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Robert Steele: Las Vegas False Flag a Hybrid (Innocent Drill, Rogue Mass Murder Unit)? Who Dun It? UPDATE 14

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I have no direct knowledge. I do, however, have some understanding of false flag operations, media influence operations, covert operations, and high-level political and financial crime networks. Las Vegas appears to be a classic false flag operation with both financial  and political aspects.

UPDATE 14: Paddock a major child trafficker between Philippines and US?; President Trump possibly being ready to purge CIA and FBI? Despite coroner’s public listing of 58 dead some are saying hospitals report no gunshot victims at all.

UPDATE 13: MGM Insiders sold $297M in shares prior to Las Vegas massacre; FBI “owns” the investigation, massive national cyber-disinformation campaign underway; Trump might be on verge of counter-coup.

UPDATE 12: Selected citizen commentaries are increasing in substantive value, and running against the government narrative; global Masonry highlighted today; intersection of Russia, Israel, and intermingled Russian mafia surfaces; Robert Steele publishes preliminary overview.

UPDATE 11: A wild blend of fact and fiction continues to emerge. Zio-Cons remain a top candidate for culpability; Russian Mafia and CIA in the mix; USG narrative continues to lack credibility.

UPDATE 10: We must BOTH honor those in death and suffering AND question the lame official narrative. Adds the best MSM attack on the alternative media to make this point. This was a “hybrid” false flag.

UPDATE 9: CommonSenseShow on JFK Assassination False Information Analogies; InfoWars on Multiple Shooters; adds books on JFK and MLK assassinations documenting USG complicity, KINDLE on False Flags as Tool of Deep State.

UPDATE 8: There is now a sufficiency of evidence to suggest that this was BOTH a “drill” with paid crisis actors unwitting of a planned actual shooting, AND the presence of multiple shooters using an M-60 machine gun and hollow point bullets to cause maximum effect. People did die and people were mangled. The two are not necessarily related — a rogue element with advance knowledge of the drill could have decided to superimpose a massacre on the drill. There is also an explanation for Paddock as the patsy thinking he was doing an arms sting with ISIS, only to be executed as part of the cover story. What is not visible yet is a legitimate investigation in the public interest. The existing narrative is false. We pray that  President Donald Trump will threat this event as his opportunity to bury the Deep State and prevent this pattern of false flags from continuing.

UPDATE 7: Second kill zone photograph added to UPDATE 1 — still no blood pools.

UPDATE 6: James Fetzer audio — Israel at war with US, punishing Trump; Gordon Duff on Google as the new dirty tricks agency; and Anonymous on “The Bundy – Santilli Trial Connection — Demonizing White Republican Rancher Demographic  While Culling the Country Music Redneck Herd.” Adds new Jon Rappoport piece in his existing section.

UPDATE 5: Robert Steele explains why 1% prefer to fake deaths when possible, waves bullshit flag on two-party tyranny trying to push gun control, while reiterating the Zionist financial bonanza from Las Vegas.

UPDATE 4: If there are bodies, adds occult harvesting of adrenalized blood, adds new sources. Certainly a false flag, FBI/local law enforcement complicit. FEMA drill ongoing.

UPDATE 3: Adds video of Robert Steele on Las Vegas, and a Las Vegas perspective on “scrubbing” death scenes as well as a new video that clearly depicts via audio belt-fed machine guns and two shooters — no evidence they were firing real bullets into real people. Adds  useful comment on fakery by self-described former police watch commander.

UPDATE 2: Adds memorable TinyURL for this post LasVegasFalseFlag ; add comment and photo: still no evidence of bodies, adds epic false flag reference links and core graphics.

UPDATE 1: Adds crime scene photo showing ZERO blood — not a drop. Adds three pieces from Jon Rappoport.

Original Post

I salute Jordan Sather for highlighting GS4 SuperBowl connection — that could be the next big one if the FBI does not do its job.

Below is a Deep Web conversation that took place on 10 September warning of the Las Vegas event, its financial and political purpose, naming Sheldon Adelson and Michael Chertoff, two well-known Zionist sayanim, as core conspirators. And some other videos and related links that suggest the lesson from 9/11, orchestrated by Zionist co-conspirator Dick Cheney, is that the public is truly stupid, the media is easily controllable, and the elements of government that are supposed to determine truth in the public interest can be made complicit.

Deep Web Early Warning

Best Texts So Far

What are the odds Las Vegas shooting was a false flag? UPDATED

Five things that just don’t add up about the Las Vegas mass shooting

Best Videos So Far

UPDATE 1: These two photographs are in my opinion conclusive evidence that this entire event was staged.  There is not a single blood pool to be seen. While it is hard to believe that blood pools were not planned for, in my experience this is how patriotic law enforcement professionals passively help the public see that this was a false flag event. This may be the last one that is strictly theater. There is every reason to believe that the next one will be more carefully developed and include hundreds of real people killed by real bombs. I pray that the FBI will stand up and tell the truth on this one, starting with a publicly posted diagram of the forensics for every bullet striking the kill zone — or a public declaration that this is outright treasonous theatrics.



Jon Rappoport No More Fake News [Update 12]

Vegas shooting: real vs. fake

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Multiple shooters: not the first time

Multiple shooters in Vegas: the standard progression in staged attacks

False flag in Vegas?

More than one Vegas shooter, the evidence builds

Las Vegas mass shooting: more than one shooter?

