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Is there a solution to treating flesh eating bacteria?  I can't say because I'm not a doctor so I can't give any medical advice or tell you anything can cure anything.  But flesh eating bacteria and many other bacteria and viruses are getting out of hand!  They are being more resistant to antibiotics every day.

I've never had flesh eating bacteria but you can see many cases where it killed people that only depended on modern medicine!  So while I would go to the doctor immediately, I would also be doing things on my own too so I wasn't solely at the mercy of Big Pharma solutions.  For me it's like firing multiple bullets at something instead of just one!  I don't to put my trust only in somebody who doesn't know anything about natural or alternative health solutions.  I'll let the Big Pharma doctor do his best while I do my best so I've tried all the best conventional and non-conventional things possible!   Call me crazy I guess!

Just type in "flesh eating bacteria dies" into Google and see how many people are dying of flesh eating bacteria.  It's getting more and more all the time.  

I've seen so many stories where these people go to the hospital but they still can't be saved because it was too far gone or they get things amputed.  Of course if you think you have flesh eating bacteria you should go to the emergency room immediately.  Many people end up with chopped off hands or arms or legs because it spreads so fast.  This stuff is no joke!  You don't delay you get to the doctor immediately!  You don't try to rely on your own solutions for this flesh eating bacteria.  You do your solutions on your way to the hospital and while your doctor is doing his best too.   

I can't recommend any treatment that's worked on me because thankfully I've never gotten flesh eating bacteria.  Of course I take a silver and oxygen anti-bacterial, anti-viral every day called APeX.   I haven't been sick since I found this product.  Some people have gotten flesh eating bacteria without even going in the water but it seems most do get it after being exposed in a lake, river or ocean.  Would APeX prevent it or treat it?  I have no idea because it would probably take $5 million for somebody to get an approved FDA study on it.  It's illegal to say anything can fix anything these days.  By law you can only say APeX is an Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Pathogen.  It doesn't mean it would work on any particular virus or bacteria and that's why you seek medical attention.  

My Own Experience

Here's what I can tell you from my own experience.  After the BP oil spill there were a lot of people getting sick near Tampa where I was living.  I started getting sick too and I think it was because of swimming in a pool getting contaminated rain from the genetically modified oil eating bacteria they were spraying in the Gulf!   I was getting bad headaches and felt really bad with some rashes.   It seemed my symptoms were similar to others in the Gulf states who were on Youtube talking about it.  At the time I didn't know about APeX so I started heavily drinking massive quantities of colloidal silver.   It cleared it up and I had no more issues!   So in my case colloidal silver worked on whatever I had but there people who died from this!   So all I can tell you is that colloidal silver worked on something I had at the time of the Gulf Oil Spill. APeX has been even better for me personally than colloidal silver.

Here's a researcher who says colloidal silver would work on flesh eating bacteria.  I don't know if this is his opinion or he has had successes or heard of successes.    I can't say this myself but would I be taking APeX or at least colloidal silver if I had no APeX while I went to the hospital?  Absolutely I would but I can't recommend this to anybody else.    If I thought I had flesh eating bacteria I'd be spraying and drinking APeX on the way to the emergency room because if you wait on this stuff it will kill you dead fast!  If you see any kind of a skin lesion or strange color that grows suddenly in size you must go to the doctor immediately.  Don't take any chances!

Here's an interview with the man who invented APeX and why he thinks it's superior to even colloidal silver because it has oxygen and colloidal silver has none!  He hasn't been sick in 16 years now!  I haven't been sick since I've been taking it either.  Again, nobody can promise you anything but personally I have lots of APeX in my pantry at all times!

All I can tell you is to have your own plan.   If I was in the situation of thinking I might have gotten something like flesh eating bacteria I would be drinking APeX by the gallon while I was spraying it with APeX while I was letting my doctor do his thing too!   I always load up with APeX before I go into the water and have a spray bottle of it to spray any scratches or broken skin also.  It sure can't hurt to be prepared!

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