention discussion of a "proposal for a suicide gene."


In the report I've linked in this article, it states that if they completely knock out the VMAT2 in mice or monkeys the subjects die!   It seems you can't live without the God gene!  Since God gives us free will and we now know thoughts can actually change our DNA, it seems people can turn off or on this gene on their own and by their own thoughts and actions.  I know when I was in my young and rebellious phase, I couldn't stand to listen to Christian music but now I crave it.  As I came closer to God I believe this God gene in me must have changed.    You'll see something amazing in this video when they show FMRI's of people who believe in God and who don't believe in God.  In the FMRI's of the people who don't believe in God an area of their brain lights up associated with disgust when they are read things about God.   

The bottom line is whoever this presenter works for doesn't want you to believe in God and as you'll see in the report they plan on dosing you with viruses to reduce or eliminate your belief in God.   I don't think it will work on a true believer.  I know God gives us all free will and this virus would take this away so I don't think would work on anybody in reality.  Or maybe it might work but they could still be saved and cured of this issue in the future before they died.  God gives us all the ability to make our own choice to believe in him or not.  God is not going to allow some psychopaths to take away this ability for us to choose ourselves.   But now that you know just how evil people are it's just one more reason to never get a vaccine and always take care of your immune system so it fights all viruses on it's own!  Here's some interesting sections of the report below.  

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