Questions swirl in the Las Vegas mass shooting

UPDATE 2: Memorable TinyURL LasVegasFalseFlag or comes back to this post. There is still absolutely no evidence anyone was killed or injured. Within an hour or two of the incident all live people would be out of the kill zone and there would a photo such as the one below showing all the bodies in place with pools of blood in the case of a mass shooting, as the forensics begin. This is not only theater it is very bad theater. The Deep State is quite certain the 99% are stupid and not ready to listen to those of us that care deeply about restoring the Constitution. I personally think the Deep State is overplaying its hand. Between the treasonous bill listing all the Members of Congress who are Israel ..., and this apparent connivance between Sheldon Adelson and Michael Chertoff, two well-known Zionist sayanim, with the clear support of the US Government, I do believe the Zio-Cons are on the way down and out. It could get ugly but We will prevail. #UNRIG.



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Comment on above video:

Leo Dei

I wasn’t there…but I was a watch commander in the murder capital of Florida and got see a LOT of shot up people. The video I just watched on Liveleak of on scene triage reeked of fake. It was like watching coached people saying strange things over made up people. It was just weird. If it was real, is was real weird. Nothing like my very real experiences. Another 2c for what it’s worth. If you listen to the gunfire, the cadence sounds like a belt fed M240b or similar MG…also once the round count in a string goes over 30, you almost certainly know you’re on the wrong end of a belt fed machine gun…there are mags that contain over 30 rounds but they’re expensive and scarce. Just saying this bc the MSM is saying he used a bump fire stock…which can simulate full auto, but you couldn’t hit crap with it or keep it running at a steady cadence like the audio suggests…the shooter was a few hundred yards away. This is all beginning to smell bad.

From a former News Director and Anchor in Las Vegas

I knew most of the big hotel PR Directors, etc, etc. The town will not tolerate BAD NEWS because it’s life blood (speaking of blood) is happy escapist Tourism.

I saw many stories suppressed.  The concert venue was shut down, cordoned off and secured immediately.  Press, cooperative and otherwise would be kept away. The media knows not to post blood and gore.  BAD FOR BUSINESS. As soon as the bodies and wounded were removed and the cops took all their video and photos, they would hyper wash and clean the concrete and grass so you couldn’t tell anything had happened except for some bullet chunks in the concrete.

It’s ALL about BUSINESS in Vegas.  Easy to control the venue and keep peopleaway for a day to clean house.

The single most important video to watch so far is probably this one. Watch to the end.   It opens with INSTANT proof of multiple shooters.You can CLEARLY hear the M60 and then RIGHT OVERHEAD you will hear an assault rifle.   HUGE different as you know.

ROBERT STEELE: I believe the above video to be completely faked. It was an audio script ably delivered while avoiding showing any of the faces.  And if it was a “real” massacre then under the above logic, the mainstream media would avoid the story. The fact that the mainstream media was all over this not asking serious questions and treating crisis actors with scripts as if they were real reinforces my view that this was a false flag attack intended to be put before every single voter.  Gun control, more spending for Zionist firms to install gun control devices, more spending for the militarization of our police and the spread of the Transportation Security Agency (“we love to touch your balls”) — this is all a nightmare, another stake in the heart of America the Beautiful. Deep State and Israel First, anyone? #UNRIG.


ROBERT STEELE: This is a most interesting film for two reasons: the repeated phrase, “no entry or exit wounds, I cannot treat,” [the real reason the Youtube has been taken down] and the steady close up aspect never showing the full field. I am still dubious.  However, there is also an occult blood harvesting aspect to this given that if there were a real massacre, all of the dead would have been terrorized and their blood adrenalized, ripe for harvesting by a special FEMA team (a FEMA drill was ongoing the entire time).

Below from a lovely young person with an extraordinary background:

I was in the occult so this is very uncomfortable for me to talk about but it needs to be exposed for what it was… here it goes.

This is a CLASSIC FALSE FLAG. This was ABSOLUTELY a ritual sacrifice, YES people died & adrenalized blood is the Key to such sacrifices, but you MUST REMEMBER as well that the outpouring of blood donations to the ‘Red Cross’ is just as much a part of the sacrifice as those who DIED & were injured & THAT blood too is highly adrenalized & perfect for Ritual Magik. This is a Harvest of BOTH Energy & Blood & it will be ongoing for quite some time.

Some information on MK Ultra & programmed assassins included below & I’d also like to urge you to look into Russ Dizdar’s work on the Black Awakening & Satanic Supersoldier programs, link to his page also below.

“Anything and everything within society that can be manipulated through mind-control and social programming to cultivate and reap negative loosh/energy – even in cheerful, mundane day-to-day experience, as well as ordinary unhappy life of course – and especially, to harvest it in the premium form of blood and flesh via the terror of ritual sacrifice (human and animal), is, and has been, acutely exploited through the centuries and millennia. Ancient truths, which are the heritage of our pagan, folk knowledge, have been suppressed by exoteric religion but live on as esoteric knowledge, insinuating themselves into our subconscious collective experience intuitively, and developing externally into our cultural traditions … but also twisting into the utility of the left-hand path via occult magic. Therefore, this Earth plane being a dualistic realm, the dark lives alongside the bright, though usually covertly.”

