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Sessions Bribed, Wolf Blitzer Pedophile! Tom Heneghan Reports!

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb just dropped some major truth bombs in a special Thanksgiving Day broadcast.  Here's just some of the topics covered.

Wolf Blitzer is a pedophile!

Obama fingered by US military as having ordered assassination of 24 Navy Seals because they were going to tell the truth - they never killed Osama Bin Laden!

Fusion GPS is directly working for British Intelligence - they paid fake news to put out lies.  

Jeff Sessions is a crook now fingered taking bribes over Uranium One scandal.  He's involved in the treason too!

Mueller is being used to cover for the Bush Clinton crime syndicate - he's what is called a "sweeper" or "cleaner"

Uncle Joe Biden is of course a pedophile the Fake News won't cover.

Two illegal pardons by GW Bush now under investigation by a Grand Jury

I'm urging all patriots to copy and share all these videos and article with as many as possible to combat the FAKE CIA news and the Illuminati gatekeepers in alternative media!  Tom and Stew name the criminals nobody else will!  They've fought the battles for over 30 years and been stabbed in the backs by the gatekeepers.  They've also been close to death MANY times.  They are REAL and they need your support so the Illuminati gatekeepers can't keep lying about and censoring their information until the evil ones kill them!

I put out their information because nobody else would and I found out who was a fake in alternative media and I'm sick of it.  I'm sick of those who wants to put you on their plantation and make big money on you while never doing what's necessary to win the fight!  I'm sick of them censoring huge stories as you'll see in this article!  If Drudge was a REAL patriot he would tell the world about Chemtrails, the Federal Reserve scam, vaccines etc and we would WIN but he NEVER WILL because he serves EVIL!   Who supports Matt Drudge (fake name) in alternative media and always says how "wonderful" he is?

If you've never heard of Leo Wanta or never heard about Senator Songstad and Governor Sundquist (buddies with Never Trumper Bob Corker) caught on tape plotting murder then you've been listening to a very slick Illuminati "Agent in Place" gatekeeper!  Who else would censor these huge stories from you but somebody paid to cover up crimes!  We can't afford to let people lie, censor and screw around anymore.   It's time to step on the throat of the Illuminati and fire all our guns!  Are you with me?  Then go crazy out there on this story and don't let the gatekeepers run from your questions as the evil ones love to do.  Nobody gets a free pass for lies and censorship.  It shows they serve evil when we catch them and we can't be led by evil.

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Other related stories covered in this broadcast

Marines Raid CIA Headquarters

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb give update on the Marine raid on CIA headquarters.

Marine Raid on CIA headquarters confirmed by patriot Dave Hodges and his sources!

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb report on the Marine raid on CIA headquarters.  They got the documents!

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb go over everything they know about the Marines raid on CIA headquarters in Langley.  It did happen and the Marines secured a lot of documents and computers.  Something is going on with the FBI too!  They were not answering their phones all day.  Sorcha Faal who is a bunch of spooks that put out far more truth than the illuminati gatekeepers such as Alex Jones posted this post yesterday.  (see below)   There is no doubt now, something BIG is going down with the FBI!  Multiple people have tried to get through to the FBI and according to Tom and Stew - they were not answering!  Sorcha sources confirm this.  Is the FBI circling the wagons preparing to guard their pedophile masters in a last stand as Sorcha speculates or have they been neutralized?  Nobody knows for sure what is going on with the FBI but hopefully the Marines went into those offices too and grabbed the files they’ve hidden for the Bush Clinton crime syndicate!  Tom Heneghan reports they have been neutralized and all the information they’ve hidden is being analyzed now.  Let’s pray this is true!

"As per the protocols and procedures established in 2014 by then FBI Director James Comey for the FSB to contact the FBI in such matters as these in order to seek “clarification/substance”, this report notes, the MoFA(designated as the “first contact” entity between the US and Russia) discovered that all “normal channel links” with this US intelligence organization had “ceased to exist”—thus causing the MoFA to “seek clarification” from the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) as to what was occurring in America—and that the SVR scarily responded to by informing the MoFA that the FBI was now operating in “only inward mode” and had ceased all of its “normal functions”."

