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Robert Steele: Las Vegas False Flag? — Treason Most Foul? — Sheldon Adelson, Michael Chertoff Central to Largest Griftopia – Zionist – Two-Party Tyranny Scam? UPDATE 3


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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I have no direct knowledge. I do, however, have some understanding of false flag operations, media influence operations, covert operations, and high-level political and financial crime networks. Las Vegas appears to be a classic false flag operation with both financial bonanza and political subversion aspects.

UPDATE 3: Adds video of Robert Steele on Las Vegas, and a Las Vegas perspective on “scrubbing” death scenes as well as a new video that clearly depicts via audio belt-fed machine guns and two shooters — no evidence they were firing real bullets into real people. Adds  useful comment on fakery by self-described former police watch commander.

UPDATE 2: Adds memorable TinyURL for this post LasVegasFalseFlag ; add comment and photo: still no evidence of bodies, adds epic false flag reference links and core graphics.

UPDATE 1: Adds crime scene photo showing ZERO blood — not a drop. Adds three pieces from Jon Rappoport.

Original Post

I salute Jordan Sather for highlighting GS4 SuperBowl connection — that could be the next big one if the FBI does not do its job.

Below is a Deep Web conversation that took place on 10 September warning of the Las Vegas event, its financial and political purpose, naming Sheldon Adelson and Michael Chertoff, two well-known Zionist sayanim, as core conspirators. And some other videos and related links that suggest the lesson from 9/11, orchestrated by Zionist co-conspirator Dick Cheney, is that the public is truly stupid, the media is easily controllable, and the elements of government that are supposed to determine truth in the public interest can be made complicit.

Deep Web Early Warning

Best Texts So Far

What are the odds Las Vegas shooting was a false flag? UPDATED

Five things that just don’t add up about the Las Vegas mass shooting

Best Videos So Far

UPDATE 1: This photograph is in my opinion conclusive evidence that this entire event was staged.  There is not a single blood pool to be seen. While it is hard to believe that blood pools were not planned for, in my experience this is how patriotic law enforcement professionals passively help the public see that this was a false flag event. This may be the last one that is strictly theater. There is every reason to believe that the next one will be more carefully developed and include hundreds of real people killed by real bombs. I pray that the FBI will stand up and tell the truth on this one, starting with a publicly posted diagram of the forensics for every bullet striking the kill zone — or a public declaration that this is outright treasonous theatrics.


Jon Rappoport on the Numbers

False flag in Vegas?

More than one Vegas shooter, the evidence builds

Las Vegas mass shooting: more than one shooter?

Questions swirl in the Las Vegas mass shooting

UPDATE 2: Memorable TinyURL LasVegasFalseFlag or comes back to this post. There is still absolutely no evidence anyone was killed or injured. Within an hour or two of the incident all live people would be out of the kill zone and there would a photo such as the one below showing all the bodies in place with pools of blood in the case of a mass shooting, as the forensics begin. This is not only theater it is very bad theater. The Deep State is quite certain the 99% are stupid and not ready to listen to those of us that care deeply about restoring the Constitution. I personally think the Deep State is overplaying its hand. Between the treasonous bill listing all the Members of Congress who are Israel ..., and this apparent connivance between Sheldon Adelson and Michael Chertoff, two well-known Zionist sayanim, with the clear support of the US Government, I do believe the Zio-Cons are on the way down and out. It could get ugly but We will prevail. #UNRIG.



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Click on Image to Enlarge


Comment on above video:

Leo Dei

I wasn’t there…but I was a watch commander in the murder capital of Florida and got see a LOT of shot up people. The video I just watched on Liveleak of on scene triage reeked of fake. It was like watching coached people saying strange things over made up people. It was just weird. If it was real, is was real weird. Nothing like my very real experiences. Another 2c for what it’s worth. If you listen to the gunfire, the cadence sounds like a belt fed M240b or similar MG…also once the round count in a string goes over 30, you almost certainly know you’re on the wrong end of a belt fed machine gun…there are mags that contain over 30 rounds but they’re expensive and scarce. Just saying this bc the MSM is saying he used a bump fire stock…which can simulate full auto, but you couldn’t hit crap with it or keep it running at a steady cadence like the audio suggests…the shooter was a few hundred yards away. This is all beginning to smell bad.

From a former News Director and Anchor in Las Vegas

I knew most of the big hotel PR Directors, etc, etc. The town will not tolerate BAD NEWS because it’s life blood (speaking of blood) is happy escapist Tourism.

I saw many stories suppressed.  The concert venue was shut down, cordoned off and secured immediately.  Press, cooperative and otherwise would be kept away. The media knows not to post blood and gore.  BAD FOR BUSINESS. As soon as the bodies and wounded were removed and the cops took all their video and photos, they would hyper wash and clean the concrete and grass so you couldn’t tell anything had happened except for some bullet chunks in the concrete.

It’s ALL about BUSINESS in Vegas.  Easy to control the venue and keep peopleaway for a day to clean house.

The single most important video to watch so far is probably this one. Watch to the end.   It opens with INSTANT proof of multiple shooters.You can CLEARLY hear the M60 and then RIGHT OVERHEAD you will hear an assault rifle.   HUGE different as you know.

ROBERT STEELE: I believe the above video to be completely faked. It was an audio script ably delivered while avoiding showing any of the faces.  And if it was a “real” massacre then under the above logic, the mainstream media would avoid the story. The fact that the mainstream media was all over this not asking serious questions and treating crisis actors with scripts as if they were real reinforces my view that this was a false flag attack intended to be put before every single voter.  Gun control, more spending for Zionist firms to install gun control devices, more spending for the militarization of our police and the spread of the Transportation Security Agency (“we love to touch your balls”) — this is all a nightmare, another stake in the heart of America the Beautiful. Deep State and Israel First, anyone? #UNRIG.

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