MK Ultra documents

Index of CIA Mind Control Documents

ROBERT STEELE: To sum up, either there was no real massacre, or if there was, Las Vegas scrubbed it up quick time and the Satanic elite are very happy campers. If appears quite certain that the patsy did not do the shooting, and probably does not even have gunpowder residue on their hands. If there were multiple shooters, they did not need to be mind-controlled, there are plenty of private military contractors all too eager to make a buck killing US citizens without conscience — but mind-control could be valued for wiping their memories of who actually put them up to it. The failure of the FBI and local law enforcement to  tell the truth here is palpable. We simply cannot rely on our government to tell us the truth about anything. I do not agree with everything State of the Nation puts forward but find the various lines of thinking there — including the NFL and Catalonia aspects, most helpful.

Additional links for Update 4:

Michael Savage Interviews Paddock Neighbor – “It does not add up…”

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State of the Nation: PROOF OF MULTIPLE SHOOTERS: Riveting Audio Det...

ROBERT STEELE: There is a very simply reason why the 1% and their Deep State minions prefer crisis actors and bribed families pretending to have lost someone: if they actually did massacre a significant number of people the chances of deep persistent challenging of the official narrative grows exponentially.  As for Congress pressing forward on gun laws, this is absolute bullshit. This was a false flag, completely staged as part of a FEMA drill that has been on-going, and if anyone other than Paddock (it may not even be Paddock and his hands will certainly test negative for gunpowder residue) die, it was at the hands of Private Military Contractors (PMC), perhaps even employees of GS4. Congress is owned by the Zionists — for a list of the Senators and Representatives who place Israel First and will do whatever AIPAC tells them to do, see the below link. This is about taking the guns away from decent citizens in violation of the Second Amendment, and it is about helping Adelson and Chertoff make more billions out of an inflated Department of Homeland Security that pushes intrusive technology and the Transportation Security Agency into every neighborhood. We should all make it clear to every Member that any action on gun control or the below Israel First legislation will end their careers.

#UNRIG: Roster of Senators and Representatives Who Place Israel Fir...

The time has come to end Zionist influence over Congress and the White House.  The time has also come to take #UNRIG international.  In addition to my tour planned for December (across North), January (Southwest), February (Southeast), and March (Northeast), I am now welcoming international volunteers. In my view, we should all be working together to force the issue of election reform (new graphic below) and to elect Independent Populists — 50 to the House — one from each state — and 10 to the Senate. That will be the swing vote.Learn more at  #UNRIG.


Dr. James Fetzer, perhaps the foremost discussant of false flag events, whose written works are essential reading for those who wish to understand the use of false flags as a tool of the Deep State, has provided at the link below a completely extemporaneous audio discussion of Las Vegas as an Israeli declaration of war on the USA, specifically punishing President Donald Trump for not dismantling Syria and thus blocking the Greater Israel Project (including Dick Cheney’s grip on the oil under the Golan Heights). Start at 40 in the 2nd hour, end after 5 in the 3rd hour.

Gordon Duff speculates on Google as the new (Zionist-controlled) dirty tricks agency, smuggling everythere everwhere with help if Zionists controlled most airport security and communications systems.

Breaking/Exclusive: Vegas, a Staged “AI” Op?

Anonymous connects Las Vegas to two demographics, one trial, and the end of investigative journalism.

Have you read Paul Williams’ book on “Operation Gladio?” It’s a very well researched and cited work about the terror cells that U.S. deep state agencies set up in western Europe at the end of WW2 – that operated like secret societies. At first, they ostensibly existed to ward off the spread of communism, but as time progressed they became corrupted – due to their power and lack of oversight – and they began serving as death squads to advance the interests of Oligarchs and themselves. As the 70s were rolling in they were bombing civilians, and blaming whatever group was threatening their self-interests at the time – be it labor unions or social reformers.

The assasination of JFK was a gladio style operation on American soil, as was the recent shooting in Vegas. The shooting had very practical aims, namely to demonize the rural Republican demographic in Nevada, a fortnight before the Bundy Ranch / Santilli trial. 

Think about it. An individual that matches the demographics of all the defendants was blamed as the shooter, and the victims match the demographics of those that have been most ardently supporting the defendants, and staging many courthouse protests. So not only does it villify the defendants, but it splinters the supporter base, and taints the jury pool by turning the court of public opinion against them. Public opinion that was heavily in their favor a few days ago, as any search engine query will show.

What is the background on the Bundy trial? A group of ranchers were protesting the termination of their ancestral grazing rights on public land, after the Obama regime decided to forcibly remove and confiscate their cattle. Guns were drawn, but no shots were fired and no one was injured. The initial reason stated for needing to end their cattle grazing was a questionable need to do a spurious environmental study on a turtle, but the excuse has now changed to there having been plans to build a solar farm.

What is the real reason that the deep state, and their manufactured goods like Obama (he fooled me in 2008…), cared about the land? The federal government controls large swathes of land in the west. I’m typing this on my phone, somewhat hunkered down, so I can’t easily add footnotes, but I believe it’s something like 50%. This land is there to be preserved and used for the benefit of the people. However, with the re-emergence of a wartime sized military industrial complex a.k.a. deep state after 9/11, the power taken by criminal elements within these factions has corrupted them (the majority of the institutions consist of admirable and good rank-and-file members that love America and just take orders). As a result, they want more and more power and control. They want to be gods and engineer society to their liking, as all tryannical cliques that rule by fear end up doing. Among many other things, they want to jealously guard all this federal land in the west for their use, not for the people’s. Especially not for the use by a demographic like rural ranchers that believe in the rule of law, liberty, and the authority of a higher power above that of these self-proclaimed “American Gods.” More like Emporer Commodus I say..

