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I am radical by nature: God made me that way when He formed me in the womb:  Being this way is not a negative or bad thing: The word radical means pertaining to a root {Latin} or getting back to the roots. That’s what I love to do. When I study the scriptures, radical to me means being as faithful as possible to the original language and intent of God’s Holy Spirit in what He inspired. Relaying as closely as possible what the words mean in the context written and how to hold true to the original pattern of sound words when translating into a different language. Radical for me also covers  rightly dividing or cutting the word.


Yes I believe all scripture is inspired by God and is for us in that we can profit and find instruction in it all: But not all scripture is a literal mandate to us for action (e.g. Go up 3 times a year to Jerusalem, go out and build an Ark or go down to the pool of Bethsaida and  await healing there). As a result of this matter of rightly dividing the Word I find myself at odds with "mainstream" religious thinking on subjects as diverse as :

“How do I get saved?” or

“What is death? or

 “Why is eternity mentioned only twice in the whole of New Testament?” Or

“Does hell even exist and which of the three Greek words apply?


Many I fear have fallen in love with Christianity rather than in love with Christ: I am very wary of the System called Christianity. I call it the Facebook page or Wikileaks of  Christ. I take note of what twenty or forty years immersed in this system does to people: The fruit is not good! Believers who once were fresh and intimate with God and with Christ Jesus are now stale and institutionalised and cliched!….. Therefore I have decided that my dwelling is with Christ in God. I am in awe of God! I love Him: I am not rooted or grounded in any system: I am rooted and grounded in God:  However I am an occasional visitor as many of the saints who are also my  precious friends are found there.

Please understand that I in no way want to offend the many who are innocent victims in this deception.

"But you are judging them Vincent!

Why are you judging them? "

Far from it: I am not entitled to judge  any person before God in that way:  I am judging a false system! I know innocent people will be shocked and scandalised as i do this: I deeply regret that and pray they might understand.  If they could only realise that it is not them but the system I abhor : I have not left them: I have left the system!

I can and do have fellowship with all who call on the Lord out of a clean heart and believe that Christ died for our sins, was entombed for three days to declare He was really dead and then arose for our justification having paid in full for all sin: These believers are family: They are my brothers and sisters in Christ and they are gifted by God with faith in His death burial and resurrection:  I  love to fellowship with them when possible but I have to admit there is a there is a  dilemma : I will not again be exposed to the system they still embrace because of its unbiblical doctrines: Here is a daily dilemma then that all in my position face: Our closest friends in Christ are hurt and consider us back slidden because we have left the System: This attitude   worries us as we see a blurring of the edges and to leave the system is equated with leaving Christ: 

I contend that God has never sanctioned any religion or any denomination or indeed any sect on the face of this earth I  do so based on the testimony of God Himself. I don’t have a chip on my shoulder from the past or a deep inflicted hurt within: In fact it is my assignment from God.  I have no choice but to do what i do! I am perplexed at the whole sorry mess of what passes as Christ likeness today! We need again to discover the new wine in all it’s raw authenticity and new spiritual wineskins that will contain, enrich and enhance this new wine.You see I contend that God has never sanctioned any religion or any denomination or indeed any sect on the face of this earth I  say that  based on the testimony of God Himself.

“All scripture is inspired by God and is profitable ….. ”  (2 Tim 3:16) but this only applies to scripture in the original language and in the original context: God always honours His Word but He is under no obligation to honour misinterpreted/faulty translations. Christ is the rock on which the Ecclesia (church?) is built: No other foundation can any man lay: The written Word is closest tangible signpost  we have to Christ: If that foundation (Written Word)  is tampered with or changed.. who shall stand? I don’t want it changed or altered! I want it expounded:  

A system took shape a few hundred years after the scriptures were first written and that system purported to speak on the behalf of Christ or represent Him. Gradually that system steered the ship of believers away from the Christ of scripture and towards a false Christ: The system began to deviate from the original intent of scripture: Then it introduced  mistranslations of key words and phrases.{Eternity,Aeon)  Finally, like a python, it so wrapped itself about the scriptures as to squeeze all the life and all the power out of them: The very foundations were quietly changed. The system I speak of is Christianity: It carries the name of Christ but does not carry His essential truths: Today in the mind of many Christ and Christianity are synonymous, inseparable: The Wolf has become firmly established as the new Shepherd! Incredible stuff happens: And all God’s people shout Amen!

In my honest opinion this false system (called christianity) has so wrapped itself around the original simple but spirit empowered teachings of Christ as to be almost inseparable from them:  It has deeply wounded the essential principles of Christ likeness, as taught in the Greek scriptures. Christianity has in fact today replaced the original message and preaches ways and methods that Christ detests, that blaspheme God by equating Him with that fire loving pagan entity called Moloch and shamelessly  contradicts truth! A radical approach is necessary as never before. We need to hear as of old the voice of one crying for it is a wilderness: “Prepare ye the way of the lord …”

In my bible  studies I find that God only recognises one dividing line on earth: “He who has the son has life: He who does not have the son does not have life” Every division outside of those parameters is rooted in sectarianism and pride. I don’t recognise any religion, denomination or sect {30,000 and counting) as being of God. They are not blessed by God full stop: They operate according to man’s blueprint and many of them are birthed in a pagan system. They are not of Christ! They will not feature in the coming 1000 year kingdom on earth nor in the new heaven and new earth: They are not part of God’s ultimate solution:

This short booklet outlines where I stand on a host of major issues. I am as it were setting out my stall here for all to see: I have no opinion of my own: All I say is based on scripture:  I believe I am sticking very faithfully to the original language and thought patterns of the inspired writers of scripture. If my tone or manner of presentation offends I apologise: If the content  offends talk to God or to Jesus about it and do what the Bereans did:

“And the people of Berea were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, and they listened eagerly to Paul's message. They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth”  {Acts 17 V 11}

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If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

Let us not become conceited, provoking one another,

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Galatians 5:18-26

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