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Spartan 1 and 2 Discuss Moon Bases, Portals and More!

Linda Moulton Howe did an interesting interview with her two sources Spartan 1 and Spartan 2.   These whistleblowers talked about their knowledge of portals, moon bases, Antarctica and much more being censored from humanity.  Spartan 1 is a Lt. Commander in Antarctica  and former Navy Seal Seal while Spartan 2 is a former US Marine and US Intelligence specialist.

Some of the topics discussed are mining operations at the alliance base on the dark side of the moon, the building of a very large mothership on the moon's surface, portals that can take you from one point to another anywhere in the Universe in seconds and much more.  

Doubt God and You Already Lost

A brief note of caution to those of you wise enough to listen.   God is ultimately in charge of everything.   If you doubt God's Word and put your faith in these "aliens" they speak of then you're a fool.   If Jesus is a fairy tale then why is everything being done only against Christians?   Why do they want to kill us?  If the name of Jesus had no power then why would the New World Order care so much about destroying us "silly" Christians?   All aliens are demonic and I know this through my own experience and the work of Joe Jordan with his "Unholy Communion" video.  Jordan discovered all alien abductions were stopped in the name of Jesus Christ!   These alien demons are always telling us they made us!   It's nothing but a huge LIE.  They say they made us and have all this technology so we doubt God and God's Word so we put these demon "aliens" on a pedestal.   I used to do this when I was younger.  If you go into the new age "ascension" philosophy or think these aliens will save us, you're going down the road to hell.   Put these reports from Spartan 1 and Spartan 2 into perspective.  It's interesting to learn about the technology that's been hidden from us but I put all my faith in Jesus and NOT the demon Nordics or other demon aliens.    I used to have a lot of books and videos on aliens and UFOs but through them all away because I discovered it creates doorways for demons.   I don't worry about the world ending because those who believe in Jesus are saved already.    Christians shouldn't have a fear of dying.   Jesus never had fear even when he knew exactly when and how he would be killed!

Linda correctly states our world is broken into two realities.  The first reality is where all of us reading this story live every day.   In this "fake" reality we have been told lies by our fake news and fake schools since we are born.  We're told we must use rockets to get into space, there is no such thing as free energy and we haven't been back to the moon since 1972!   These are all lies to cover up the reality we have bases on the Moon, Mars and many other planets and moons in our solar system.  Whistleblowers have stated we're even colonizing other solar systems using portal technology and advanced starships that can open up wormholes to other solar systems.  

All of this advanced technology has been hidden from us so the "free range slaves" don't complain about not having free energy to power our homes and vehicles.  Much easier to lie to the masses when the masses still think we need ancient rocket technology to get into orbit!  If the slaves knew we were flying around in flying saucers they might get a little angry and grab the pitchforks!

The people in charge of this planet are so greedy and power hungry they must keep everybody slaving away to pay a mortgage, power bill, phone bill, cable bill, property tax bill, gasoline bill, natural gas bill, water bill etc.  You really own nothing in this world.   Nobody should be homeless or starving on this planet.  It only happens because of pure greed.  The corporations are allowed to keep us in a frozen reality so they make trillions they use to mine asteroids and make bases on other planets and moons all over the universe.  It's all a big con and we're the suckers!  We've had a Star Trek reality stolen from us while brainwashed idiots beg for socialism that always end in mass death.  Look at the monsters on our TV like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Pretty much everybody who is anti Trump is demonic and wants to control you.  Most of them had a demon jump inside them and are completely possessed!   Artificial Intelligence is a demon to end the world and it's being pushed on us from the scum companies like IBM who helped the Nazis.

We keep hearing stories of factions of the "alliance" who want to start finally bringing out at least "some" of the truth but so far we've seen no free energy announcements and only a whimper about Trump's "Space Force".  What are they waiting for?  If they plan on announcing free energy finally then they need to do this about 90 days before the election so Trump can announce the United States will be producing the units for the world!  

Whistleblowers have stated the Germans went to the Moon in the 30s using alien technology and began building out a base there!   Shortly afterwards they began building their Mars base.   I would not doubt this at all.   Keep spreading the truth out there patriots and hold your head up high!   You are the special people God chose to know the truth!   It aint easy but it sure beats watching Fox News and thinking it's REAL!

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