Furthermore, since the aftermath of WW2, Nevada has been the location of the most secretive bases the deep state has – massive complexes that have tested and developed some of the most advanced military science the Cold War brought us (most of which still remains classified to this day through clever disinformation tactics, and I’m not talking aliens). The ruling cabal in the deep state wants to expand on these complexes, and establish wider buffer zones to keep away prying eyes. In summary, it’s about setting a precedent for absolute federal use of western lands, and in Nevada specifically, expanding and obscuring their military industrial complex infrastructure. 

Finally, and I will disucuss this at the end, the trial is about neutralizing and delegitimizing embedded journalist Pete Santilli – I cannot stress how important this is to the corrupt elements in the deep state. What’s being done to him is similar to what was done to Mark Lane, after he exposed the JFK coverup, and was lured with a very large sum to represent Jim Jones before the deep-state backed depopulation study created the Jonestown mass suicide; or what was done to John DeCamp after he exposed high level pedophile rings (and the illegal continuation of MK-Ultra), and was lured into representing militia groups in the 90s before the tragic OKC federal building bombing villified them.

Arrest and trials. The Bundy standoff took place in 2014, but the arrests did not occur until about 2 years later in 2016. In the interim, the Bundys went to a similar land rights protest in Oregon (Malheur) in 2015, where they were arrested along with many others, including new media journalist Pete Santilli. The majority of the defendants were aquitted, or had the charges dropped against them, such as embedded reporter Mr. Santilli (a Marine corp veteran, that even had the support of the ACLU). However, while the Oregon charges were being dropped or defeated, the federal court in Nevada pressed charges for the 2014 protest, that included many of the individuals who were victorious in Oregon, such as the Bundys and Pete Santilli.

The Nevada court decided to try the 20 some-odd defendants in three tiers based on the seriousness of the accussations lodged against them. The first group of mid-level defendants were tried in the Spring of 2017 and approximately 4 out of 6 were acquitted (with some charges leading to mistrial) and the other 2 had mistrials on most charges. The individuals with mistrials had a second trial in the Summer of 2017 which led to more mistrials. So once again, the vast majority of the defendants went free.

The tier 1 trial of the Bundy ranchers, and embedded reporter Pete Santilli (who is being tried against all 1st ammendment rights as a co-conspirator – a troubling precedent for new media journalists) is set to begin in mid-October 2017. Public opinion, western newspapers, the Oregon judges, the new outlook under Trump, and the Nevada juries were all favoring the defendants. Then the terrible Mandalay Bay shootings happened, which were claimed to be carried out by a man of a similar demographic to the defendants, against country music concert goers in front of the Luxor pyramid.

Who was the purported shooter Stephen Paddock? A retiree, a succesful real estate investor, a grandfather, a hunter and fisherman, pilot, and a former federal employee even. He had no motive to slaughter dozens – and dozens of his own demographic at that. He had no expressions of radicalism, racism, or complaints of remotely applied MK-Ultra mind/behavioral control conditioning like many mass shooters that come out of the “electromagnetic psycho-pharmaceutical” gulag as Professor  Darrel Hamamoto terms the mass subversive conditioning of the public and youth. He seemed to be quite normal, except for one minor point of note. Much of the press snuck in a reference to his employment at a Lockheed Martin acquired company. What was that company? Morton-Thiokol, Inc (Thiokol).

Why is Thiokol significant? They are a defense contractor, and notably, they were the defense contractor that produced the faulty O-Ring that investigators blamed for the Challenger explosion in 1986. Stephen Paddock was employed at Thiokol during this period – not quite Lockheed. This was the era of the bottomless SDI “Starwars” budgets that produced no publicly displayed outcomes, and which whistleblowers claimed were being diverted. This was the era of Projects Stargate and Grillflame, that had the cover story of being decades long psychic mind reading projects, but the FOIA documents reveal them to be the testing and development of electromagnetic weapons that can track, read, and manipulate the bioelectric signals of humans. This was the era of the space shuttle rising to prominence in deploying massive amounts of still classified military satellites. This was an era in which the the untainted folks at NASA shown brightly after Vietnam. This was a recipe for discomfort among deep state tyrants and oligarchs, who despise great people and organizations due to their uncompromised state which gives them the ability to display integrity and speak out against injustice. Just as heroes like Pat Tillman and Chris Kyle had to go, the heroes at NASA had to be scared, because they were putting the pieces together of the era, from Stargate to SDI, to the massive number of domestically geosychronous spy satellites, and starting to realize that a massive surveillance grid was going up to track and target the biological sytems of all humans – a terrible Orwellian nightmare that goes unexposed to this day, and has only worsened due to the miniaturization of these weapons brought about by the microelectronics revolution. A tracking and weapons system, paid for by the US taxpayer, that is now so ubiquitous that the wireless sensor networks in place, that can target our bioelectric signals (just as sophisticated as those that manage industrial control systems, or the hundreds of millions of mobile devices) gives the illusion that we live in a simulation, and enables the unthinkable. But it is very real and has it’s remote and omnipresent roots in the massive “Igloo White” program of Vietnam.

The British intelligence allies of the US deep state chose to murder many of their SDI researchers who were grumbling and outraged, in the string of 20+ Marconi murders of the 1980s, to silence the living by using one form of the psychology of control. In the U.S., the Challenger was blown up to put the fear of God about talking into the hearts and minds of the living employees. (It had been a while since the symbollically significant Apollo unlucky number 13 had been sabotaged in the Corona satellite era, to give credence to the bogus numerological mysticism of masonic symbolism, but more importantly to communicate hidden messages in plain site – a crucial need of secretive cliques.)