Tom reports the Marines secured documentation regarding 9/11, the JFK assassination and much more.  Interesting to note that Trump began bombing the CIA drug labs in Afghanistan shortly after the Marines raided the CIA.  This has never been done before so this is a very good sign.  Lots of good intel on this broadcast.  Alex Jones is also exposed in this broadcast for his efforts over the last 20 years to destroy Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb allowing them to suffer many murder attempts while he lied to everybody and said they weren't REAL!  Listen to their knowledge and then tell me Stew and Tom don't know the crimes of the Bush Clinton crime syndicate better than just about anybody.  Tom and Stew's information have put people in jail in the past while Jones has never done one legal action against the deep state such as Google, Facebook or Twitter even though he has plenty of money to do so.  Remember Jones didn't even support Trump until after Trump was assured of beating Ted Cruz who Jones backed first!  Jones switched horses only after his chosen steed got shot in the head and he was getting too much heat from his fan base over Cruz.  Only an idiot would have backed the slime ball Ted Cruz who wasn't even legal to run!

Alex Jones lies about Leo Wanta who Tom and Stew know very well!  All lies are from satan

Alex Jones censored this shocking murder plot caught on tape!  This is Senator Songstad and Governor Sundquist who are tied to Never Trumper demon - Bob Corker!  I had thousands email for Alex Jones to put it out and destroy Bob Corker with a huge story that was true!  We had the tape!  Alex Jones made sure this information would not get out thus protecting Bob Corker who should be in jail right now for conspiracy to murder Leo Wanta!  Who would censor a huge story like a Senator and Governor plotting to kill somebody caught on tape but an Illuminati gatekeeper who served the same evil side as Bob Corker, Sundquist and Songstad!  Is it because Jones is a Mossad asset who MUST keep covering up the truth about Leo Wanta? Who else would fire radio show hosts who interviewed Stew Webb, lie about Leo Wanta and aid Bob Corker by covering up this shocking audio file!  A patriot would never do all these things.  Go see for yourself - try to get Alex Jones answer for his censorship and lies about Leo Wanta.  You will get ignored!  He wants your money though so he gets rich while he protects his Zionist masters.    If you accept lies and censorship from anybody without trying to get answers then you are allowing a gatekeeper to brainwash you and lie to you at key moments.  That's what a good disinformation agent does.  Puts out 70% truth with 30% spin and lies especially at key moments like at the Vegas shooting where Jones is still censoring the videos proving multiple shooters dressed in black on top of RVs!  He knows this evidence exists but will not put it out!

Alex Jones censored this murder plot by a Senator and Governor caught on tape!  Thousands begged him to put it out!

Trump begins bombing CIA drug labs in Afghanistan shortly after Marines take away documents and computers

Trump Unleashes HELL on CIA Drug labs in Afghanistan!  The Marines DID Raid the CIA and took away computers and documents!

Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan will be putting out all the latest information from their sources in US and French intelligence tomorrow morning.  What I can tell you so far is the Marines DID raid the CIA headquarters and took out documents and computers.  The FBI was not answering their phones all day today so maybe there's some more good news there too!   The VERY good news is Trump is bombing the crap out of the Bush CIA drug labs in Afghanistan now!  This has never been done before!  Trump has taken off the gloves and is going for the throat of the CIA who killed JFK!   Daddy Bush is like a cornered rat now.  He's just had a major dent put in his drug profits.  Tom and Stew will be giving you some great news in the morning!  I will post the latest interview on as soon as it's done.

Show with Stew Webb where he talks about Otis Johnson - an American hero - a super spy!

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Stew Webb goes over what secret agent, Otis Johnson (medal of honor) told him about the mass arrests coming before they killed him with a satellite weapon! Stew talked to him before he died.  He screamed they had hit him with a Stone-R technology weapon used by E-systems (Raytheon).  Daddy Bush and the deep state killed had another patriot!

Back in the late 1990s Otis had warned Stew Webb about MK-Ultra assassins being turned loose on America. After the first one was set loose in Las Vegas, Otis told him the next one would be in Fort Worth, Texas. Stew told the FBI about it and of course they thought he was crazy.   But when it happened on the day he told them, they freaked out! After the 3rd event happened as Stew had told him it would, the FBI agents said their bosses told them they could not talk to Stew anymore!  Otis had warned Stew about 11 of the MK Ultra attacks and the FBI wouldn't do anything about it except run away from Stew!  Stew was able to get on radio stations to warn about the attacks but nobody could stop them!  Stew got 11 out of 12 attacks exactly right down to the city and day of attack!  He was only wrong on the last one because they had put out bad information inside the intel agencies to determine who was leaking the information.  Then the attacks stopped.