Thiokol, then Mr. Paddock’s employer, took the blame. One can only imagine the rumors going around about unusual procedures, or common procedures that were ignored, that led to the creation of the part that caused the Challenger tragedy when the shuttle program was already mature. While many methods are used, and cruel examples are made, to ensure the silence of those workers in the know – to preserve the rule by secrecy – they are still monitored routinely to make sure they are not speaking. Sometimes they or their families are arbitrarily attacked to brutally traumatize the others every now and then (let’s not even venture in the sadistic and arbitrary murder rituals – we’re dealing with warped and immoral pragmatism). The hyped journal of the deceased 1990s runaway that was publicized in the best seller “Into the Wild,” was written by the son of an SDI satellite scientist…This was the period in which Stephen Paddock was employed at Thiokol, and his continued surveillance was certain. See the horror film “House” for a thematic representation of this.

Paddock left the company a few years later and built a succesful upper middle class life. The mainstream media screams that this man with private planes and sporting licenses in Alaska bought “several guns” in the last year, by “several” they meant two hunting rifles and a pistol. They decry this multi-millionaire Nevada retiree as a “degenerate gambler” because like many succesful people in the area he would get $10,000 in chips to wager, because he could afford it and that’s what keeps the beloved casino hosts happy that give out all the perks and and special treats to good customers. He’s even blamed for the “sins of the father” due to the fact that his deceased parent robbed a bank some decades ago without injuries. So what happened in Vegas? Informed speculation and historical precedent make it pretty clear.

On September 28, 2017, Mr. Paddock – by himself – checked into a suite at the Mandalay bay, likely at the invitation of a casino host with the temptation of having the suite “comped” – thus saving him the two hour drive every day to Vegas. He then proceeds to gamble, as older Nevada retirees are liable to do. Things are going normally except for the fact that three days later, on Sunday October 1st, the crowds are a little larger than usual. There’s a country music concert scheduled nearby, and a Judge back in July 2017 scheduled that date to be the day the notorious O.J. Simpson would be released on parole in Nevada, so there were some national media crews staying in the area. Unbeknownst to Mr. Paddock, the Deep state had checked in as well. A crew of “reporters” that needed to store their big boxes of camera gear in their 32nd floor room had checked in that afternoon. These black-operatives were preceeded and succeded by other corrupt deep state parties, for prior and subsequent sureveilance (remote and physical), and to prepare for all contingencies.

On the evening of Sunday, October 1st, Mr. Paddock likely retired to his 32nd floor room, by himself certainly, to freshen up for dinner and a second round of gaming. Unfortunately, he was met at the end of the hall, away from hotel elevator cameras, by two “reporters” leaving their neighboring room at a synchronized cue. Mr. Paddock was then forced by these corrupted deep state black operatives into his room, and bound and held for assasination closer to the shooting time. The deep state thugs then proceeded to move the weapons, formerly disguised in camera equipment trunks, into Stephen Paddock’s room while lookouts gave them the clear. The weapons included some owned by Mr. Paddock that were easily taken from his home that was 2 hours away from the Mandalay Bay, that he had vacated for 3 days. It was an easy thing to time with this man who had already been under intermittent deep state surveillanve since his Thiokol days – a simple task to find the manpower for when you have 5 million with security clearances in the U.S. (and I repeat, most are good and admirable people just following orders without knowing the bigger picture. However, when you have such a large number with nearly bottomless budgets and virtually no oversight, a small percentage can be corrupted by secretive cliques that results in an cabal of 100,000s).

Once the conference gets going and the main act,  headliner Jason Aldean, gets into his set, the windows are smashed out of Stephen Paddock’s room by these deep state assasins and a slaughter with many practical goals ensues. Many lookouts using sophisticated surveillance tools, ensure they can slip out. The corpse of Mr. Paddock is even manipulated to get gunpowder on the hands and resemble a suicide, before they vacate and the local police enter. 

It is a terrible tragedy in and of itself, and it makes a researcher like me hesitate to even talk about the Bundy’s, or the incarcerated new media reporter, Pete Santilli (who’s confinement drew me to the case) in such a time of mourning. However, they should not suffer a lack of justice due to this terrible massacre, and public opinion should not stray from the facts and the findings of western papers like the New Mexico Political Report:

As mentioned, Pete Santilli is what drew me to the case. It sets a terrible precedent to start locking up journalists of any political persuasion, but more notably, Pete was the only journalist with a sizeable following, willing to expose the targeting, torture, and Soviet style purging of hundreds of thousands of Americans with the weapons from the SDI era, the same weapons used on the state department employees in Cuba. These are the bottom of the rabbit hole, the root cause of all the Deep State plagues, and create the ability to corrupt and commit violence anonymously and covertly – with no accountability – as long as secrecy is maintained. This secrecy is maintained because of the intentionally engineered scientific ignorance of the masses, use of clever disinformation, and what our president calls the most corrupt media imaginable.

Mr. Santilli was not afraid to report on this silent holocaust, shrouded in so much juvenile scorn and misunderstanding, and for that he was hounded by the deep state cabal that runs America like tyrannts. Various law enforcement officials have persecuted him for years, with ALL cases being dismissed as spurious by judges. Until Nevada, where he remains held without bail for nearly two years while he awaits his trial in about a week for his media coverage of the Bundy protest. Pete had over 23 million views on his YouTube news channel, before this statistic of his journalistic credentials was reported at the beginning of the year, and his account was deleted by Google while he was being held without bail. Even the 1st ammendment support of the ACLU hasn’t helped this crusading journalist that dared expose the technology behind the deep state’s all seeing eye (and sword) in the 21st century.

We are left with a terrible massacre that defames the demographic of Mr. Santilli and the Bundy ranchers; that splinters it’s supporter base; that shocks the community; that taints the upcoming jury selection pool; and that reeks of masonic symbolism. The chosen location in front of the all-seeing pyramid symbol of the Luxor. The chosen 32nd floor, a number that represents the highest rank in many branches of freemasonry (the secret society/agency that transmogrophied into the various deep state agencies, primarily after the JFK murder – a masonic King Kill ritual at the height of their numerical peak in the U.S.); the number given to the highway which runs in front of the NSA; the number given to the military court martial code; the number given to the exit for the new George Bush tollroad in Texas; and countless other incredible examples that could be provided.

The scene ultimately plays into the psychology of control and communicates, with hidden meaning and plausible deniability, to all officials, journalists, editors, and law enforcement members that have become wise to the signs of this deep state tyranny – because they have been corrupted by it or tortured into fear – that this is a sanctioned assasination and should not be investigated very thoroughly, or second-guessed. Furthermore, it strikes fear, and creates irrational obedience to this cabal, in the minds of the general public. What these poor people don’t realize is that by not uniting and legally speaking out against psychopaths, that they are just ensuring their increased weakness in the future – irrationally assuming that people who would do such deeds would be honorable with, or show gratitude to, those that remained silent. In fact, the deep state’s modus operandi shows that their helpers are purged once they can no longer help.

This tyranny can be peacefully and legally exposed, and the perpetrators can be brought to justice, but it will require strength in numbers through unity. We have the democratic majority on our side – the vast overwhelming majority at that – along with the force of law through the constitution; God; and truth. Similar atrocities have been overcome in the past: from women’s suffrage to civil rights; from asbestos to MK-Ultra (with the hearings of Senator Frank Church). We are up against military science that is the fruition of Eisenhower’s warning, and dirty little tricks and deception tactics that have been practiced for decades, but all this can be overcome by unity and simply being given a platform to prove the science. Congress is there to launch these types of investigations, and we must steadfastly push for this and not get caught up in the talking points of the week put forth by the gummy-bear corporate media to serve as a smoke-screen, and means of fracturing the people.

Phi Beta Iota: Congress is  corrupt.  We need a committee of the whole confronting every member of Congress on their home ground. #UNRIG.

UPDATE 8: There is now a sufficiency of evidence to suggest that this was BOTH a “drill” with paid crisis actors unwitting of a planned actual shooting, AND the presence of multiple shooters using hollow point bullets to cause maximum effect. People did die and people were mangled. The two are not necessarily related — a rogue element with advance knowledge of the drill could have decided to superimpose a massacre on the drill. There is also an explanation for Paddock as the patsy thinking he was doing an arms sting with ISIS, only to be executed as part of the cover story. What is not visible yet is a legitimate investigation in the public interest. The existing narrative is false. We pray that  President Donald Trump will threat this event as his opportunity to bury the Deep State and prevent this pattern of false flags from continuing.

IDEN A: The possibility exists that it was not either or, but both and, as in drill with crisis actors and actual event. It serves an additional purpose: confusion and polarity, the effect of not being able to trust anyone, or even to know what is really happening.

They used it to amazing effect on 9/11, standing down the entire US defense through the simultaneous drill. It has an amazing effect on the mind, leading to a feeling of powerlessness that is very difficult to penetrate.

It was also used by 9/11 disinformation agents, who provided all sorts of detour theories such as scalar waves and no planes with holograms and so on. The rise of film, games and now VR are leading to a situation where people are really having trouble knowing what is true, and are easily convinced, as in Plato’s allegory of the cave, that the shadows are the light.

What can be very important is to recognize that they exist together.

Hence: crisis actors and real events both together. The perfect cognitive storm.

Did you read through the article on the Phoenix? The single global currency? Slated for 2018, on the 100 year anniversary of the “Revolution” in Russia. Also consider taking a look at under the sign of the scorpion by Juri Lina:

IDEN B: I just watched your take on Vegas as well as numerous other vids from Mike Adams, Thruthstream Media  and more. I’m an independent researcher and have been for nearly 40 years out of 70. I keep it quiet.

No doubt about it being a false flag, but I think something changed in the scenario, about whether people died or not. At Sandy Hook, a thorough researcher can reasonably conclude that no one actually died other than the patsies. It was an intricately executed beta test to see if Americans would buy the constructed illusion, i.e., the movie. They did. Because the media told them to.

This time, I happen to know someone in this small town where I now live, whose brother-in-law was rushed to the hospital from the concert venue with multiple bullet wounds, and his wife was treated for shock. They were seated very close to the stage. They were there because it was their anniversary.

What my friend told me just now on the phone is that his brother-in-law was shot with fragmentation bullets, like what turned the insides of Senator Scalise’s leg into mincemeat. He’s been through 4 surgeries in 48 hours and has been transfused with 34 pints of blood. He is still in critical condition. My friend was told that when it happened, everyone around them dropped.

So real people were shot and killed in front of the stage. Then the big stadium lights were turned on. One would think, with people dropping from gunshot in front of the stage, that all hell would break loose and everyone in the venue would be running for their lives, stampeding for the exits. That didn’t happen.