The deep state had no idea of the hell unleashed after they killed Otis Johnson! Patriots in intel agencies and militaries around the world knew and respected Otis! When they found out he had been killed by the Bush Clinton deep state they raged!  Many vowed to get revenge on the scum no matter what the cost!  Stew heard from people high up in the military who were going to do whatever it took to kill and destroy the people who killed their friend! Why do you think all the stuff came out about the pedophile President H.W. Bush. It's just the beginning!  Killing Otis Johnson was literally like killing Captain America! 

Otis was a true hero who did great things for the United States few will ever know about. He was part of the Howard Hughes operation to salvag the Russian nuclear sub K-129 from the floor of the Pacific ocean. Nobody thought it could be done!  This was just one of his adventures. Otis was a real life 007 type with over $50 million dollars in training to handle any situation. He was so smart they made him sign an agreement that they would take out his brain after he died so they could study it.

There is no doubt, it's going to get crazy from now until the end of the year. The deep state is plotting to kill or overthrow Trump while the good guys are protecting him! I urge all patriots to pray for Donald Trump and pray against all the criminals in our government. Pray all their crimes get exposed. Pray judgement comes to those who killed super patriot Otis Johnson as well as all others taken out by these satellite weapons and assassins. It's a fight to the death for both sides now!

Now, it's become clear why Jeff Sessions wasn't too interested in investigating the Uranium One deal with an independent counsel.  He's involved with this treason!  There are document proving Jeff Sessions was fully involved with the Uranium One deal and was briefed on it.  He gave this treason his blessing!   Now Trump can fire this piece of garbage and start draining the swamp!   He needs to fire everybody in leadership over there at the Department of Justice who was brought in under ObamaFraud or BushFraud or ClintonFraud.

In this video I go over information from Twitter patriot @USNJack who has just cooked Jeff Sessions!  I'm urging all patriots to now tweet Donald Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump, @judicialwatch, @judgejeanine and @seanhannity!  If you all go crazy putting this information out then Jeff Sessions will be destroyed!  We can finally get Trump to fire this deep state shill and put a true patriot in there who will go after all the criminals!  Jeff Sessions won't do it because he's one of the criminal traitors who approved selling out our Uranium to enrich the Clintons!  No wonder he won't go after Hillary - he works for her!   This is OUTRAGEOUS!

We've got Jeff Sessions caught red handed involved up to his eyeballs in the Uranium One treason carried out by Hillary Clinton and the deep state scum.  Sessions pretended to not know much about Uranium One during his recent visit to Congress but new information has surfaced that he was thoroughly briefed on it!  There are documents proving this!  Check out the information being put out by NavyJack on Twitter @USNJack.   This guy is a patriot blasting massive truth!

We need to light up President Trump's Twitter accounts at @potus and @realdonaldtrump with this information.  Jeff Sessions was nothing more than a coverup guy sent in by the enemy to infiltrate the Trump campaign.  I think he was sent to kiss up to Donald Trump just in case he won because the swamp always has to control the Department of Justice!  Is Jeff Sessions blackmailed or bribed to protect Hillary Clinton and the Bushes who should already be in jail?  Only a thorough investigation of Jeff Sessions after his removed will tell for sure.  He need to be FIRED right now for his collusion with the Uranium One deal and Trump has the right to do this!  Sessions hid his involvement in this treason!  Jeff Sessions IS the swamp!  He's in bed with all of them.  Judge Jeanine knows this too as you can see in her smash job on the Jeff Sessions swamp monster!

Jeff Sessions is dirty and compromised in my opinion and his actions prove this.  He's not producing documents asked for by Congress, he's hiding evidence, he's doing NOTHING against the Bush Clinton crime syndicate in fact!  He ignored Stew Webb's letter detailing $100 trillion in crimes!   We now have the evidence he was well aware of the treason by Hillary Clinton and the rest of her swamp critters!   He was thoroughly briefed on it and is now tied to it forever!  He had no problem with the treason!   Trump now has the legal authority to fire this deep state shill and bring in somebody who isn't afraid to prosecute the deep state and isn't in bed with them!  Trump made a mistake and got sucked in by this sweet talking Alabama swamp monster but Sessions is now cooked!  You're FIRED Jeff Sessions!  He must be fired and removed form office.  Have you noticed how the RINOs and DemonRats always threaten Donald Trump when he talks about getting rid of Sessions?  It's because he's THEIR man.  Now we know!  Go TWEET and spread this EVERYWHERE!

Judge Jeanine Goes BEASTMODE on Swamp Monster Jeff Sessions!

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Jeff Sessions Tied to Uranium One Treason!  You're Fired!

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