One video really got my attention. A large group of young people, huddled down on the ground, like nuclear duck and cover, as if that’s going to save them from machine gun fire? Closeup of a young woman, who doesn’t seem particularly concerned, and her boyfriend who says, “No, we can’t leave yet.” Why on earth would he say that? Unless these are the paid crisis actors, who were told this is just going to be a drill. Don’t worry. You won’t get hurt. And we’ll pay you $25 an hour to hunker down, follow the script, and act dead or injured on cue. We’re just faking it. (You can track down how many crisis actors may have been in the audience with their handlers. I’ve already seen one ad. Didn’t check Craigs List.)

Then the movie went horribly live. And those were real bullets being sprayed indiscriminately from real machine guns from different locations into a field of innocent penned-in human beings, just there to enjoy a concert. Whether you were an “actor” in the play or genuinely celebrating an anniversary didn’t matter. If you were shot with any number of splintering fragmentation bullets, your body and life, if you survive, will be changed forever. If you died instantly from the wounds, it was an act of premeditated murder, and your life was stolen from you for no reason whatsoever. And being blamed on a senior citizen who suddenly went bonkers, even though he couldn’t even lift an AK-47 above the level of a shot glass, much less know how to shoot it. What happened in Vegas and the media’s spin will make people distrust their Average Joe neighbors, for sure. All part of the programming. And the agenda.

I think this is a reasonable explanation for there being both fake blood and injury, as well as oddly complacent reactions to gunfire, and real blood, injury and death. They’ve completed the next beta test and Americans will buy the lone nut story. Again. Because what choice do they have when the meme gets embedded by televised media personalities, over and over again, just doing the bidding of those who sign their outrageous paychecks?

Phi Beta Iota: Below from David Booth, a Washington DC based fabricator who goes under the name of Sorcha Faal, connects some dots on CIA and Paddock while seeking to distance Israel from any involvement.  We love his work — whatever portion is real, he always provides useful links, graphics, and possibilities. Worth a full and careful read.

Russia Identifies Las Vegas Shooter As CIA Arms Pilot As Israel Probes Stolen Weapons Flight To Nevada

UPDATE 9: Hats off to Dave Hodges at the CommonSenseShow for pointing out the clear parallels between the JFK cover-up and the on-going Las Vegas cover-up, and to InfoWars for showcasing police scanner reports on multiple shoots. People died and they deserve the best justice we can give them: the truth.

CommonSenseShow: Overwhwelming False Flag Evidence- But Who Was Really Behind the Vegas Shooting?

InfoWars: Police Scanners Report Multiple Shooters At Vegas Hotel – Is it the fog of war or were there more gunmen?

See Also:

Steele Reviews on Assassination of JFK

Review: An Act of State–The Execution of Martin Luther King, New an...

Review: Death of a King – The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King ...

Review (Guest): The Terror Factory – Inside the FBI’s Manufactured ...

KINDLE: False Flag Attacks – A Tool of the Deep State (Trump Revolu...

UPDATE 10: We must BOTH honor those in death and suffering AND question the lame official narrative. Adds the best MSM attack on the alternative media to make this point. This was a “hybrid” false flag.

The Guardian: Las Vegas survivors furious as YouTube promotes clips calling sho...

See Also:

Robert Steele: The Orlando Mass Casualty Event A False Flag Drama, ...

HOME PAGE: The Orlando Mass Casualty Event: A False Flag Drama, Atr...

Mongoose: False Flag Terrorism Isn’t a “Theory” … It’s ADMITTED and...

UPDATE 11: A wild blend of fact and fiction continues to emerge. Zio-Cons remain a top candidate for culpability; Russian Mafia and CIA in the mix; USG narrative continues to lack credibility.

Known fabricator David Booth as Sorcha Faal: “Russian Mafia Link To Las Vegas Massacre Confirmed As Stephen Paddo...,” 5 October 2017.

Known fabricator David Booth as Sorcha Faal: “Russia Identifies Las Vegas Shooter As CIA Arms Pilot As Israel Pro...,” 4 October 2017, many excellent graphics, photos, links.

Known fabricator David Booth as Sorcha Faal, “Horrific “Pyramid Sacrifice” Massacre In Las Vegas Warned Is Chilli...,” 3 October 2017.

UPDATE 12: Selected citizen commentaries are increasing in substantive value, and running against the government narrative; global Masonry highlighted today; Robert Steele publishes preliminary overview.

Chuck Baldwin: The Las Vegas Shootings (5 October 2017)

Jim Stone:  LAS VEGAS FACTS YOU WON’T GET IN THE MSM (scroll down)

Email from an Alert Reader: “Putin wants to take the protection of Israel away from USA and put it into Russia/China hands. This would be the only way to actually bring peace to the Middle East, considering he’s already allied with Syria and Iran.  Putin and Bibi are already best buds, plus 20%+ of Israel’s population are Russian nationalist Jews.” Alert Reader adds: “Vegas Attack happened on the heels of a MASSIVE arms deal between Saudi Arabia and Russia. First time Saudi King has ever visited Russia.”

Phi Beta Iota: While it is questionable that Putin and Bibi are “best buds” the balance of power has shifted, the USA is over-extended, impotent, and corrupt in the national security arena, and this makes perfect sense from both a Russian and an Israeli point of view. The USA can continue to be looted with impunity but from this point forward, Russia has more local impact.

Steele, Robert. “Las Vegas Massacre: A Hybrid False-Flag, Treason, or an Act of War?,” American Herald Tribune, October 6, 2017.

Phi Beta Iota: A version of the above with endnotes and links will be published tomorrow at this web site and as a KINDLE Short in the Trump Revolution Series.  Re Saudi Arabia, the USA by contrast subsidizes (at US taxpayer expense) over $110B in US arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

See Also:

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, Putin clinch billion-dollar energy, arm...

 UPDATE 13:MGM Insiders sold $297M in shares prior to Las Vegas massacre; FBI “owns” the investigation, massive national cyber-disinformation campaign underway; Trump might be on verge of counter-coup.

Phi Beta Iota: At an average sale price of $33, MGM insiders dumped close to a third of a billion dollars in the months leading up to the Las Vegas False Flag attack.

MGM Insiders Selling 9M Shares, 300M Value

Phi Beta Iota: While Deep State and Zionist elements aided by dual citizen traitors inside the CIA and FBI remain the prime suspects for this event, there are several emerging threads:

01 It was supposed to be much much much worse and forces loyal to our legitimately-elected President not only stopped it, but are about to clean house at CIA and FBI

02 The Bush-Clinton crime families were heavily involved in  this, along with the triumverate of Zionist billionaires (Adelson, Chertoff, Soros (Schwartz)), toward not only intimidating our President, but toward moving tens of billions of dollars into an oppressive national security system putting expensive technology on every street corner, a “virtual” overturning of the Second Amendment. Once DHS/TSA are large enough, they can go “door to door” and take the guns.







See Also:

Phi Beta Iota: In the below hour-long video Dr. James Fetzer, one of a handful of true authorities on detecting false flag operations (both those with real deaths and those without real deaths) lays out the images that support framing the patsy and faking the source of the shots as well as suppressing independent attacks on other hotels. He provides good reasons for suspecting that this, like several other recent events, retribution for US failure to complete the 9/11 agenda by taking out Syria and confronting Iran.

Just In: Romney met with Chertoff at the Romney compound in Grand Bend, Ontario in April, the month after the exercise was planned and the month after the first major stock dump by MGM insiders (the second was in September).


Cameron Freemon:

Las Vegas and the Ratlines: Steve Paddock was a multi-millionaire who had not worked since the 1980s – and yet he lived an extravagant lifestyle while also providing both his mother and brother with early retirements. The white elephant in the living room when it comes to the Las Vegas massacre is: what was the source of Steve Paddock’s millions? It’s beginning to look like the alleged Las Vegas shooter/patsy was an undercover CIA operative, an agent of the deep state, an arms dealer who piloted weapons out of the US for Islamic terrorist groups while trafficking child sex slaves back into the US for his ruling class overlords. Is anyone really all that surprised to see the FBI and the corporate media acting so weird and evasive when it comes to this guy? And still not even a hint of a motive for the massacre…. Just to summarize the source material behind this crazy conspiracy theory, Stephen Paddock: 1) has the fingerprints of defense and military intelligence with previous employment with Lockheed Martin and NASA aeronautics, and was 2) a licensed and experienced pilot who 3) owned two planes, which may have possibly been used to transport illegal arms in his dealings, given that 4) one of the planes belonged to a defense intelligence company linked to Obama and, 5) his brother basically confessed (in a Freudian slip that he was an arms dealer for the CIA, and 6) the guns pictured in the hotel room looked to be all planted, while 7) his main company, Paradise Ranch, was a joint venture with the Philippine Children’s Fund of America that provides a temporary home for children flown in from the Philippines, and 8) there is also a Paradise Ranch in the Philippines right next to a former US Air Force base in Angeles City – which is a very well-known site of large-scale sex trafficking, not to mention 9) children’s charities are well known to be front companies for child sex trafficking rings among the pedo-ruling elite, and 10) he also has a penchant for casinos and gambling which is well known in Vegas to be an obvious cover for money laundering operations, then…. The obvious question is: Did Paddock make his millions as an agent of the deep state by piloting weapons deals to the Middle East and trafficking underage Philipino sex slaves to high society elites back in the US? And if so, then we know why the only thing anyone has been certain of until now is that the truth about the Las Vegas shooter was being deliberately withheld from the American people. It’s because there are only a few degrees of separation between the worst mass murderer in US history and the deep state operations of the ruling elites in Washington DC who run the shadow government.

searchin1truth4 hours ago

I contacted these 3 hospitals all of which are the closest emergency facilities from the alleged shooting Spring Valley Hospital AMG Specialty Hospital North Vista Hospital I asked if they could check their registry for a gun shot victim that was taken there from the mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay hotel i received the say reply from each facility There were no gunshot victims admitted to this facility you may want to check with local police . One woman said if you are referring to the crisis drill that everyone keeps calling about then im sorry there were no real gunshot victims that was just a drill . If you dont believe me call them yourself . Here are the phone numbers Spring Valley Hospital ( 1 702-853-3000) AMG Specialty Hospital( 1 702-433-2200) North Vista Hospital( 1 702-649-7711)

See Also:

USA Today: Here are all the victims of the Las Vegas shooting

Phi Beta Iota: We have not called the hospitals, not wishing to burden them. It is now legal for the US Government to lie to the public as well as the courts. What we find most interesting is the possibility that a purge of CIA and FBI may be about to take place, and integrity restored to our national secret intelligence community. Clearly the pedophilia aspect is still front and center in the fight between our President and the Deep State.

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